Saturday, October 12, 2013

Karen Doonan ~ The death of the old 3d earth and human responses…..
Many of you over the past linear 24/48 hours may be experiencing intense emotions and be at a loss as to why you are experiencing them as they may or may not relate to anything that is reflected in your outer waking reality at this time.  It is important to understand that human emotions are meant to FLOW, they are not meant to be anchored and that is what the old 3d earth reality taught deeply. To state that how you feel IS YOU is not TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth.  In order to fully embrace the LIGHT that is now flooding across and within planet earth it is vital that you cleanse the human vehicle fully and this is done via the triggering of the old earth frequencies. For ALL that is not TRUTH will dissolve and all that is will remain.
What may confuse you deeply is the emotions not relating to that which you are living at this moment.  You may ask why you can feel so angry or so teary when in fact you are not in a situation that equates to this emotional response.  Under the old 3d earth frequencies you were taught to anchor ALL emotions especially grief, fear and anxiety and to HOLD on to them. The old 3d earth paradigms are created to trigger these emotions over and over again. It is to be remembered also that you  exist in many different dimensional timelines, ALL in the NOW, ALL now triggering and ALL being experienced through your human vehicle in THIS dimensional timeline.  As the old 3d earth paradigms now fully dissolve then all that was built upon them will also begin to trigger and dissolve.  The triggering necessary for you can only dissolve something that you can see. It may be that you are in intense anger at this time, all anger is fear, the 3d earth paradigms run on fear, so in order to move to the higher dimensional timelines you need to let the fear go, releasing all the anger will help with this as it is not supported in the New Earth. That is not to say you will never get angry in the New Earth, what is dissolving is the STORED emotions that have been held onto.  As you move through this process you clear the heart space to allow emotions to FLOW through you, the two scenarios are not the same and are of completely different frequencies.

The New Earth is not a place that will have no anger, no anxiety etc and that is perhaps what is also confusing many, for many are trying to live “perfect” lives, only experiencing what is perceived as positive emotions, this is further distortion, it will take you out of balance just in a different direction. It is not possible to live a “perfect” life for you are in human form for a reason, incarnating to experience all that a human life has to offer. In order to experience a RANGE of emotions and allow them to flow through you. The Ascension process at this point is not about moving into LOVE and being some sort of perfect person, that does not exist at this frequency level and is not attainable in the current energetic signature of Mother Earth. It would also negate the purpose of your incarnation at this time.  YOU did not incarnate to be perfect, you incarnated to remember who YOU are in TRUTH and that memory sits BEYOND 3d earth and the distorted paradigms that it created FOR you on this planet.
This part of the ascension process is all about balance, the balance that is achieved when you allow all to FLOW and do not fall to the old earth teachings that seek to teach you must “do” and must “control” all in your life experience. This is akin to baking a cake and continually taking the cake out of the oven in order to check if it is cooking.  We must now move into TRUST of SELF and understand that is ALL that is asked of us at this moment. YOU are the creator of this your life experience and you are now moving into the driving seat, cleansing and clearing allows you to adjust to your new position for the old 3d earth paradigms persuaded you to sit in the passenger seat.
(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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