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HILARION'S WEEKLY MESSAGE June 30 - July 6, 2013 by Marlene Swetlishoff


June 30-July 6, 2013

Beloved Ones,

You now begin to move forward into the remembrance of your true purpose and work here upon the planet. The veils have become thinner and the distinction between dimensions is not as great now. This period will be filled with wondrous and miraculous events, both on personal and collective levels. The revelations will be coming fast and thick, for the old ways of keeping secrets and behind the scenes workings will no longer be supported. The cosmic energies of love and those that are beneficial and supportive for the awakening of all of humanity have increased in intensity and magnitude. This can be a great catalyst for change and transformation and we observe with great interest the effects of each wave.

Jesus through John Smallman ~ Fully conscious living is your destiny and it cannot be avoided

John Smallman

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday June 30th

Humanity cannot avoid waking because eternal sleep is impossible!  You can only dream when you are asleep, and the illusion is humanity’s collective dream from which you are in the process of awakening.  In fact, as must be apparent to you, sleeping is also an aspect of the illusion.  In Reality there is absolutely no need and no desire to sleep because in Reality you are constantly vital, fully alive, and fully immersed in the wonder of God and His creation.  Sleep is an aspect of the illusion that you added to it to enable you to experience periods when you experience nothing, and if you do not dream then you have no memories when you wake up.  It really is a very strange concept – an imaginary death if you like.

However, death is not your destiny; fully conscious living is your destiny and it cannot be avoided.  The death you appear to experience in the illusion, bodily death, is of course also illusory.  Yes, in that case you do lay down your bodies for good, but that is most definitely not an end; it is a partial or full awakening, depending on whether you decide to have a further human incarnation or not. This decision, whichever one you make, is made with the help of your higher Self and your guides who best know what your needs and requirements are, and it is always a most joyful decision, made with enormous enthusiasm!

☆☁☽ “Dream On…” A Mini-Reading For June 29, 2013. By, Bella Capozzi.


images-1Good morning to all of my friends!  The weekend is finally upon us, and with it comes another fresh rush of downloads and highly transformative energy.   The Universe has been pummeling us with a lot of that lately!  And while it can make us feel a little edgy and uncomfortable at times, it is an overall good thing.  It’s a sure sign that the veil is breaking down at long last, allowing for the higher frequencies to enter into our atmosphere and bodies, and do their job.  Once these energies and their accompanying changes have taken hold, we can expect to see many of our long-held dreams and goals manifest into a liveable reality.  It will take a great deal of patience on our part to not only wait it out, but to jump in and do the necessary work here on Earth to make it happen.  So much needs to change!  Where do we begin?  Our governments, financial systems, education, oppression, poverty, wars…  Yet a New Earth honestly DOES exist just over the horizon, and today we are reminded that we need to get out there and create it, dream it and live it.

Carl Boudreau – Astrology For Everyone – The Astrology Of July 2013, Approximately – Qauntum Leap – 28 June 2013


The Astrology of July 2013 Approximately
Quantum Leap
Recap – Toward a Deeper Understanding of the World
The chart for the 2nd half of 2013 combines a Kite, a supportive configuration, and a Grand Square, a massive blocking aspect. In the headlines, a non-stop mix of good news and bad news sows confusion. Conflicting signals abound. The world is rapidly becoming an unfamiliar place, increasingly difficult to understand.

6-29-13 Bill Ballard ~ Through the Anterion Conversion Stargate via our Planetary Merkaba

Something very interesting and rare is unfolding now on planet Earth. One month from today on July 29, 2013 the astrology chart shows a planetary Merkaba will be in the stars for Mother Earth and the Collective of Humanity who have been pla...ying out this duality experiment that is now coming to an end. This event is so rare that there is no previous knowledge of the possibilities and may go back to our first arrival in this position within the Milky Way Galaxy to experience the density that is 3D. Lower density can be looked at as even a position within the realms of this our Milky Way Galaxy…

The last of the 11:11 Doorway Gate activations, the 11th gate occurred 11/22/12 and is both a state of consciousness and being as well as a Stargate called the Anterion Conversion. An is both a location on Earth that itself is a stargate as well as the center star 11:11ers know as “AN” in Orion’s Belt which is also a stargate. That center star of Orion’s Belt An stargate is the portal through which we arrived at this position within our Galaxy and our “local” galaxy or those stars that travel around Alcyone our Great Central Sun. WE came through that stargate of An so long ago to this more dense position on the outer realms of the Milky Way to continue the duality experiment in a much more dense, or “separate from source” or 3D location.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Energies – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn June 29, 2013


