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Andy Bojarski ~ My Higher Self: How to Deal with Arguments or Disagreements in a 5th Dimensional Way


ArgumetsYou are living with people on earth that have third dimensional energies.  However, your energy level is higher.  Thus, you are living in the fifth dimension or higher with people who are living in the third dimension.

People that are living in the third dimension do not understand the energies of the higher dimensions.  Their egos cannot comprehend this.  So the ego turns to the fight or flight mentality.
This is how arguments can blow up and escalate very quickly.  This is especially true with the influx of energies coming in at these times  Do not get drawn in to these arguments and this lower dimension energy.  Let’s look at an example.

Say your parents are trying to get you to do something you do not want to do.  You know that whatever they want you to do does not resonate with you and your energy level.  At first you give them your point of view and they do not listen.

They keep pressing you on this and you feel that you need to defend yourself.  As they keep pushing you on this, they become more forceful in their words.  You then feel that you need to defend yourself even more.  Don’t they see your point of view, you ask?

You feel that you are on the defensive and then you start to feel uncomfortable and anxious as you feel that they are verbally attacking and bullying you.  This can be any confrontational situation with anyone, not just your parents.  What is the typical third dimensional response with this situation?
A general disagreement over something will turn into words being said that may hurt the other person.  Hurt feelings on both sides will result and there will not be any resolution to the disagreement.  There will be more separation.  So how do you deal with someone from a fifth dimensional standpoint that will not listen to you as their energies are not fifth dimensional?  Remember you are a fifth dimensional being.

Thus, you must respond in a fifth dimensional way, regardless of the grief that is imposed on you by the words from the other person.  You must transcend this as a higher dimensional being that you are.  There is no anger or separation in the fifth dimension.

The higher dimensions are about peace and love and harmony and generosity.  So how do you respond to someone that is attacking you with their words and does not understand you and your position due to the difference in energy levels?

How do you deal with someone that keeps trying to control you and your actions?  First of all, any response that you give to someone needs to be in a calm, loving and assertive energy manner.  Do not raise your voice.  Tell your point of view from a loving point of view in a way that is assertive and humble and filled with grace.  Master your emotions.

Do not resist but accept the grief that this causes you based on how you feel when the other person blows up at you, raises their voice and calls you names.  Do not engage and do not make this a fight with your ego and their ego.  Stay calm and centered.  When you respond this way, the other person’s energy won’t last as there will not be any fuel there to feed their fire.

It takes two people to argue and you are choosing not to argue.  This is how you respond above the third dimension.  The louder their words become, the softer your voice should be.  By responding like this in a fifth dimensional way, you will be acknowledging your truth, you will be owning your truth, you will be accepting your truth, and you will be mastering your truth by feeding it love.  The other person will feel this subconsciously.

A third dimensional being does not understand things from a bigger perspective in the higher dimensions.  So you must teach and lead by example and not by words.  You cannot tell a deaf person what music sounds like when they have never heard before.  They simply will not understand this concept as they have never heard sound before.  The same is true trying to teach someone about dimensions when they are a third dimensional being.

They will look at you and want to take you to the psychiatrist.   But the more the other person sees your humbleness and loveliness, the more that person will want this in them.  Teach and lead by example, teach and lead by love.  So here is the bottom line.  Whenever you are in a situation where someone is attacking you verbally or your beliefs and does not want to listen to you, just quietly state your position and leave it at that.

Do not get drawn into an argument.  Do not raise your voice.  Anytime there is an argument, there is separation.  One person feels they are right and the other person feels they are right.  Arguments lead to words being said that will cause hurt feelings and pain.  There is no winner as this is not a contest on who yells more.  Avoid all of this and transcend this with your calmness and loving response.
Own and acknowledge your truth, but do not attack the other person.  If the other person is still attacking you and becoming more hostile in their words, then you may need to love them from a distance for a while until their energy level is raised through their life experiences and lessons.  So do not ever get into any argument.  Do not ever allow anyone to get you upset.  This may be harder than it sounds but you are capable of doing this.

If you look at this from a higher dimensional perspective, we are all One and there is no separation.  Transcend it with your love and your loving response.  Send loving energies to the person and the situation.  Do not allow the other person to get you upset and get your blood boiling.  Words are hurtful and hurtful words are third dimensional.  You are no longer third dimensional but are living with third dimensional beings.

You are fifth dimensional.  Do not engage in yelling back and forth.  Do not engage in telling the other person that you are right and they are wrong.  Just be calm, and in a loving assertive energy, state your position to the other person.  Your point of view should be a loving point of view and filled with love and grace towards the other person, regardless of how much they yell or what they say to you and in what tone they speak to you.

Do not feed their ego by engaging.  You must be the one that takes the high road.  Always respond in a loving and peaceful manner, no matter how wrong you feel the other person is.  By responding this fifth dimensional way, you are acknowledging, owning and accepting your truth.  Always think of how your words are affecting the other person, regardless if you feel that they are wrong.

Words are so hurtful when there are disagreements.  This is especially true when people are shouting at each other. Avoid shouting at all times.  Show the other person by your example what it is like to live in the fifth dimension, a dimension that is all based on love.  Be the love and shine your light!

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