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6-29-13 Bill Ballard ~ Through the Anterion Conversion Stargate via our Planetary Merkaba

Something very interesting and rare is unfolding now on planet Earth. One month from today on July 29, 2013 the astrology chart shows a planetary Merkaba will be in the stars for Mother Earth and the Collective of Humanity who have been pla...ying out this duality experiment that is now coming to an end. This event is so rare that there is no previous knowledge of the possibilities and may go back to our first arrival in this position within the Milky Way Galaxy to experience the density that is 3D. Lower density can be looked at as even a position within the realms of this our Milky Way Galaxy…

The last of the 11:11 Doorway Gate activations, the 11th gate occurred 11/22/12 and is both a state of consciousness and being as well as a Stargate called the Anterion Conversion. An is both a location on Earth that itself is a stargate as well as the center star 11:11ers know as “AN” in Orion’s Belt which is also a stargate. That center star of Orion’s Belt An stargate is the portal through which we arrived at this position within our Galaxy and our “local” galaxy or those stars that travel around Alcyone our Great Central Sun. WE came through that stargate of An so long ago to this more dense position on the outer realms of the Milky Way to continue the duality experiment in a much more dense, or “separate from source” or 3D location.

Solara (11:11) spoke of this Stargate in our Call to Activation back in 1990-1 and I posted a copy of that on my Facebook site here: More of the 11:11 Doorway and Solara’s work can be found at or on Facebook at:

This video can get really weird to those who have not really expanded to higher levels of consciousness and what we have been doing and how we created this duality experiment… It is a great “sci fi” story for those who have not begun to realize who we are, what we are doing, how we got here and where we are going.

The Planetary Merkaba or Wheels within Wheels as described in Ezekiel in the Bible was the ceremony we did to Open the 11:11 Doorway January 11, 1992. As we just began the process of passing through the Anterion Conversion, or the shift from duality into ONENESS, or a higher state of collective being, of consciousness, of dimensional awareness, we must also shift our position in our Galaxy to a higher dimensional coordinate or location, closer to the center of the Galaxy for our New Earth.

What some may think of as science fiction as we did ceremony for this manifestation so long ago now in 1992 is now being seen to unfold in the planetary astrological charts one month from today on July 29, 2013.. Please view Carl Boudreau’s charts on this here: and his video on the astrology of July 2013 here:

For those who wish to see the ceremony of the Wheels within Wheels we did January 11, 1992 this is it:
And is also in this movie The Legend of Atlantis which is only pt 25 of 25, and at minute 2:02 you can view the actual ceremony from January 11, 2013 in video.

Daniella Breen who I speak of in this video can be contacted on Facebook here:

In sync to this video an old friend just sent me this message on What IS a Merkaba and what they are… How funny as that is how all this unfolds every time…

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What a wild ride this is! Ya gotta LOVE IT!
Bill Ballard

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