(Translated from the original language german)
I am glad that I can today again give messages to you through this scribe, who is very close to me. The short break was very good for her.
My child, I see how you plague yourself with the ever intensifying energies. Thereby you can but lighten your work with them. Drink enough clear water, because water is an ideal conductor for energies. Eat light food, to relieve your body. Rest much and often, because your body performs a very hard work. It has to integrate all these energies and at the same time transform itself. Therefore you are also tired so often, even after a good long sleep during your night. Accept these energy downloads. Greet them because they transform your body even more and they also prepare you for your upcoming Ascension. Stay unperturbed in all and rejoice, my child. I bless you with my infinite love. ~
Your Divine Mother
Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

Ronna Herman: Archangel Michael ~ Victim or Victor?


Beloved Masters, there is an orderly sequence to the Cosmic Cycles of Creation which define and emphasize a great variety of Godly Expression; therefore, it is important that you learn to flow and adapt to the changes of the time. It is time to discard the restrictive, limiting beliefs of your present state of Self-awareness as you gain wisdom, seek higher truths, and grow closer to your original state of Divinity.

You, the Star Seed, as leaders in the march toward Self-empowerment and as proficient co-creators of the new world of tomorrow, are in the midst of an inner mental and emotional clearing and cleansing process of monumental proportions.

Are you ready to accept the Divine gift we offer, the awesome tools of Creation contained within the First Ray of Divine Will/Power? New cycles of existence are initiated through a willingness to change, or if you are resistant, through conflict. Much depends on your capacity to attract, respond and absorb, and then transmit the more refined Light frequencies which contain the cosmic higher truths of your new reality. Your Soul and Higher Selves remember the reasons you chose to experience and express painful situations; not as a punishment, but for resolution.

~AA METATRON – In the book of life ALL IS WELL – The Mission has been a great success~ by Anna Merkaba

fairy bird
Ascension Know that in the book of life, dear children of light.. all is well.. and the mission has been a great success.. but know that every single day and every single moment, you are changing the course of the works, you are changing the course of the books ending.. beginning and structure, for you are the ones creating your own reality, for once again you are manifesting it all with your thoughts and your actions to what you are perceiving to be or not to be.

And so, with love and light in your heart you are to go forth and persevere, with light and love for the moment of NOW you are to live your life. Worry not children of light, for you are all here to do just that, free the souls locked in a human vehicle, these are the souls that are just as advanced as many of you are, abut are locked in the perception of the 3D world, and believe that nothing lays beyond this.
And so in light of this, we would like to take moment and explain to you once again , that this is all a game.. and yes indeed a painful game at times, and you are of course here on the planet earth at this moment in time, to assure the awakening, the awakening of the spirits within the human vehicles, for once the spirits have indeed awoken to their true nature and their true selves, then no ego, no ammunition and no chemicals, nothing will stand in the way of humanity, nothing will stand in the way of increasing vibrations of their divinity that is flooding the earth.

Lady Nada: All The Signs Are There ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ June 28, 2013


LadyMasterNada13Lady Nada:
Hello dear ones. The time has come to assess your abilities and capabilities, as they are many. Some are under the surface waiting to be discovered and elicited by a need or request, and others are being put to use as we speak. Some of these you may not even know you are utilizing, for you may still be using them in dreamtime or in your meditations but not be consciously aware of them as yet.
But the whole point, dear ones, is that many new abilities and capabilities are waiting for you to discover and utilize. As you become accustomed to your new perspective and view of things, many new things will become clear to you. In some cases you are just waiting for the last wisps of fog to clear for you to realize what is “right in front of your noses”, so to speak.

And it brings you into a whole new world as you access and get acquainted with your essence and your status – as you welcome your orientation into a new phase of your life, your complete orientation into a new way of seeing and acting and being. And it is looming before you and within you now, dear ones. You are accessing complete areas of knowing and truths that have never been visible up until now. And from this you are already greatly changed.

