Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nutrition – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn May 8, 2013

It is time that I tell you more about your food, my child. You avoid pork or rare meat because you think I have forbidden it for you. That was no prohibition but only a simple hygienic order from long ago times when especially in the South, in hot countries and the desert you had no cooling or a veterinarian who told you the pork was healthy and free of any parasites. You have made an iron law out of it and you don’t deviate an iota from it. Why? The conditions have but multiple changed since then. Today you have cold stores, refrigerators and meat inspectors. There is no reason anymore for this order. But you should look if the animal has lived energetically positive and wasn’t suffering when killed or under stress. If you are already vibrating high and are respecting all life you won’t  anyhow kill an animal or eat meat. All your body needs you can find also in the vegetable kingdom or as a product of living animals like honey. Also I haven’t forbidden alcohol, only advised to be cautious, especially in the heat it can move easily into your head and you act out of lower vibrations. Be moderate in all you eat and drink. The best drink is clean pure water.
Notice what your heart and your body tells you about your food, what your body tolerates. They are the best indicators for a healthy balanced nutrition. You need to learn again to listen to your body, my child, then you will feel very much better. ~
Your Divine Mother

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