Saturday, June 15, 2013

Inspirational post ~ Istanbul

I call this "inspirational post" because I find this movement and pictures so inspiring, as they give us such a great example of action from the heart!  This is such a beautiful thing that is happening now, where all hearts in this Indigo and feminine movement are joining as ONE.  Well, isn't this what it is all about?! The Oneness that we are and that we are becoming again?!  I am eternal grateful for these brave and loving hearts, to give such examples and standing up for justice, and the right for freedom of speech and so much more..  To everyone of you out there: THANK you from all our being and heart to be part of this historical change and action, thank you for the strenght to continue this asside your daily lives and to stand your grounds in all peace and serenity.  You all are an example and beautiful hearts.  Love, Méline ♥

Governor Avni Mutlu made an appeal to the families of the young protesters earlier. He urged the parents to take care of their kids and call them back home, saying their lives are now at risk.

Hundreds of mothers are now answering the call by going to Taksim Square and forming a human chain to protect their children.

An average Turkish mother nowadays. She is preparing an anti-teargas solution for her daughters who go and resist for Gezi Park.

(thanks to Zeynep A. for this picture)



  2. This is very beautiful. Beautiful pictures!

    Another proof of unconditional love ever wider.

    The changes are increasingly faster. For example, see the case of Iran in the victory of a candidate more moderate. In Koreas peace is back. Many leaders around the world are willing to harmonize the rights between men and women. Congratulations movement indigo and female.

    The feminine energy is back to balance all that surrounds us.

    Increasingly everything is love, instead of fear energy.

    Much Love!