Méline Lafont ~ Der Neubeginn kommt aus den Tiefen unseres Seins hervor ~ Gechannelt vom Selbst‏…eled-from-self/
Während wir uns weiter in diesem Fundament und in diesem Netz der Liebe und Empathy, des göttlichen Potenzials und der interdimensionalen Kreation niederlassen, wird Vieles von unserem Sein und unseren Herzen aufgenommen. Diese Energien wirken zusammen in ein neues göttliches System der Alchemie hinein, in dem alle Fundamente der aus dem Herzen kommenden Gefühle und Kreationen Teil dieses neuen Systems sind und das neue, die Menschheit als eine Rasse und ein Wesen genannte System bilden.
Deshalb ist es aus den Tiefen unseres Seins und Systems, dass sich der Neubeginn ergibt, der sich in der wundervollen Ansicht darstellt, in der Alles, was als niedrigere dimensionale Frequenz gesehen wird, nicht länger bestehen und sich in unserer Realität halten wird. Die Abhängigkeit von äußeren Formen und Systemen wird noch stärker zerbröckeln, da es nur die Unabhängigkeit des Selbstes, die Autonomie und Selbständigkeit gibt. Kreationen bilden die äußeren Ansichten der eigenen Welt und deshalb ist eine stärker geerdete Lebensweise erforderlich, um in der Lage zu sein, eine stabile und freudvolle Lebenserfahrung zu kreieren.

Wes Annac ~ Saan and the Arcturian Councils: A Short Introductory Message


-Channeled through Wes Annac-
(Note from Wes: As I pondered the reason for the “San” aspect of SanJAsKa’s name, I found myself connecting with an Arcturian entity who went simply by the name of “Saan”. He represented himself as being of the Arcturian Councils, without referencing a specific Council.

I’ve come to the conclusion that he works with all of them, without favoring one specifically.
I’ve really never connected with the Arcturians or brought-through a message from them, but the connection was/is strong and I had a wonderful initial conversation with Saan before deciding to scribe a short message from him. In this message, he speaks for the Arcturian Councils.)
With Loving greetings from every soul speaking to you currently, I am Saan of the Arcturian Councils of the Galactic Federation.

This scribe has not brought-through Arcturian energy before save a few times, and is adjusting to my specific frequency of energy. I exist on the fifth dimension, just as many of the Pleiadian souls who speak through this channel do.

Love is breaking out. – channeled by Ron Head


leaking dike
We greet you today with news that your world, at least the world of those not in denial, is changing.  Look more closely around you than the national and international news.  Many of you stopped following that some time ago anyway.  Look for the changing attitudes of those in your own communities.  Look even at the opportunities being brought forward by those courageous enough to challenge the long prevailing attitudes which you want changed.

In the short run, not every one of these changes may manifest.  In the long run, dear hearts, they all will.  It all serves to awaken those who hear of it just that much more.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Andy Bojarski ~ Step 5 – How to Heal Yourself and Others – How to Bring in Your Spiritual Healing Support Team


Ascended MastersWhen you are beginning an energy healing, you need your spiritual healing and support team to be with you.  You decide who you want to be there with you to help you with your energy healing.  I would recommend Arch Angel Michael to protect you and the person you are healing.

I would recommend Arch Angel Raphael as he is the Arch Angel of healing.  I would recommend Jesus and Sananda as they are both excellent healers.  I would also recommend Lady Nada and Lady Portia to help remove unwanted cords and attachments and karma.

And let’s not forget Saint Germain who is the keeper of the violet fame.  Lastly ask your spirit guide to be with you.  You can also ask anyone you feel a strong connection to, like additional Arch Angels and Ascended Masters, not mentioned here, to be with you.

Aisha North ~ The manuscript of survival – part 330


You have by now started to source into more and more information, dear ones. Not only from your own physical body, but also further afield. For some, these revelations have been very interesting indeed, but for others, they have not yet registered on their radar so to speak.

Let us explain. As we have talked about earlier, as you have all managed to lessen your load so much from all of the old dross that literally used to clog up your channels, now the time for input has finally arrived. In other words, things will start to seep into your consciousness now, even information regarding subjects you had no idea you had any knowledge about at all. Things will start to pop up on the horizon, and once again, it will be a little bit like finding an unexpected piece to a puzzle in a very unexpected place. Of course at first, much of this will seem to be random bits of information without any clear definition to it, but it will come. For remember, it is perhaps not meant to be that you are the one that will get the complete picture.

Peter Van Runt And Lucas – Listen To Our First Episode Of Double Dutch Radio/ with Méline Lafont and Eileen Meyer as short guest– 28 June 2013


Uploaded on 27 June 2013 by peter van runt

Double Dutch Radio : Enjoy our first show.
Peter van Runt and I came sychronisticly together with the idea to do a radio show together. We have  elements of fun, interviews, personal talk and music. Some other stuff we have thought of will appear in other shows.

