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Saint Germain ~ The sightings of your current heart are overwhelming ~As channeled by Méline Lafont

As channeled by Méline Lafont  

31 January - 1 February 2013
Precious beings of Light, my friends and brothers/sisters of heart. What a magnificent movement of Light is taking place here on Earth and beyond.  This movement is astonishing to behold and it is occurring within you all: within your hearts and also within your minds.  Let me thank you for it, as I AM deeply moved by this.
Little by little and step by step these creations of Love are now unfolding themselves within you all to be fully manifested in your own personal time and space.  You all are flourishing like beautiful flowers, becoming these roses of Love.  These flourishing flowers are all of you!! One by one and day by day, we of the Light are gaining more and more space on your precious Gaia, and in the minds and hearts of your precious Selves.

Saint Germain ~ De waarnemingen van uw huidige hart zijn overweldigend ~Gechanneld door Méline Lafont

Gechanneld door Méline Lafont
1 Februari 2013

Kostbare wezens van Licht, mijn vrienden, broers en zussen van het hart. Wat een prachtige beweging van Licht vindt er plaats hier op aarde en daarbuiten. Het is verbazingwekkend om deze beweging te aanschouwen, binnen in jullie allen: uw harten en geesten. Laat me u bedanken voor dit alles, ik ben diep ontroerd door dit.

Deze creaties van Liefde ontvouwen zich nu binnen in jullie allemaal, beetje bij beetje en stap voor stap om te manifesteren in uw eigen persoonlijke tijd en ruimte. Jullie floreren als prachtige bloemen en worden deze prachtige rozen van Liefde. Deze bloeiende bloemen zijn jullie allemaal! één voor één en van dag tot dag, zijn wij van het Licht steeds meer en meer ruimte aan het verkrijgen op uw kostbare Gaia, en in de geesten en harten van uw kostbare zelf.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Pleiadians ~ You Have Chosen to be Human: A Message of Encouragement

Many have incarnated here with many options, and choices before they came into body, and yet, you who are here now on Earth have chosen to show up in human form. You may have cellular blending of other beings within your DNA, and you may embody many lineages, yet, you are holding human form.  Being human is no small feat. It requires a great deal of strength and light to live in these limited bodies here on Earth with the day to day struggles the illusion can sometimes reflect. This message today is to support and commend you for all you have done. You are a keeper of great light. You are indeed a grand being to have come here.

Oh we see you, yes we do. We see how you deeply desire to act from love in every moment, and yet your forgetting at times your true nature sometimes halts you. We mostly see this halting when it comes to love towards yourself. You have mastered not projecting out pain at others the majority of the time. Yet, we see how you are still mastering unconditional love towards the self. This frustrates you, but you continuously try over and over again because you are a powerful light holder.  You, specifically who have chosen to be a wayshower, a lightworker, one who walks first through every door: we celebrate the amount of light that you emanate out into the Universe while still holding a body, as some of your souls connect as deep as the 22nd dimension.

We always return to your heart. – channeled by Ron Head January 29, 2013


Our purpose today will be to point out to many of you the tools which you have on your personal workshops, and which you do not recognize, understand, or give credence to due to the conditioning of your environments and societies.  It is important now for you to find and begin to utilize these to the fullest extent possible for you.

Of course your workshop, if you remember, is located in the heart space you find with intent when you close your eyes and move your focus into your heart.  There is more to this which you may find and which we may discuss in a later message.

A Path to Understanding – 26 January 2013, by the Council of Nine, through Tazjima.


We are the Council of Nine. We come here today to bring comfort to those Lightbearers who are still struggling with a need to understand their new world, the one into which they emerged on the morning of
December 21, 2012.

The key to understanding your place in the world is to go within. This has been the nexus of understanding the process of ascension since the world began. The process has not changed; you have changed. Humanity is undergoing a transitional period in which it moves as a collective from separation to unity. For the many, this movement will take some time. As always, it is for the standard bearers of the light and love of unity consciousness to lead the way, acting as examples for the rest.

Infinite Waters ~Together we can change the world

Thanks to Lucasinfos

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Living in the New Reality by Archangel Metatron Channelled through Natalie Glasson-

Beloved shinning beacons of light on the Earth, we bow down to you with tremendous respect and love. We, your guides, friends and loved ones of the inner planes are here to support you as you move through an immense process of your ascension.

