Thursday, November 7, 2013

Anrita Melchizedek ~ The new moon Solar eclipse energies with the Golden Dolphins and Whales ~

Dolphin Whale Artwork Tamara Tavernier/Rainbow

Enjoy the New Moon Solar Eclipse energies my precious friends and family. The etheric Golden Dolphins and Whales come forward to assist us in the integration of these sacred energies, taking us ever deeper into the knowing of our magnificence and Light, and into the Ocean of Divine Love.

“So let us now set up a sacred space, getting comfortably relaxed as we move into this transmission of Light. Wherever you are in your sacred space now, start to breath deep into the body, expanding the lower abdomen as you breath in, contracting the lower abdomen as you breath out, having a sense of how your body feels in this moment ~ of how you feel ~ just bringing your energy in, focusing on the heart chakra now, as you experience a beautiful Golden Diamond and White Flame of Divine Love activate the heart chakra. And you take this beautiful Golden Diamond and White Flame of Divine Love in to each one of the chakras now. Spinning the chakras in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction respectively, to find balance for you in this Now; to let go of what was and what is to come, to simply Be in this Now, to receive these beautiful gifts and to connect one another in Divine Love and Unity Consciousness. And you feel this connection now to one another, as the Lightworkers and star seeded ones. As you connect into the Unity Grid of Divine Love, you have a sense of this connection to the star seeded ones and the Lightworkers, to your soul and star family and friends of the Light. 

And you have a sense too of the dolphins and the whales, these beautiful Angelic Golden Dolphin and Whale Pods, as you start to connect into the crystalline matrix, the crystalline grids around Mother Earth and through her oceans, and to the nodule points that hold particular resonance of this crystalline vibration of Divine Love ~ this Omm Wave Resonance of Divine Unconditional Love. You have a sense of connecting into the crystalline matrix and the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, of feeling her Love as she sends you her Love back up your grounding cord into your body and energy field. And as your energy field expands even further now, have a sense of activating your Light Bodies and with this now, you merge with your Beloved I AM Presence, the Highest Light that you are within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/ Father God. And you come into a deeper sense of your own radiance, your own magnificence, your own Light, as these precious sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, as these Masters Beings of Light. For you are here, on this earth plane, to be of service to Mother Earth and all her life. You have down stepped your vibration, you have moved onto this plane of polarity and duality for the experience of it, so that you can create Pathways of Light for others, through the understanding of your karmic lessons and soul contracts.

And now there is a greater level of remembrance that comes in this Golden Age of Light and that lifts you into a knowing of your magnificence and your Light. And you feel this within you, amplified now to experience the Sacred Cosmic Fire of Illumination surrounded in the beautiful copper-gold and pink-gold flames of Helios and Vesta. This Solar Ray of Christ Consciousness lifts you into Solar Christ Consciousness; to the Solar Crystalline Matrix of Divine Love that exists within you and around you, and allows you to find this patterning, the resonant frequencies and vibrational thought forms that takes you ever upwards in consciousness, in Light, into the knowing that you are these multi-dimensional Master Beings, assisting on many levels and in many dimensions. And this Sacred Cosmic Fire of Illumination activates the pituitary the pineal, and the hypothalamus glands, and further activates the occipital lobe, also known as the Ascension Chakra ~ the Well of Dreams, or the Mouth of God. These energy ray frequencies assist in accessing the multi-dimensional realms, these multi-dimensional gateways and vortices of Light. And this is experienced in this Now sweet ones, as you experience the New Moon Solar Eclipse on November the 3rd and 4th. And you hold on to this Knowing, hold on to this resonating frequency of Divine Love and Illumination that activates now through your heart chakra, through each one of the chakras, as you call in your Master Guides and your Guardian Angel and all other Beings of Light from On High that you personally acknowledge.