In our first show we introduce our selves,  we have a news flash with the news of the week. We have  an interview with Eileen Meyer about her music. Eileen also provided us with our leader music. Also “The viewpoint  in the now” with Méline Lafont gives a NOW moment inside. Our commercial breaks are special and we play also MC SuperKenn‘s music in between which will be next weeks show musician being interviewed.

Illuminations with the Archangels ~ Archangel Raphael By Anrita Melchizedek

Foto: Illuminations with the Archangels ~ Archangel Raphael

Let us start, sweet ones, this guided visualization, where you will connect with Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary, Archangel of Healing and Truth, by breathing deep into the body, feeling this deep love within yourselves, feeling this deep Love to all Life. Finding a rhythm in your breath, finding a rhythm in the balance of Life, sweet ones. For a moment focus on breathing in through the nose, and out through the mouth. Wonderful.

How are you feeling, sweet ones? Is there any sense of discomfort in the body? How does your body feel? How are you feeling energetically, emotionally, mentally, how are you today, sweet ones? Have a sense of this universal life force energy that flows within and around you, this pranic consciousness, see yourselves as these subatomic particles spinning in increased Light frequencies. This is what each one of you are, sweet ones~ subatomic particles of Light and as you increase your crystalline matrix of Divine Light, as you create your I AM Avatar Bodies of Light, you have a deeper sense of your magnificence, your uniqueness, your Light. You have a deeper sense of this connection that you have with all Life; being part of all Life, connecting to all Life, in this collective puzzle piece, and fitting perfectly with your unique vibratory signature.

Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary now invite you now into their Spiritual Retreat in Fatima, Portugal. As you are surrounded by your Master Guides and your Guardian Angel and merge now with your Beloved I AM Presence, you have sense of being lifted in Soul consciousness through the portals of Divine Love, to this beautiful Spiritual Retreat in the etheric of Fatima in Portugal. As you enter into this Spiritual Retreat you are surrounded in this beautiful Green Flame of Healing and Truth, and taken now into the central octahedronal shaped Temple of Light.  Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary, and their Legions upon Legions of Light greet you now in their Divine Love, and as you look around you experience a gentleness and a softness in this energy, in this Spiritual Retreat, through the vibrations and the Light Beings and you find your vibration softening. You find yourself feeling soothed and rejuvenated, and gentle with yourself, and you start to feel a greater sense too of well being, as this healing energy starts to take effect. Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary offer you this beautiful gift now of being placed within their healing Fountain of Light, within their Spiritual Retreat, and as you are guided into this central octahedronal Temple of Light you see this beautiful Fountain of green waters, sparkling, iridescent, flowing and healing ~ and you find yourself walking into this Fountain of Light now and as this occurs you experience a rebalancing, rejuvenation, and regeneration in your physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, and in spirit, sweet ones. On a physical level you have sense of this beautiful green healing Light with the Divine Love of Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary moving into each body part and organ, moving through each chakra, each subatomic particle, bathing and soothing and clearing and healing ~ at a cellular level removing, transmuting all cellular memories of false beliefs and stresses and anxieties. You feel yourself simply surrendering and trusting, feeling loved and nurtured in this gentle space, sweet ones. Within this sacred space there are various Chambers of Light that assist you to have a deeper sense of your own medical intuition and guidance, and so continuing to flow through this healing Fountain of Light and this beautiful Green Flame of Healing, of Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary, you find yourself in a Healing Chamber of Light. As you have a sense of this deep connection to your Beloved I AM Presence, breath once more into the body, sweet ones, so you can build this healing Light through your own energy matrix and place your hands upon your body in those places that need to be supported in this Now. Breath the beautiful golden white Light of Mother-Father God through the crown chakra, now this beautiful green Light through the feet chakra, combining these energetic frequencies at the base chakra, and now the perineum center; take this up the front of the body, down the arms and down the hands. Continue to breath rhythmically, sweet ones, to increase this healing Light vibration as it starts to activate through the hand chakras and the feet chakras. Put your feet firmly on the floor ~ if you are lying down bend your knees so your feet chakras are anchored on the floor ~ if you are sitting on a chair make sure that your feet chakras are anchored into the energy of Mother Earth too. And as this healing Light increases, Overlighted by your Beloved I AM Presence and your own healing angels working with Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary, you are guided to place your hands on those parts of your body that need healing, sweet ones. You are experiencing a greater flow of this universal healing energy. At the same time you are purifying your mind of old thoughts, old patternings, old beliefs, letting go of the stress and worry, centering yourself in Divine Love. As you come within your heart now, while keeping your hands on your body parts, or organs, or chakras that need these increased Light frequencies, you embrace your inner victim and persecutor consciousness ~ you see before you and within your heart, your inner victim. You embrace him or her, sweet ones, you let him or her know how much you Love them, how much you understand that he or she has needed to feel they must protect, and fight, and survive, but it is not needed now for the way forward is graciously, harmoniously, gently and lovingly; and you understand this and you let the victim consciousness aspect of yourself know this too, as you embrace and Love him or her; and you do the same too now with the persecutor consciousness aspect of yourselves, sweet ones. Embracing him or her, within your heart, letting him or her know, that it is safe to come home, it is safe to come within your heart, to the sacred space, to the center of Love within your Self. They may are tired and weary, these sub-personality aspect of yourselves and you embrace each one now, you let each one of these sub-personalities know “It is okay, it is okay.” There is nothing they need to concern themselves with or worry about, there is Love and you feel this and trust this and know that you are led through Life by your Beloved I AM Presence and Higher Self and your Guardian Angel and the Legions upon Legions of Light. You surrender to this, you feel this Love and you know that you are healing yourself on all levels, sweet ones. The soul fragments are being returned to the body, the old vows, beliefs, and judgments, are being released, transmuted and absorbed into the Cosmic Heart of All Creation. You are being renewed, rejuvenated, and re-energized at a cellular level in these beautiful Healing Flames of Light.