Maybe you feel as if you cannot or do not fully understand why certain experiences, creations and expressions are manifesting in your reality, why you choose certain choices over others. I wish to share with you that the instruction book, the planned circumstances by your soul, the limitations and boundaries set for you and set by you in the past are now being cast aside. You are being rewarded for all your devotion to your spiritual connection and awakening with the reality that is free from limitations. There is no longer a goal to work to in a certain time, the clock is no longer ticking to push you forward along your spiritual path, and there are no longer goals that need to be achieved in or with certain limitations. In truth there is no longer a goal to be achieved. The boundaries, limitations, goals and inspiration which led you through the past phase of ascension are falling away.

Monday, January 28, 2013

It is no longer a matter of wondering. – channeled by Ron Head


We will speak with you today about the rising tide of which almost all of you who work with and for the light are becoming aware.

This is something which we have mentioned a while ago, but which, as it was not quite so obvious, even the most sensitive of you had to take on faith.  Lately it has been growing day by day, and at such a rate that those who meditate or perhaps have a daily prayer practice, and even those who spend much time communing with your dear planet, are seeing, even feeling , unmistakably.

For those who have stayed the course, it is no longer a matter of wondering if something is happening or not.  Even the most ardent of you had moments of that kind of thinking prior to now.  As you move deeper and deeper into the uplifting energies, you will know beyond doubt that, at least for yourselves, ascension is indeed in progress.  But know this also, brothers and sisters.  The energy which is producing such profound change in your own bodies, and here we mean to reference your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, is also embracing each and every other being in its path.  There is no escaping it.


January 27 – February 3, 2013
Beloved Ones,

As each of you move deeper into the inner recesses of your Being, you are finding the opportunities to bring to the surface that which needs completion. During these times, give compassion to yourselves and all those who are involved in whatever situations come up. This is a time of bringing deeper understanding and knowledge from within you and for bringing peace and equilibrium in order that you may experience a greater lightness of being as you connect to the well of creativity and abundance that bubbles just beneath the surface.

Sunday, January 27, 2013



Transmissions from the Arcturian Mothership

Multiple Realities 6
The Embryo of SELF
Our Dearest Ones,
You are now gestating your Embryo of SELF within your field of consciousness. This Embryo is the expression of your true, Multidimensional SELF who will lead you through your process of personal and planetary ascension. Many of our ascending ones went through great doubt when the proposed time of ascension came and went like a cloud crossing the sky. What you did not see was what was occurring within your SELF, as you were looking into the hologram instead of into the Truth.
This Truth is different for each one of you, which is the glory of your myriad incarnations in a world of polarity and individuality. This individuality allowed you to find a personal expression of your Being, which is somewhat unique in the Multiverse. As you have seen, there are many negative side effects of the degree of individuality that your world has experienced.

Belgian Parliament Member Blames 9/11 for Illegal Wars

(Thanks to Laura for this! ♥)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

John Smallman : Your doubts and anxieties are without foundation

With the growth and intensification of the new energies enveloping you all, your path to awakening is becoming both brighter and clearer.  The need to share and expand the Love within you, your eternal and unbreakable divine connection, is bringing to your attention the blocks or barriers to It that you installed out of fear eons ago, and which you are now realizing are preventing you from living life fully and joyfully.
You thought they were essential defenses against a cruel and threatening world filled with potential enemies, when in fact they are cages or prisons which you built and into which you retreated in fear after you had imagined into being a state of separation from your Father.  Separation from Him is impossible, but because of the power of your enormous inventive capabilities you were able to build an imaginary environment in which to hide from the supposed anger that you believed was your Father’s response to your attempt to separate yourselves from Him and live unencumbered by the law of divine Love.

How will I know if I have met my Twin Flame? by Liora

Detailed Signs of the True Twin Flame ~ By Liora
A very deep strong recognition through photo, face, voice. This type of recognition is like never felt before. It is literally a deep Heart Chakra activation. You feel the ecstatic connection straight away via your Soul. This is such an indication of the Twin Soul. There is no doubt whatsoever regarding the SOUL CONNECTION. It can also be described as a powerful heart upliftment.
An extremely strong passionate bonding felt as sexual energy which, once again, is part of the Soul Energy connection. You become speechless at times because of the level of the matched Soul frequency which is overwhelming through the Heart Centre. Your Heart beat increases due to this vibrational alignment as well.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Suzanne Lie : Transmissions From Mothership #5 Bi-Location



Multiple Realities 5
About Bi-location
Mytria and I arrived early at out holoschool, which is the name we had given this holosuite, expecting to again find the Arcturian sending another Transmissions to Earth. To our surprise, It was patiently waiting for us, even though we were early. The Arcturian warmly greeted us and asked if we were ready for our bi-location into the timeline in which our Pleiadian society ascended.

