Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dolphin Wisdom. “Striving To Be Perfect In An Imperfect World.” By, Bella Capozzi. July 9, 2013.

a_cup_of_dreams_by_astridle-d4w459s~ This is today’s message from the Crystal Dolphin Pod, which I read on the air during my Blogtalk Radio show, “Peg & Bella’s Angels & Dolphins”, which I co-host with the wonderful Peg Wolff-Jones.  The link is at the end of the post.   I hope you all enjoy what the the Dolphins chose to share with us today!

Regards, Cousins.  It is with great pleasure that we greet you once again.  The message that we bring to you on this day is brief, and yet it is one we feel is long overdue in it’s need to be addressed.  We live quite simply, you see.  We hunt for our food and care lovingly for our young.  We come together in unison to play and to swim the grids.  Such a spirit of cooperation comes naturally to us, just as it does to you, and the only difference between us is that our species recognizes it. This disparity is, of course, due to no fault of your own.  It is by Divine Design that we would come in to our incarnations with more of our awareness intact.

So, therefore, as we observe you we evaluate your behavior and assess the ways in which we may be of help.  We wonder why it is that you strive so desperately to attain this state you erroneously consider “perfection”, in it’s illusory and worldly form.  So many of you have made  it your mission to achieve more status, amass more possessions, never to be completely satisfied with what you already have.  If only…
If only I had more money…
If only I had a more prestigious job…
If only I had a larger dwelling…
If only I could find my soulmate…
If only I could be revered by my fellow man as a special one
If only…  We watch with longing in our hearts to heal you from your addiction to such behaviors.  For you are seeking that which does not in actuality exist.  Perfection cannot exist within the trappings of the exterior third-dimensional world, a world which we are indeed transitioning out of, but have not yet completely left behind.  It is not to be attained through the acquisition of more and more material objects, nor can it come for the lower vibrational concept of “besting” another of your Brethren.  You wish to be “accepted” and admired, but do you not understand that you already are, and in the way that that truly counts?  You are a child of Spirit and as such you are unconditionally accepted and loved.  As an integral portion of the Universal Collective, this is a given.

The physical journey is fraught with challenges and pitfalls, and this of your very own design.  But none of these are insurmountable-you would surely never have created them to be such.  Arise each morn and set yourself upon a course of enlightenment and self-discovery.  Make use of each of your Human experiences to further expand your knowledge and understanding of life.  Each experience is precious piece of treasure, and so therefore spend it wisely.  Genuine perfection lies in the quality of your interactions with your beloved Brethren.  Perfection can be found through loving and caring for yourself and others.  Perfection is synonymous with compassion.  You are already perfect in the eyes of God, so you need strive no more.  Go out into the world and emanate radiant joy.  Be your kind and beautiful self-nothing more and nothing less.  We are, each one of us, a living, breathing, walking (or in our case, swimming!) transmitter of of Source frequency. Be blessed in all you are and in all that you do, Dear Cousins., and we shall speak again. 


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