Lastly now you ask Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary for an activation of the axiatonal lines found along the acupuncture and meridian lines; and as Archangel Michael and Mother Mary assist in the activating of the axiatonal lines through particular spin points of sound and color and light frequencies, you experience an integration at a deeper level of the energy of your Light, sweet ones, with your Higher Selves of the Light and Beloved I AM Presence ~ integrating a deeper level of your Multidimensional Selves and your Soul and Star Families of the Light. You are awakening to a new Consciousness of Light, through your Temple of Light ~ your physical bodies.

Wonderful sweet ones, you thank Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary. Now, come back into your sacred space and we leave you with one last tool before we move into this Invocation. As the negative thoughts come up ~ in your mind’s eye see them on a black board, erase them and replace them with a positive thought and affirmation, sweet ones ~ try to catch the thoughts before they manifest, before they gather a momentum of their own.

And now we leave you with this Invocation to Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary, which you state aloud and choose to work with on a regular basis:

Invocation to Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary

I call forth to Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary,
to actualize the Green Flame of Healing and Truth,
to take me in my Spiritual Body of Light,
to their Spiritual Retreat in Fatima, Portugal,
so I may purify my mind of false beliefs and judgments,
of earthly ego allurements,
and cosmic karmic patternings.

I call forth to Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary,
to assist me in releasing any dis-ease or discomfort, 
and to bring balance of mind, body and spirit.

Through their Healing Fountain of Light,
I am soothed and re-energized.
As I open my heart to the highest levels of healing I can receive at this time,
as I open my heart to truly see my Self and others,
in Truth, in Love and Mercy.
I see clearly through the Christed Timelines,
knowing that there is only Love.

Surrounded in this beautiful Green Flame of Healing and Truth,
I now request the activation of the axiatonal lines within, around and through my body.
As the spin points activate in particular sound and color frequencies of this new Golden Age of Light,
I merge now with my Beloved I Am Presence, my God Self, 
rejuvenating and healing any organ or body part that needs this frequency regeneration now .

I am transmuting all that is not of the Light,
All that is not of the Divine Unfolding Light of Mother/Father God,
I Am Truth
I Am Mercy,
I Am Creativity,
I Am Beauty,
I Am a sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love.
I Am All That I Am.

Wonderful, sweet ones. You are now ready to receive this Attunement Healing with an open and truthful heart.

Attunement Healing with an Open and Truthful Heart

You now repeat aloud:

“I, (giving your full name now), give myself permission and ask Spirit, Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary, their Legions of Light, and my Beloved I Am Presence for this Archangelic Healing Attunement. 
I ask to be attuned to Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary and their Legions of Light from On High through their beautiful Green Flame of Truth and Healing”

And now, sweet ones, you visualize this Green Flame coming in around your body and energy field.