In sequential time that ascension occurred long, long ago. However, in the no-time of the fifth dimension and beyond, time flows like a great ocean. Hence, one can enter the Flow of any Timeline to participate in that reality. The Arcturian told us that the ascension of our Pleiadian society was quite similar to the ascension of Earth. Therefore, our bi-location into that event would provide us with important information that would help us to assist with Earth's ascension process.

Wes Annac: Interview with the Pleiadians: Crisis of Faith


Wes~i’m reposting this because of the reader interest and the many comments saying how much it has helped you all. Again, I have no desire to cease communicating with any of the sources coming through me despite what is said in this message and in fact, you can expect many more interviews with the Pleiadians in this manner through the enthusiastic temple that is me.
Personally; they continue to validate their existence to me and I faithfully and happily continue along this path. For those who are really struggling, it’s hoped that this message is helpful.

The Pleiadian High Council: You are with us dearest Wesley, and we have many Crew Members stationed around you to make sure that no negative or misleading entities attempt to come through and deliver information that you know to be out of resonation with what is currently occurring on your planet and within you all. (1)

We are doing everything we can to get your attention. – channeled by Ron Head


Synchronicities, feathers, coins, and signs of all kinds abound at this time.  We are doing everything we can to get your attention.  We are here and we are working with you in every way we are able.  If you are open to the possibility, ask and you will receive all the signs you need that we are indeed with you.

There is much, much more to reality than you know or even imagine.  You have spent over a hundred years searching for the ‘missing link’.  Did they but know it, it is at last beginning to be acknowledged by your scientists.  Consciousness is that link.  Consciousness is everywhere.  Energy is everything.  At its core, matter is no more solid than thought is.  All is love.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

❤ 2013 – The Year Of The Heart. By, Bella Capozzi. January 24, 2013.

224799_548283278517283_1727707215_nWelcome to my new blog!

And yes, as you will soon see, this one is going to be a quite a bit different than my last one – The Angel Diaries.  My old blog was very well suited to the place we were at in 2012.  But 2013 is a whole new ballgame.  It’s unique and unlike any other year we’ve experienced so far.  It’s shaping up to be a year of action, of taking charge of our own destinies and co-creating with Spirit the best possible world for ourselves, our families and for Humanity as a whole.  It’s all  about world peace.  Self-expression.  The emergence and empowerment, at long last, of the Divine Feminine.  It’s about equality and abundance for all.  It’s about the cultivation of our dreams.  Simply put, 2013 is the Year of the Heart.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lord Metatron~Ascension and Transmutation

Profound message from Lord Metatron about Ascension and Transmutation changes in the physical human body

“I Am Metatron. I have been asked to serve by dictating information that will assist you in moving through the transitions that are ahead for the planet and all life on the planet during the ascension.
This planet, and all species of life on the planet are in the process of ascension. Ascension means that all first and second dimensional lifeforms will “move up” to third dimensional lifeforms.
Humans, or third dimensional lifeforms, will graduate to either fourth dimensional worlds or fifth dimensional oneness depending on their level of evolution and their intent.
The ascension is occurring now as a step by step progression, and will continue one way or another, for that is the will of all.

Meline Lafont: A personal message to Me from the Ascended Masters of the Far East ~ Step 2: knowledge for the Transmutation in the process of transformation.

23 January 2013

The second step in the process of this transformation is the knowledge about the transmutation itself. Transmutation implies that a certain energy is transferred into another energy by means of neutralizing it till it reaches zero point, whereafter it is given a new charge and molding it to conform your desires. Admittedly, this is the most difficult step of the transformation process in which you currently find yourself. Before starting the actual transmutation process it is required that you master the first step with the minor distinctions, that you accept it and make it yours.

Méline Lafont: Een persoonlijke boodschap van de Opgestegen Meesters van het Verre Oosten ~Stap 2 :kennis voor de Transmutatie in het proces van Transformatie.

