Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Transformatie Traject groep sessies met Méline Portia Lafont

Transformatie Traject ©

Dit traject neemt je mee door de wereld van de Transformatie en het herontdekken van verloren kennis. Dit gaat gepaard met activeringswerk onder de begeleiding van de Meesters en Kosmische energie. Een waar Transformatief pad naar Meesterschap: je hebt alles in jezelf en dat maken we terug wakker.

Dit traject is iets voor jou wanneer:

🦋je wil groeien in het los laten
🦋je verandering wenst te brengen in jouw leven
🦋je op een punt staat van door te breken
🦋je het gevoel hebt vast te zitten
🦋je wenst te groeien
🦋je wenst te werken aan jezelf en open staat voor verandering
🦋je potentieel wenst waar te maken
🦋je verdieping wenst van verbinding met jezelf en het kosmische
🦋je wenst te verdiepen in Spiritualiteit en de energetische wereld
🦋je beter presteert onder begeleiding en ondersteuning
🦋je graag naast jouw eigen innerlijk werk ook graag in verbinding komt met anderen (bij de groep sessies)
🦋je stevig wil manifesteren en verandering wil bereiken op een snel tempo (individueel traject)
🦋je op zoek bent naar jezelf

💜Instappen voor groep sessie kan tot 15 juni 2022💜

Instappen individuele sessies kan per direct.

Ben jij erbij?

Hartegroet Méline Portia Lafont


Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Vanguard Visionaries - Méline Lafont spiritual guide


I am A. RaSOL, and these video presentations of modern-day Visionaries, those fellow Awakened HUmans who have been making significant energetic ripples in the Collective Consciousness – some very publicly, others more privately – is focused on the behind-the-scenes personal tales of struggle and splendor as they initiated and expanded their Service Work for Humanity.
NOTE: Due to a Mercury Retrograde glitch at that moment in space-time, the sound fell away from 54.39 till 55.26. It picks back up fine, though Méline's voice is at a relatively low volume for a while. Please bear with us as we do our best to navigate these wild Change Times!!
In this installment of the Vanguard Visionaries series, I am overjoyed to present to you the magnificent, radiant, loving Soul known as Méline Lafont, a truly exceptional human being in Service to Humanity during Terra-Gaia's Planetary Ascension. I am proud and humbled to call this classy lady a true friend. Meline and I ‘met’ on line around 2012, and she was gracious enough to allow me to post some 'Big Picture/Cosmic Perspective' material on the blog site she was publishing in at the time (PleiadeDolphinInfos.blogspot.com), separately from my own more 'down-to-earth' Cosmic Surfer-style blog I was writing at the time (www.Waverider1.wordpress.com). I was privileged to receive copious amounts of authentic loving support from Méline during those deeply challenging periods of my life. She has recently gotten back into helping other Starseeds and Awakening Ones navigate these Change Times full-time, and her new website is included in the information below.
As we both are still living on shoestring budgets with families to support, please consider taking advantage of our Spiritual Services so you too can more smoothly be guided by experienced fellow Ascending Ones into our blossoming New Earth Vibrations, Consciousness, and Ways of BEing. We would both appreciate it very much :-) Méline Lafont's new website, with blog and Professional Online Healing Services: www.houseofaquarius.net
My 2020 website: https://SolDeLaCosta.net My Blog site (2010-2015): https://Waverider1.wordpress.com A. Rasol's page for Professional Guidance/Healing Services: https://waverider1.wordpress.com/prof...

Tsolians - integrating the Cosmic Divine Source of your I AM and the Infrared Spectrum ~ Méline Portia Lafont

 Credit picture: Karl Morfett 

Channeled by Méline Portia Lafont


To know more about the Tsolians and their first message:

read here

We greet you in this day of auspicious shifts into your reality of being. We are the Tsolians of the Delta Quadrant of this Cosmic multiverse and once again we come forth with a message of peace and exhilarated energies to uplift and assist the Cosmic reawakening within the Self.

