Thursday, August 22, 2013

“Divine Unions and Divine Timing.” A Mini-Reading For August 21, 2013. By, Bella Capozzi.

7b7b0aacf639b5ae59213e9d6920e34e♥ Love is in the air!  Not just the romantic sort, but every kind of love imaginable.  It’s a tangible thing – you can see it, feel it, touch it…  As I concluded my summer travels, I re-entered my home state of Florida at around 2 a.m.  We all were exhausted from the drive from New York, but a vibe of excitement and anticipation seemed to envelop us as we drove further and further south.  For me personally, being on the Florida coast has always made me feel especially close to the Atlantean energies and those golden days of long ago.  It’s like I’m supposed to be there.  Clearly, it was welcoming me back.  How wonderful it was when I was treated to the spectacular vision of two shooting stars over the moonlit waters of Flagler Beach!  This is a truly such a magical time for us all, the theme of which is about coming together.  It’s about joining up with our soul partners and connecting with our life purpose.  We are rediscovering and downloading the wisdom of our higher selves and gradually remembering much of what we forgot when we chose to incarnate as third-dimensional Human Beings.  This is the Sacred Marriage of the  masculine and feminine within ourselves.

get-attachment.aspx♥ This morning I was drawn to the Romance Angels deck, and what more appropriate card could I have possibly drawn than “Wedding”?  Of course, to be sure, if you are in a relationship right now this card clearly indicates that the energies are highly favorable for you to take your union to the next level – whatever that may personally mean to you.  This card also tells us that this is an especially fortuitous period for new romance and friendship to enter your life.  If you are not currently with a like-hearted/like-minded partner, then don’t be surprised if you meet him or her sometime soon!  There are incredible synchronicities happening right now – and this is not a temporary thing but more a sign of what is to become “the new normal.”  We are told to expect Divine Timing, and not to look at it as some bizarre, exceptional event.  Forget about trying to force a situation to work out the way we want it to.  Manipulation and struggle are the ways of the old Earth.  We are being encouraged to embrace the manner of the new.
♥ The Angels are telling us to follow our hearts.  Listen closely to your intuition.  Your prayers have been heard and are being answered in the way that is best aligned with your life-purpose, even if what’s occurring doesn’t immediately make a lot of sense.  Whether it’s a new career, a move to a new area or a relationship – all is flowing along according to Universal Law.  We are being being pulled naturally towards our soulmates and personal missions, just like waves to the shore.  So go with it.  Enjoy the party!
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