Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Teal Swan ~ The Truth About Accepting Someone for Who They Are

In this video, Teal reveals the truth about accepting someone for who they are. So keep watching the video if you want to know the truth about accepting someone for who they are. Link to the article: https://tealswan.com/resources/articles/

Matias de Stefano ~ Frustration

Gillian MacBeth ~ From Your Hostess of Light

2023 is a bi-lateral-layered numerical year. With two distinct doorways of energy we will walk thru. The number 20 that lives within 2023 displays strength, awareness and sensitivity. This number is about perceiving any and all emotions; The ability to sense when others are struggling within self and life.  number 20 is concerned with new beginnings within a duality of choices. This number is part of the ‘plan of completion’ ‘Teaching the wise use of time.’


Spiritually speaking # 20 is a strong number sequence it speaks volumes within its choices.  It asks and tells you all at once, ‘it is now time to embark on a spiritual journey’. Your spiritual journey will only be successful if you start listening to what your inner soul light is telling you and follow the feel good trail of cosmic bread crumbs. Allow nothing to distract you from your path of heart that seeks to know it self.


Number 20 within 2023 is about hindsight, foresight and future sight and a call to duty. This energy is about polarity; knowledge of both the light and the dark. The zero within this combo is a vibration of blessing and protection. Zero is a number of great mystery, like the ‘alpha and omega’ it usually occurs during times of great choices and great changes.  Be conscious of the ‘daily divinity’ that is in your life. It is time to find new ways of uplifting your precious earth-time. Be a vessel that brings joy; inspire others by your actions.

Marilyn Raffaele ~ The Arcturian group - January 15, 2023


 JANUARY 15, 2023

Welcome dear readers. During these times of change and new beginnings, remember that all is proceeding according to a Divine plan.

High frequency energy is omnipresent because it is in and of Divine Consciousness but the majority has not been at levels of consciousness able to align with them. Because there is only ONE and because there are now increasingly more highly evolved states of consciousness on earth, more and more people are starting to access Light energies that have always present but mostly unknown allowing them to be experienced and integrated by more individuals which in turn is enlightening collective consciousness.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Inelia Benz - The sound of the Universe and what it does to you


Some time back I was working with my mystical students on a sigil making project.

The method we used was the sound of the sigil words on a cymatic machine and developing the sigil from there.

In order to test that the machine was working, we played several other sounds, and three of these sounds created the same shape.

We were super surprised to see this!


Teal Swan - Wokeism and today's "Woke" Society

Sacred Season Energies: Live with Sandra Walter

Pam Gregory - New SuperMoon in Aquarius 21st January 2023