We move from consciousness to consciousness to instigate some awareness and to bring the Cosmic Source in alignment with your collective awareness, this through this communication but also through the awareness of our Cosmic Being on an energy level of consciousness. We are here to speak of the infrared spectrum and of the integration of your Cosmic Divine Self, your I AM awareness in this state of being.

How DEEP is your LOVE?

No, it’s not the lyrics of Take That 😁 Although I could use a song which catapults me back to the time when I was young and life was joyfully without worries.

Seems like we experience nothing but worries these days. “How will we make the necessary change that is required from us, and what is my personal part in this? “ “How to move from one Era into another while the old Era keeps on dominating the current structures? “ “What is coming for us and how about our children? “ “Is this ever going to end? “ “How will I do this? And That?”...

I hear you. Aren’t we all feeling these questions inside us?

Well, pioneers, we did it! We managed to pass through the wringer. We’ve made it to the exit point and are birthing ourselves upon the spheres we call “New Earth”. Gaia is content, she marks the start of an exit point very thoroughly, and THAT is what we are feeling right now.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Pleiadian Moon mediation

 Hi sweet friends,

I've created a meditation to assist during Lunar portals and alignments with the Galactic Center.  We are in a Lunar passage and Sun conjunct the Galactic center alignment right now.  Enjoy the channeled energies from the Pleiades in this meditation <3

Much Love,


Conveyed through Méline Portia Lafont

Voice and chanting by Méline Lafont
Music by Michael Hammer  ~ Ancient days ~ http://www.michaelhammer.net/

Created and facilitated by the Pleiadian constellation of Light and conveyed through the heart vehicle of Méline Portia Lafont

We are gathering here in this momentum to come forth in unity. Unity is what creates this portal to BE in the first place and so do we invite you all to partake in this beautiful co-creation. Beautiful ones, you are all an intrinsic part of the whole gathering forth in unity. As you apply the great Mastery within yourselves you are enlarging a great facilitation for all to convey the Cosmic energies of a super Galactic cluster with ineffable units and eons of Light power to come and be anchored through all of your vehicles of Light.

You lend yourselves to the great wisdom and the eternal light of your Source supreme which is the essential and primordial light and blueprint of your Divine SELF. One lending himself to convey all the powers from within to this collective reality creates a momentum of peace and serenity with the understanding of all creation being a nature of the whole. One on itself can change the whole world, for one represents the complete and whole SELF as in the Oneness of ALL within the Divine Blueprint of its human nature.

Therefore we now will gather in this momentum of God speed Light to unite all of our spheres and energy fields as a Divine Being in Human form. Gathering, we amplify what One can bring forth as change and as an awakening, breaking through the many fields of illusion and creating a web and external field of consciousness to deliver the truth of one's own nature and Divine Self.

All of you, who are now reading and listening to this message are uniting yourselves as Higher selves in the spheres of Shambhala, for you open your heart gates at this time to receive the Cosmic nudges to connect your hearts together and unite your heart fields.

Now let us move through the spheres of illusion and connect your beautiful hearts in the spheres of Shambhala. Be present in the heart, beautiful ones, and breathe into this moment with all your heart, soul and Spirit. Your consciousness and your awareness are amplifying the strength within you as you all participate in this momentum consciously and willingly,

We want you to be open, relaxed and at ease with yourselves and go within your heart. We want you to be in silence to integrate all of the beautiful radiance that is now available to you all within this stillness. Be at peace with yourself and have this overall serene sensation of unity within. Smell your flavor of SELF-Expression, feel your inner vibration, sense the waves of integration, see your SELF in all colors and geometry. Be one in this moment and allow as it is.

