Friday, September 13, 2013

Méline Lafont ~ Crystalline body, heartspace opening, change in the brain, conscious interaction ~


  1. Thanks Meline! Beautiful to BE with you for 45 mins in this Eternal Now moment! Wanted to share a couple of things I have been experiencing in the past few months. One is that as I keep ascending - very dramatically ascending into LIght, I feel at the same time very very grounded, more grounded than ever before. It feels so easy to be deeply grounded with Gaia, the crystalline grids of the planet and humanity's I AM Oneness and simultaneously to be very very light and free to the point where sometimes my feet cannot find the ground - I am walking on air. I have felt so great since you sent me the reading via email. Again, thank you so very much - it triggered a lot of new unfolding. Also want to share one more thing - I have been in a state of deep peace and stillness now for about 8 weeks. I tend to be a "prophet" in the sense that I usually experience beforehand what the One Humanity will shortly be experiencing - so that is truly what is happening - Peace has already Prevailed Here, deep peace and feelings of security, flow, happiness and joy. All my love to you Meline - Jewels

    1. Hi sweet Jewels!! Thank you so much!! :) I can relate to all you are sharing and want to thank you for taking the time to listen and share yours. We are all on this path and can relate so much to each other and help each other.. I am so happy to hear the reding could serve you in the best way possible for your being at this time! thank you for letting me know. so appreciate you ♥

  2. I love you, my friend :)

    Alice Leite <3 <3

  3. Many thanks Mëline ♥♥♥ much information and very open-hearted♥♥♥.

    Many will find good information in this video, with what is happening right now.
    Just some question which can help many is how to do grounding, which is the correct way to do.

    André C.