Monday, June 17, 2013

Disappointment – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn June 16, 2013



(Note: The coming week I am on a job travel for several days and I don’t know if I can receive any messages, because my days will be long. The actual message has a personal background, that she took as a cause for her message today, that is not for me alone.)
(Translated from original language german)
I know you are disappointed, my child. It can’t be changed anymore when it has happened, but you can provide for the future. Don’t have any expectations regarding any given dates to you. Your and our timelines are still different. We see some things other than you and this leads then sometimes to your disappointments. The Divine Plan that my beloved Twin Flame and I have thought up is going as it should. All is happening in the NOW, so concentrate yourself not on a date but live in the NOW. You know it is happening, because it is My Will that it is happening. So please believe and trust me furthermore, my child. All is well and your Ascension is coming nearer the more you believe, trust and live in the Now. ~
µYour Divine Mother
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