You are now moving deeper into the Magical sphere within Shambhala. You unite with the Akasha of yourself which is a part of the librarian web of creation. A silver sphere of Light now moves through you as you connect with your Akasha. The librarian web of creation sends you pulsations of destined manifestations as possible creations and opportunities. You allow these to enter, merge within you as you experience the blending of this. Being in connection with your Akasha you can now allow these destined opportunities to come forth in this Now on your Earth, seeding a whole new reality by intent.

Being one within the moment with all, sets all free to Be as it Is. Beautiful ones, now you all unite with each others' Akasha and increase the momentum of creation and unity. See all the Silver lines of Light within your Beings to now unite and blend together in the heart of Shambhala.

Heaven on Earth is created and seeded, so shall you strengthen this seeded creation in each and every one of you to come forth and re-blend in the material world of this Earth. Now others can opt for this experience as well as you unify yourselves in this momentum and wave of Cosmic Love and creation.

Be in yourself ~ in the heart space, beautiful ones. There is no other place to BE than where you are right now. You are where you are to BE and that is within you, being all of you. As you are at peace with this understanding, you now open the gateway within your crown and higher heart. A flood and stream of Cosmic energy enters your human vehicle and fills you with the experience of Cosmic tones. These High vibrational waves and tones are moving and restructuring all that is not in order or out of balance, restoring the Divine nature within you on the highest octave of your own vibration.

A Golden illuminating stream enters your reality of Being and illuminates all that is held within you. You are sentient beings who are aware and open. You will become super sentient beings who will be all knowing and will be creation itself. That is what this Cosmic wave brings about, in lapses of your time. But now is this Gateway and Final Blood Moon portal the beginning of that knowing, that understanding and particularly that essential Being.

It is the start of an even greater reality and momentum, not seen before. An open heart illuminates all to the light it is. The brighter your light the higher your understanding is of the Cosmic nature of Being as you move from understanding to Being itself. Your flow is essential in this all and so is your heart. Be in your hearts and allow the flow to stream through you, through all and through Earth, as it enters the Solar system and unifies all in this Cosmic vibration.

You are the Human gateway of Divine intent.

Shaty yonkalo emau srati
We are the Pleiadians

Copyright © by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely and not for commercial ends, and this copyright notice and links are included.

December - A month of explosive energies by Méline Portia Lafont

 The Solstice Gateway and Full Moon in Gemini
December – A month of explosive energies
A flood of information is entering our spheres on Earth. An incoming Intel which is all about explosive and over the top expansive energies. This is the chosen path the collective must run in order to get to that point of freedom and a next level of Ascension.
We are being bombarded, once again, with very Cosmic frequencies as our Sun conjuncts the Galactic center during the Full Moon in Gemini. This means that we are more able to tap into the Cosmic energies and information, which is of a Cosmic and Galactic nature. Often during such alignments, one can access not only the Galactic energies but too receiving intel that is connected to Higher consciousness and futuristic ideas. If you have ideas and insights coming up around this time, make sure to write these down as they may come in handy later one.
It is gazing way over the boundaries and accessing new received potential. It is important to stay focused and balanced, to maintain an internal connection to make it so that your internal reality becomes your external reality. In other words: shifting your focus on your internal world. Mastering your attention, feelings and shifting from external authority to internal authority. You are the Master who creates YOUR reality.
You have everything inside you, all the tools and ideas to create your reality. It is you that is the one who shapes and shifts one’s reality. Everything you see outside you is a reflection of your internal world. Therefore, we are assisted to shift during this passage so that we can mold our new reality for the collective from our internal Sun. Yet, we are required to release all of our old values and energies. The Solar eclipse earlier this month has granted us that opportunity as the dirt and negative energies were sucked out of our Solar Plexus, leaving many behind with a sense of sickness or pain in that area.

