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Méline Portia Lafont ~ The trigger point of the 222 gateway.

Beloved Tribe,

The gateway of  February 22nd just opened in our awareness and so already are we feeling this to be a digger. I have not been able to write much but this gateway made me sit down, sleep, let go and take a break. It gives me some time to write and share again what has been going on.

READ: It is a most challenging time for all of us, and we are in the midst of changeovers. LIVE: We are turned inside out, upside down till there are no more “leftovers”... This says it all.

Since this gateway has opened I have this strong mantra that came out of me: NO! I keep saying NO and “NO more” since then repeatedly in my mind and screaming it out loud too. My soul is fed up with older realities that seemingly want to come up again as this current Gateway triggers a lot inside of me. These old facets of who I used to BE, are wanting to come up again and they come in hard in an explosive kind of way, It only needs 1 second and it's there. Very quick and almost instant manifestations in that area.

The choice that was made at the end of 2016 is still being maintained yet at times it seems it does not want to come through as these old impressions keep on lingering around. I feel that it is the collective part which triggers the personal unique part. I find much more “differences” and disharmony being present at this time but I understand the necessity to find harmony with and within the disharmony, finding peace with the many differences and to be able and accept the fact that there are differences. Then it becomes easier to find a balance and a position in this all.

How you handle things, react to things in your life and your surroundings and most of all; the way you hold yourself as a pose in this all defines your way out of certain situations and realities you feel you are not part of anymore. You can still be involved in a certain situation (directly or indirectly), and change the way it affects you by your own reaction and way of holding yourself (attitude). You can fight it and start a revolution and find more of that to come your way because you oppose something that is a part of you, or you can learn to understand the deeper graphics of something to be a part of you but that part shares a different experience of you.

It is like letting it be and seeing through it without giving much attention to it. But many are obsessed by Truth these times... What is truth and what is not truth. When asking ourselves the question; who and what defines truth then that desire to fight this quest of “this is truth and that is not” will end. You open a door that may offer you new perspectives and insights as to how we all came to this journey of truth.

Jiddu Krishnamurti once explained in his teachings that from the moment you have a thought about what truth is, you are further from truth. I invite you all to read this particular conversation with David Bohm:

So what about this “New World” and creating? Perhaps your vision about it was not up to point which leaves you disappointed, not what you expected.. I have seen this disappointment happen in many lately in this year of 2017, as happened to me in 2012. Time for another position to watch it and observe or have another look at it with a different mindset?!

I have two channeled parts that address this very well. Perhaps this may assist you and create an opening in your mind.

Merlin about creating:

Your strength is with you, albeit that it does not lie in resistance nor in fighting it but rather in contemplation.

It is through the inner eye that you know and that knowing is your power, your structure and your finest companion at all times. New Earth is rather your platform, your new seeded consciousness, it is not a whole entire other world. It is a way of seeing, of knowing and of understanding as of course how else could a new Earth be seeded to begin with?! Hmm?!

Yes that is what the Merlin is trying to say to you, which is that there is no new world unless you come to understand the graphics of it being in your own heart. It is a heart design and not an outer world design. You can abide within already while the outer world seems not. Does it therefore mean that the new world is not in order for you? No, it does not mean that it is not in place, but rather that you are living it and abiding in this sphere of consciousness already while you presume the outer world is not. Yet there are many taking their places in the new world as we speak and each and everyone of these are starting to begin and live the new world from their own Template and from within. There lies the truth that you know and the answer to all of your questions, for all of you.

The collective must now learn that the result of this new world to be fully lived collectively lies within everyone's self. As each individual comes to grow to the realization that the new world resides within and that this is just a form of consciousness rather than a world to engage with in the outer realms, tremendous steps will be taken and volumes of understandings will be born in the collective world as well. Then your outer world may appear to change as well, but again it is all from within each of you.”


Nevertheless it is not with the physical eyes you come to see, rather it is the inner eye which is reflecting its vision onto you. You come to proceed in those radical changes as to where you start to sense all with the inner Heart and perceive with the inner eye. It is an eye that sees all as it is without all of the layers that form the disguise; it sees only the true core underneath it.

This is because you are releasing all the layers you have formed around the Self and have taken for reality. You are awakening from Within and you are paying your attention to that instead of that which is without. You are realizing that all of your world and reality has been playing within you all along and that the Universe dwells within you. Expand from your inner to the outer and not from your outer to a further layer of your outer world. You will run into a border, a layer of consciousness that will reflect to you in the hard way that all is within. It will send you back to where you came from and tell you to find it there, to spend your energy and time there and to explore yourself.

The infrared Spectrum is a consciousness that can form into waves and frequencies, illuminating all that is unseen for the eyes. When the inner eye awakens and changes within, it fully activates through the dormant codes that are awakening at the same time. A radiant Fire of energy spins, it illuminates and it nurtures its seeds that are held within. These are the seeds of the Infrared spectrum that lie dormant within the center of your Third eye, your Heart, your DNA and your pineal gland. Those seeds are now brought to an opportunity to awaken fully through the codes that are given at this time.

It is achieved through a deeper awakening and a full realization of the Self, for minds who are still seeking all without, the Spectrum shall not fully awaken nor activate. For firstly one needs to awaken to the knowing that all lies within and realize this to awaken his/her power.
This lies all into your own hands, yet it is here available to work with.”

Keep your focus on inner balance again, Beloveds. Merlin underlines this facet all of the time whenever He comes in and communicates. How could we create when we are out of balance and out of touch with our own hearts/ourselves? It is so easy to be blown upside down by current happenings in the world, but let us not be sucked into that vacuum of chaos. Hold and keep the peace within!

I am currently observing and investigating some new inner thoughts and insights about the body aging process that is linked with time. I am having some new ideas about it and am very excited to investigate this more and explore. I will write more, hopefully next time, when I have more insight in this. Looking forward to hear what you all think of it too.

For now my blessings and Love,
Méline Portia

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  1. Thank you Meline. I too have been both contemplating, questioning and simultaneously laughing at some of the things that have seemingly been triggered within me lately. It feels like the world is taking 3 steps back lately, with no hope of even one step forward. It's just strange.

    I too have been having some thoughts about the body and aging as well. Like you, it hasn't fully crystalized yet, but some interesting "ahas" have been arising. I look forward to your next writing.

    Peace, Blessings & Love,