(Deze channeling is eigenlijk een persoonlijke boodschap naar mij gericht.  Deze Meesters zijn gekend door het boek van "De Meesters van het Verre Oosten" door Baird T. Spalding, een prachtig boek naar zeggen die ik nog niet heb kunnen lezen.  Zij kwamen naar voor begin November om mij begeleiding te geven in mijn Transformatie en Transmutatie proces dat nog loopt.  Aangezien hier leidraden en belangrijke tips in staan, heb ik besloten delen van mijn boodschap te delen met jullie allen.  Hou in gedachten dat dit een persoonlijke boodschap naar mij toe is en deze kan verschillen naar jullie persoon toe en daardoor niet kan resoneren met jullie persoon en hart.  De gehele channeling bestaat uit 20 geschreven paginas en bestaat uit delen en stappen.  Dit is het tweede deel hiervan, het 3de deel volgt later.  Veel liefs, Méline ♥)

De tweede stap is de kennis voor transmutatie in het proces van deze transformatie.  Transmutatie wil zeggen dat een bepaalde energie wordt omgezet naar een andere energie doormiddel van het te neutraliseren tot op een nul punt, om het nadien een nieuwe lading te geven en te manifesteren naar wens.  Nu, dit is de moeilijkste stap van de Transformatie, dewelke waarin u zich nu bevind.  Voor er wordt begonnen aan de eigenlijke Transmutatie is het vereist de eerste stap met de kleine onderverdelingen onder de knie te hebben, te accepteren en het uwe te maken.

(Dit is nu zo goed als voltooid voor u, geliefde Méline, wat u nu klaar maakt voor de allerlaatste stap van dit proces van de Transformatie.  U hebt nu een enorme bewustzijnsverhoging ervaren die u compenseert met wat u wilt bereiken in het NU.  Deze gradatie in bewustzijnsverruiming zal u enorm hoge facetten van uw zelfkennis brengen, dewelke u opheft uit uw huidige realiteit.  Langzaam maar zeker vertoeft u zich in de aller tijden van het NU.  Uw bewustzijnsverruiming heeft zijn uiterlijke grenzen zo goed als bereikt.  Maak u geen zorgen, geliefde Méline, u bent zeer spiritueel bezig en verrijkt!  Proficiat! )

Nu zullen we verder trachten te delen over dit gehele proces van Transmutatie:

1* Geef uzelf de kans om regelmatig te rusten en uw tijd te benutten voor uzelf.  Dit is heel belangrijk om aan uzelf te denken in deze zeer belangrijke tijd.

2* Probeer om steevast een patroon van meditatie aan te schaffen in uw dagelijkse leven en beoefen deze dagelijks alsnog meerdere malen per dag.

3* Tijdens uw meditatie is het erg belangrijk om u diep te gronden en te aarden met Moeder Aarde haar ZIJN: de Hartpoort en chakra.  Deze chakra is de puurste vorm van Zijn en bevat al de informatie, licht en liefde, codes en allerlei activaties dewelke nodig zijn om uw transmutatie te voltooien.  Neem deze dagelijkse dosis ter aanvaarding in uw eigen poort en hartchakra.  Ten slotte integreert u deze energieën en zet u ze weder om in stoffen tot activatie, dewelke verspreid worden met de kundalini.  Het is uw lichaam en tempel die deze transformatie uitvoeren, dus u bent degene die dit doet en activeert.

4* U hoeft uzelf er zich van bewust te zijn dat u talloze incarnaties meedraagt in uw cellen en deze om een uitkering van deze informatie vragen.  Enkel hetgeen u verder dient, hoort hier nog thuis, al de rest dient los gelaten te worden en gezuiverd.

5* De beste methode hiervoor is om uw cellen allen te vragen en te delen om hun eigen mutatieproces te bekomen en hierin van start te gaan.  Nogmaals, u bent uw lichaam in manifestatie, dus u bent ook uw cellen.  Deze cellen van u zullen zich naar mate van het mogelijke enorm uitzetten om het proces te vergemakkelijken bij het opruimen en los laten van gedane en onbruikbare informatie.  Zo zal de vrijheid weer bestaan om vrij te zijn en meer licht te vormen.  Uw cellen zijn uw bestaan in deze vorm en belichaming, dus communiceer met hen en zorg er goed voor.

