Sunday, October 6, 2013

SaLuSa via Multidimensional Ocean 6 Oct 2013 – Reunion of Soul Mate and Twin Flames

We come again to say how much we admire your resolve and work for the light. We know how seriously you all take this Earthly assignment, we know that you will never fall to the dark side and we know that you are and will remain pure love and light in pretty much any circumstances and environment.
You have accepted your mission for the light, regardless for the consequences to your Earthly life. You have been placed there, sometimes in the most difficult circumstances or in war zones so that you can bring your loving vibrations with you to Mother Earth, so that you can inspire those around you and that you can lift their spirit and bring them hope and light, where before there was none to be found.

You are a light beacon in the middle of the darkness, the lighthouse in the middle of storms; you are peace and love, when you are surrounded by fear, war and sadness. Your heart is with us most night, but also most of the days. When you don’t even suspect it. Open your eyes and heart to the invisible world all around you, feel the angelic presence, know of their walking among you and with you.
As the Northern hemisphere is heading deeper and deeper into the longer nights, go within and find your own inner Sun beaming love and light on your life and showing the way to others. Do not forget that as well as the angelic and galactic presence, you all have your own Higher Self to guide your very step, to illuminate your life and your soul.
Connect with your Higher Self more and more as you are heading for the winter months, this is the best opportunity to find your Higher Self, without any outer distraction, as you will spend more and more time indoors from now on.
Trust that the Sun will be waiting for you and that the days will grow longer again in a couple of weeks, the Sun is still there, it still brightens up the entire Universe.
Your Higher Self will also take you to places that it has not taken you for a long time before. It will help you reconnect with many other soul mates from past lives. You will recognize each other instantly as the love that laid dormant through death time, will awaken within your heart again. This is a time when many of you will realize that there has been something missing from their life, perhaps a sense of adventure, perhaps love, perhaps a fulfilling partnership. These encounters will also give way to much healing in your soul and to much hurt that was done to you throughout the times living in physical separation from your soul mates or from your twin flame.
Let the reunion times begin, but be careful not to be swept away by the gate of heaven opening upon you, dear ones. Do not forget your duties, your responsibilities towards your loved ones and towards your self. Even when you will be apart from your new found soul mate or twin flame, you will continue to experience their love and their presence subconsciously or consciously thanks to your Higher Self.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and wish you a wonderful reunion time with your twin flame and your soul mates.
Thank you
Channel: Multidimensional Ocean
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