You call in now the Overlighting of Mother/Father God, the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans and the Arcturians, all of the Light, the Order of Melchizedek, Lord Melchizedek, Lord Michael, Lord Metatron, the Mighty Elohim, the Archangels and their Divine Feminine counterparts, the Ray Masters, the Ascended Masters, Nature Intelligence and Nature Spirit Intelligence. You have a sense of linking now with the etheric Dolphins and Whales and now with Nature Spirit Intelligence; to the gnomes and the goblins and the fairies and the elves and the salamanders, undines, and nymphs. And now connect into the Cosmic Heart of All Creation, feeling yourself in this center of Divine Love, ever expanding in this infinite energy, in these swirlings of Divine Love, as you connect to this Ocean of Divine Love and to the energy of Mother Earth; and now in particular bringing a focus to the etheric dolphins and whales, as we start with this portal attunement, sweet ones, the Angelic Golden Dolphin and Whale Multi-dimensional Merging Attunement.

This attunement activates the occipital lobe found at the base and back of the head. The occipital lobe regulates the flow of information from the higher dimensions and your multi-dimensional Selves. So you start to experience a greater sense of multi-dimensionality and the many parallel realities in which you simultaneously exist. For it is through the infinite and eternal Now, sweet ones, that you experience the merging with your multi-dimensional Selves. Comfortably relaxed within your sacred space you now experience this attunement and invocation.

Angelic Golden Dolphin and Whale Multi-dimensional
Merging Attunement

I call upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God,
and the many Beings of Light from On High that I
personally acknowledge,
as I now merge with my Beloved I Am Presence,
the Highest Light that I Am,
within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

I now find myself in a multi-dimensional Chamber of Light,
brought in by the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light,
the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light,
and the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light.

I now call upon the Golden Dolphin and Whale Pods
to assist in activating the occipital lobe found at the
base and back of the head,
also known as my Ascension Chakra and the Mouth of God,
so I may connect through my Beloved I Am Presence
and the Christed Timelines,
to all dimensions of Light,
on which aspects of my Consciousness exists,
on which my multi-dimensional Selves exist.

As I now experience the energy of the
Golden Dolphins and Whales,
their sonic vibrations and crystalline matrices of Light,
the occipital lobe expands,
and a stargate portal of Light activates,
taking me into the Christed Timelines.

I now merge with my multi-dimensional Selves from
sister dimensions, different planets and stars,
physical and non-physical universes,
merging into the infinite eternal Now moment,
in Conscious Awareness of All That I Am,
within the Cosmic Heart of All Creation.

I now experience my full magnificence and Light,
as this sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love,
looking through my Master Eyes
at all of Life around me.
Integrated, centered, aligned, connected and in full
appreciation of my multi-dimensionality,
infinite Beingness and unlimited Potentiality.
I Am All That I Am

I now experience the Omm-Wave Resonance of
Divine Unconditional Love
for myself and for all Humanity
through linking to the etheric Golden Dolphin and Whale Pods.

Feel this merging, sweet ones, feel yourself merging with your multi-dimensional selves now, feel the energy of the Golden Dolphins and Whales ~ you are traveling timelines, feel the vibrancy of these timelines as they merge in this Now, as they take you into a greater awareness of your magnificence, of your Light, of yourselves as these multi-dimensional Master Beings of Light. You are these beautiful precious Beings and you are making a difference simply through your Light, and through your energy field, and through your Beingness in this Now, sweet ones; and this is being more deeply anchored and activated with the remembrance of these timelines ~ as you merge too with these timelines of yourselves, as Pleiadians and Sirians, Arcturians, Andromedans, Lyrans ~ and through the timelines of ancient Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria, the Mayan and Aztec cultures.

Wonderful, sweet ones. You have a sense of this deep unconditional love as you link into the Unity Grid of Divine Love; to the Light Workers and the star seeded ones, to all the Beings of Light from on High, and to the etheric Golden Dolphins and Whales. And with these etheric Pods you take out this Omm-Wave Resonance, anchoring it throughout the hearts and minds of all humanity.

In your own time, you gentle come back into your sacred space, grounding once more into the crystal heart of Mother Earth. We thank you for your service work, and with this, we bless you and bid you a most magical day".

Invocation by Anrita Melchizedek
Dolphin Whale Artwork Tamara Tavernier/Rainbow

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