Saturday, September 28, 2013

Méline Lafont : 27 September 2013 ~ amazing energetic shift felt ~


  1. Hey Méline,
    I totally know what you're talking about and it's still happening. The energies are coming from gaia and the sun. It's felt in the feet and legs as waves of pure bliss. It feels our karmic tables have been completely cleared and this is preparation for the next massive shift that most likely will be experienced individually. Sandra knows this and literally it feels like there will be a first wave of ascenders very soon. I received a message from my guides telling me that indeed first wave ascenders are about to make the shift then come back to show the way. My skin is literally glowing to the people around me. I think it is important at this moment for the ones having the advanced symptoms to start really coming together and working as a collective. I have the intuition that this group will be traveling around the world talking to large groups demonstrating our newly awakened organic technology. Let me know your thoughts.
    Tom Benzian-

    1. Hi dear Tom, yes I agree to that and feel the same. We, the pioneers and gatekeepers are already being brought to each other, there is no coincidence in that. I feel we need to hold the Light frequency and field within our own field and when we come together all will be unified and become stronger! Exciting times to say the least! Thank you for being here and shining your light and thank you for sharing this with me. Much love to you ♥