Friday, August 16, 2013

Peter, Lucas And Colin – Double Dutch Radio GOES LIVE On Blogtalk! – 15 August 2013

WE GO LIVE 16 August 2013!
In overturning events we have made with some support and help the step to go live with Doube Dutch Radio.
Welcome again to our Double Dutch Radio show from now on we are going live! You can find us at  and find all our live shows scheduled and when aired archived here on the above address.
We will be doing our show on Fridays at:
breakfast time USA  East coast, New York Time at 06.00 am till 08.00 am EDT,  mainland Europe can listen to us at Noon 12.00 pm CEST – and Australia can listen to us at  Canberra time 20.00 pm EST all on Fridays.   So listen in or listen when you can after the live shows to the recordings archive on the blogtalk radio website page.  

Next to Peter  and Lucas we have in our broadcasts also our co-host Colin.
So let it be known!! Double Dutch Radio goes Live!!  With also the possibility to take some live callers and with a chat option with our show on blogtalk radio.  So get talking to us and be on the chat!
Be sure not to miss our live bloopers and mistakes on our first live show after our recorded shows on you tube and soundcloud now will end.
In the Viewpoint In The Now  we will have Geri Jones, our usual commercials and the news are also in it. The rest will be becoming clear when we start off with our first show and go see what the flow brings in on the show.
Promotions for musicians and artists are  still open, if you have a good book, write poems or have  some interesting story to tell get in touch at our e-mailadresses. Change in the world and the now  WE  make together so be part of it and if you have some project going worth to talk  about get in touch.
For getting in contact about your story  and info about the shows  you use:
For our music promotions you get in touch with the following e-mailadres:
Enjoy listening to our shows,
Peter, Lucas and Colin
For all information you can look at:
Leader music: When The Soul Hits Home by Eileen Meyer/

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