Méline Portia Lafont ~ December - een maand van explosieve energie

 De Winter Zonnewende Portaal en Volle Maan in Tweelingen
December – Een maand van explosieve energie
Er komt een golf van informatie en energie onze wereld binnen. Een energiegolf van explosieve en overdreven expansieve energieën. Dit is het gekozen pad dat het collectief dient te doorlopen om dat punt van vrijheid en een volgend niveau van Ascentie te bereiken. We worden opnieuw gebombardeerd met zeer kosmische frequenties terwijl onze zon conjunct staat met het Galactische centrum tijdens de Volle Maan in Tweelingen. Dit betekent dat we beter in staat zijn om gebruik te maken van de kosmische energieën en informatie, die van kosmische en galactische aard is. Vaak kan men tijdens dergelijke afstemmingen niet alleen toegang krijgen tot de Galactische energieën, maar ook informatie ontvangen die verbonden is met Hoger bewustzijn en futuristische ideeën. Als je rond deze tijd ideeën en inzichten hebt, schrijf deze dan op want ze kunnen later nog van pas komen. Het is verder kijken dan de grenzen reiken om toegang te krijgen tot nieuw ontvangen potentieel. Het is belangrijk om gefocust en in evenwicht te blijven, om een ​​innerlijke verbinding te onderhouden zodat je innerlijke realiteit je externe realiteit wordt. Met andere woorden: je focus verleggen naar je innerlijke wereld. Beheersing van je aandacht, gevoelens en het verschuiven van externe autoriteit naar interne autoriteit. Jij bent de Meester die JOUW realiteit creëert.
Je hebt alles in je, alle tools en ideeën om je realiteit te creëren. Jij bent degene die jouw eigen realiteit vormt en verschuift. Alles wat je buiten jezelf ziet, is een weerspiegeling van je innerlijke wereld. Daarom worden we geholpen om tijdens deze passage te schiften, zodat we de nieuwe realiteit voor het collectief kunnen vormen vanuit onze innerlijke zon. Toch moeten we al onze oude waarden en oude  energieën loslaten. De zonsverduistering eerder deze maand heeft ons die kans gegeven toen de toxische en negatieve energieën uit onze Zonnevlecht chakra werden gezogen, waardoor velen met een gevoel van ziekte of pijn in dat gebied achterbleven. Het is de innerlijke zon die ervoor zorgt dat weeën opkomen, een proces van wedergeboorte om onze grenzen te transcenderen en fysiek de weg te vinden naar eeuwige vrijheid. Dit is waar het deze maand om draait: de rebelse vrijheid, de expansieve en explosieve energieën die vechten voor onze vrijheid, het belichten van geheimen en keuzes. We hebben veel astrologische tekens die de expansieve verschuiving van bewustzijn ondersteunen, waardoor we met veel ascentiesymptomen achterblijven en onze fysieke lichamen de immense verschuivingen in bewustzijn, die voortkomen uit het Galactische Centrum, inhalen.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Ashtar ~ The current role of Star seeds

 Commander Ashtar ~ Channeled through Méline Portia Lafont

Good day to you humans, I come with news and joy. It has come to my attention that you all are in a great ordeal and format of confusion and fear. You will soon come to understand what it is like to be of a Galactic nature, to carry the galactic blueprint as it will start to activate in a short notice.


Allow me to inform you that your Stellar sisters and brothers of Light have been downloading different forms and formats of information for each individual on this Earth. All templates of a Galactic nature are receiving, or are rather being bombarded, with multiple codes and information from different Galactic planes. As this differs for each individual, no Being is forgotten nor ignored. ALL of you are receiving the codes which serves the Highest good of Humanity and the SELF.


Dear Star seeds: if you are tuning into my message for Humanity: welcome and listen carefully for further instructions.


Sunday, April 11, 2021

House of Aquarius is born

House of Aquarius is born

Precious hearts,

After a few years being off grid, working on grounding and anchoring levels, I AM back online to resume my spiritual work.  As a result "House of Aquarius" is born: a new website and a new name that is in alignment with the current Golden Age as well as with what I bring and am.

What will House of Aquarius bring?