6* Sta sterk in uw overtuiging dat alles wat u doet een gevolg heeft.  Dit is de Goddelijke wet en beschrijft perfect wat u nu doet.  Doet u een Transformatie, dan zijt u dit ook.  Doet u een Transmutatie; ook dan zal u dit zijn, maar doet u er geen; dan zal u er ook geen zijn en geen hoeven te verwachten.  Alles draait om het zelfzeker zijn en het weten dat u dit kan, doet en ZIJT!  Beloof uzelf om u nooit in de steek te laten en uzelf op te heffen in neer brengende omstandigheden.  U hebt een persoonlijkheid en een ZIJN, en u bent met God verbonden; u bent hem/haar in weerspiegeling.  U bent God, creatie.

7* Deze is het allerbelangrijkste onderdeel in dit alles en dat gaat over zelfbesef.  Het beseffen, het weten en het aanvaarden van wie u bent, wie u hoort te zijn en wie u altijd al bent geweest.  U bent U en niemand anders.  Niemand is U en niemand zal dit ooit kunnen zijn, weet dit nu en aanvaard dit als uw ware Zelf en waarheid.  Niets is minder waar dan het ontkennen van uw ware Licht.  Wees voor eens en altijd overtuigd van uw ware Zelf en aanvaard.  Weet wie u bent en ken uzelf als geen ander.  Heb vertrouwen en laat uw zelfbeeld nu los van wie je denkt te zijn in uw incarnatie.  Deze paradox is u gevoed en opgedrongen en is NIET uw ware zelf in expressie.  Zorg voor uzelf door in alle Liefde uw  eigen ware zelf te accepteren en te erkennen.  Uw ware Zelf verruimt nu en komt tot zijn ware zelf in expressie.  U bent hier nu door aan het komen en het eind is wel bereikt.

8* Sta steeds achter uw hartgevoel, uw ware zelf die communiceert uit Liefde.  Volg deze wat dan ook en hou uzelf steeds achter de zijde van Liefde en Verlichting.  Werkend en sprekend vanuit deze taal zal u nooit tot ego noch misleiding brengen.  Voel uw hart, dewelke een licht taal en vibratie gebruikt in communicatie.

9* Dit laatste onderdeel hiervan is 1 die je zeker niet overslaan.  Het hoort er nu eenmaal bij en lijkt tegenstrijdig ten opzichte van al de vorige onderdelen.  LAAT AL DE INFORMATIE OVER UZELF NA ACCEPTATIE LOS!  Weten is aanvaarden, maar wil niet zeggen dat er een lading op geplakt moet worden.  Weten is een Zijnstoestand, dewelke waar je jezelf in vertoeft.  Het draagt geen lading mee noch benaming of ego.  Daarom dat het belangrijk is om werkelijk los te laten zodat er geen ladingen zijn.  Men blijft dan over in het weten en in het Zijn.

Voor Transmutatie te kunnen bereiken, dient alles te worden gebracht tot nul punt.  Nul punt = geen geladenheid.  En dan beginnen we aan de laatste grote stap naar Transformatie toe, dewelke de kennis is tot Transformatie.

Copyright © by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. for Blogger and as Homepage

Konstantinos: Nadral-Where Is Magic?

[Note: The title of the message was my question to the Spirit and today, this message came in, as I learned later, from my Spirit Guide Nadral. He was introduced to me as the ‘magician', in my dream on Oct 26th 2012 (you can go check it on my blog's dreams category) along with my other guide, Azucar , who was introduced as the ‘shaman’. Days later, I received that Nadral was a druid in Galatia during the period that Julius Caesar was an emperor and I was his student.]

Saul through John - Your doubts and anxieties are without foundation

With the growth and intensification of the new energies enveloping you all, your path to awakening is becoming both brighter and clearer.  The need to share and expand the Love within you, your eternal and unbreakable divine connection, is bringing to your attention the blocks or barriers to It that you installed out of fear eons ago, and which you are now realizing are preventing you from living life fully and joyfully.
You thought they were essential defenses against a cruel and threatening world filled with potential enemies, when in fact they are cages or prisons which you built and into which you retreated in fear after you had imagined into being a state of separation from your Father.  Separation from Him is impossible, but because of the power of your enormous inventive capabilities you were able to build an imaginary environment in which to hide from the supposed anger that you believed was your Father’s response to your attempt to separate yourselves from Him and live unencumbered by the law of divine Love.

