Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sandra Walter – A Note From The Heart: Welcoming In The New – 6 October 2013

Sandra Walter Ascension Guide
I AM the Emergence of Crystalline Secrets, the Source Wisdom Interface, and the Unconditional Lovelight of the True Self Renewed.
And so are You.
Blessings Dear Light Tribe,
I received clarity on New aspects of my service work and my personal Ascension process. I AM very excited to begin creating the New! It will take time, and my intention is to welcome in this New Light with honor and JOY.
In order to accomplish this, I will be taking a short sabbatical. I have a home through December 15 (Hooray! Deep gratitude for the recent donations, thank you!), so I need to take advantage of this opportunity to create without interruption.

Some of my current services will be affected:
Private Sessions: Not available through the end of year.
Emails, Facebook messages and questions: I do appreciate your trust in my skills, however I won’t be answering any emails or messages about personal journeys or ascension questions. Take the Ascension eCourse for comprehensive details and clarity on your personal journey through the Ascension process.
Mystic siSTARs: Calls will be scheduled through December based on the survey results. Check the siSTARs site next week.
The Ascension eCourse: BIG upgrade. Additional exercises, meditations, process checks and light encodements are being added to support your journey this month. This course is part of my legacy work, and I AM honored by the heartfelt gratitude from those participating. Current eCourse participants, keep moving ahead. I will email a list of the additional materials to take advantage of mid-October.
Welcoming the NEW discount: While I AM on sabbatical, anyone may sign up for the eCourse at the returning client rate of $222. Just choose that option when registering, no questions asked.
Articles and Video updates: Obviously we’re getting into a hyper-charged phase of the Shift. Hence the need to regroup, redesign and create the New in the clearest way possible. There is a wave of awakening on the way, and some unusual events, so I will share intel when needed.
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Honor this beautiful and creative passage through a very potent phase of our REnewal!
( Lucas :  Sandra would LOVE a donation  from you also, and thanks you! She is  in service to you all also!  Find the donation button at her page.)

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