Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ The Gift of Love

Love is our greatest virtue. We treasure love above all things. Love soothes the heart and soothes the soul. When we have love the universe smiles and opens every door to us. Our life becomes natural and stress-free. When we greet our enemy with love, even our enemy becomes our friend. Love is the most miraculous gift we possess as a human being. When we have love we become divine.
Isn’t it tragic that we ignore love and put it aside most of the day. We go to work and think love has no place here. We work hard to materialize what we want and forget that if we just had love, everything we need would begin to come to us. When tragedy shows up, we instantly forget about love and react with anger or sadness. If we could only pause for a moment, love could return to heal the situation. Love is the greatest healing tool on the planet. Mother Earth is the embodiment of love but we have spoiled her beauty and thrown trash on her. But even though our behavior to her has been terrible, she forgives us. We are her children and she never leaves us. She gives us love when we need it, but too often we are so absorbed in our problems that we fail to see it. If we only took a walk in the park or visited a shrine, we could feel better.

Let’s wake up each day and remember to give love to everything we do and everyone we meet. Just a simple start with love in our heart can move the clouds away and allow the sun to shine. Let’s promise each other to never forget love and rejoice that we are so lucky to have such wonderful friends to remind us that there is love in the world. I send all of you my gratitude for just being my friends and value all of you for the wonderful love you share with me. Thank you!

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  1. thank you for sharing Bob, as I send gratitude and love back to you. Blessings