Jesus through John - The effect of your collective loving intent is massive

Here in the spiritual realms we are observing you joyfully as the new energies enveloping the planet spread and intensify through the hearts of humanity.  A great blaze of Light is shining forth into the heavens as these energies interact positively and lovingly with all you dear ones on Earth, and as you continue to hold and intend to share your Light unconditionally and indiscriminately to assist, tenderly and compassionately, with the awakening of all your sleeping brothers and sisters.  The effect of your collective loving intent is massive and inescapable. Love is gently and irresistibly inserting and establishing Itself within the hearts of all on the planet, dissolving resentment, anger, fear, and mistrust so that the attitudes and behaviors associated with them are released, thus allowing the New Age of peace, harmony, and abundance to emerge fully and embrace you all.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Suzanne Lie – Transmissions From The Arcturian Mothership – Living Multiple Realities – Part 4 – The Gift Of Unconditional Love – 22 January 2013

UnconditionalLove copyMYTRE SPEAKS:

The next day when Mytria and I arrived at the Holosuite we found a similar scene as the day before. The Arcturian was again sending a message to the ascending ones on Earth into a frequency slightly above the base line frequency of humanity’s consciousness. Hence, only those who have expanded their consciousness into the higher fourth and fifth dimension are able to receive the message. In this way, only those who are ready to view their world from a different perspective receive the information. 

Mytria and I settled in to learn through example, which we were sure was the Arcturian’s intention for having us walk in on another transmission. We did not doubt the Arcturian’s teaching methods in any way. In fact, we found that this method of teaching by example, then encouraging us to try it our selves, was very effective. We were quite sure that we would be teaching the ascending ones in the same manner.
Therefore, we listened intently to another transmission from the Mothership. In fact, as soon as I thought of the title, “Transmission from the Mothership,” I felt the Arcturian commending me for my appropriate choice of title. Mytria also felt the Arcturian non-verbal reaction and silently congratulated me with her eyes. Since the Arcturian kept speaking in a telepathic manner, we sat down to receive the entire message.

The Ascended Collective: We Foresee Humanity Delightfully Taking the Reins

059smallNote from Wes: I will not be posting on the Aquarius Paradigm today (the 22nd) but I give this message with Love, and I will be back posting tomorrow. To anybody who reposts this message – you do not have to include this note.
-Channeled through Wes Annac-

You will all be working to repair your world, and you dear Lightworkers who have already begun anchoring the vibrations of your fifth dimensional Earth unto the collective energies and frames of perception may find yourselves pioneering the beginning of the restoration of your world, as you will begin helping people find the impetus and motivation to begin the hardest of tasks that are set out for the collective of Earth to perform.
There is much learning that needs to take place and while you will be given assistance from your Galactic brethren, the bulk of the work is indeed yours to be done and we could not encourage more, your beginning of this work in any facet you find yourselves beginning it.

Access to 5D Grids has been Expanded…

GaiaPortal January 22, 2013
gaia_energy1Access to 5D grids has been expanded to allow more Gaia earth personnel to connect to instructions from Galactic Source. Telepathic communications from Source, via 5D pathways, is now available to an expanded base of humanity. This eases restrictions on upward movement for Gaia and permits accelerated evolution on all levels, 3D, 4D, 5D.


 This is from one of my dear readers Palmi.  Thank you Palmi for mailing me this.

palmi: THE GOLDEN AGE OF MANKIND: YOU ARE NOW FINALLY FREE Google "The ones people's public trust" or "TOPPT" (lot of this is written in "legalese" but that´s ki...

The Maya Calendar is in the right….. Dineke Jongepier

The Maya Calendar is in the right…
2013 © Dineke Jongepier-Rijskamp

Dineke Jongepier

Even now, after december 21st, I am confronted with reactions of people saying to me “You see, nothing has happened” and “you confuse people with your statements”. I have taken my precautions in advance and have said that I put myself in a vulnerable position with my assertions. Nevertheless I am very happy that everything that I have come to know since the end of october 2012 on the subject, thanks to my gift of working with the pendulum, has turned out as truth. Nothing that I was able to measure has been untruthful. I am fully aware of the fact that many have not always understood my measurements let alone that they could fully abide. Let’s recapitulate what has happened to me.

At the end of october I received info through my pendulum work that a specific food substance would be beneficial for a client. After I ordered it and double checked the info again three days later to see if it was still the correct substance it appeared that this person all of sudden no longer needed it to sustain her health. This was an odd experience for me because my method of double checking my findings up till than always yielded the same results. Next I measured the so-called Bovis value of that person, and I got a result that laid between the 6500 and 8500, perfectly normal for people who resonate with the energies of the 3rd dimension (Here I refer to my article in the magazine ‘Spiegelbeeld’ of December 2012).