You now continue:

“I now request that Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary attune me to the deepest levels of healing that I may receive in this Now through an open and truthful heart.”

Archangel Raphael now comes forward and places his Seal of Light within your third eye, signifying the receiving of this attunement.

Wonderful, sweet ones. 

You now affirm:

“I am a sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love. I let go and let God as I release all vestiges of the negative ego, as I embrace and Love all aspects of my Self. I open my heart to my Self and others. I am healed and whole, balanced and embraced within the sacred Green Flame of Healing and Truth of Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary. And so it is.” 

Wonderful, sweet ones. Now just feel this connection into Mother Earth, through your grounding cord as it comes from your sacral chakra for women, from your base chakra for men. You have a sense of this energy of healing and Light coming from Mother Earth too, of her nurturing energy, and your connection to all Life. Your ability to self heal and to help others in their healing process is amplified now sweet ones, through the many gifts you have and through the knowing of yourselves as these clairsentient, clairvoyant, and clairaudient Masters Beings of Light. Hold this focus, sweet ones. Hold the Knowing of your magnificence and preciousness, sweet ones, including your biggest gift, the Knowing that you are already Divine.

We thank you for your service work and with this we bid you a most magical day.


Co-created by Anrita Melchizedek

To receive “The Illuminations with the Archangels” eBook or to host these teachings, please make a $10 donation via the following link, stating your request for the eBook ~

 Let us start, sweet ones, this guided visualization, where you will connect with Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary, Archangel of Healing and Truth, by breathing deep into the body, feeling this deep love within yourselves, feeling this deep Love to all Life. Finding a rhythm in your breath, finding a rhythm in the balance of Life, sweet ones. For a moment focus on breathing in through the nose, and out through the mouth. Wonderful.

How are you feeling, sweet ones? Is there any sense of discomfort in the body? How does your body feel? How are you feeling energetically, emotionally, mentally, how are you today, sweet ones? Have a sense of this universal life force energy that flows within and around you, this pranic consciousness, see yourselves as these subatomic particles spinning in increased Light frequencies. This is what each one of you are, sweet ones~ subatomic particles of Light and as you increase your crystalline matrix of Divine Light, as you create your I AM Avatar Bodies of Light, you have a deeper sense of your magnificence, your uniqueness, your Light. You have a deeper sense of this connection that you have with all Life; being part of all Life, connecting to all Life, in this collective puzzle piece, and fitting perfectly with your unique vibratory signature.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Linda Robinson – Message From Archangel Zadkiel For July 2013 – Seeing Through The Eyes Of An Expanded Consciousness – 27 June 2013


Thanks to:

Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel along with Lady Amethyst.  We bring you Love and greetings from the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestation.

The energy has changed and moved to a higher frequency.  It is vibrating at a much higher level. 
You have gone through many trials to test your ability to work with the new energy, and you have passed with flying colors.  You have moved to a higher vibration, and you have many opportunities awaiting you.

At higher vibrational levels, you are able to see beyond the obvious meaning of things at the 3D level.

Visionkeeper ~ Be Still and show the Way
Music to read by below:

Wow! Information leaks are gushing free as if a dam had broken somewhere upstream. We are witnessing great bravery at this time as well. Whistle Blowers coming forth for the good of mankind knowing they will probably pay the ultimate price somewhere down the road. A furious call of ‘Traitor’ has been cast upon their heads, when in fact most of Washington itself are traitors and should be behind bars. We seem to be witnessing the imprisonment of the wrong people time and time again. It makes ones frustration levels rise to a feverish pitch at times. I keep hearing that small voice within calling however, “Be still and show the way” it says. Be the example it is saying and others will follow. Very difficult to do so at these tumultuous times, but we must. As more information pours out and more and more people become enraged with what is being done to them, it will definitely be our time to be still and hold the peace. That does not mean we cannot sign petitions or speak out or write letters to our political leaders ( if you can call them that), we should and must be doing that, but we must remain calm and not become engaged in the drama. We must be the balance to the unrest so the situation does not tip out of control.

Saint Germain and Merlin ~ The Growpath to YourSelf ~ As channeled by Méline Lafont

                                            Picture: Méline Lafont, New Zealand

Saint Germain

Greetings my most beloved friends. With the highest esteem and respect I offer you once more my loving energies and I bathe all of you in my essence of violet colours and my fragrances of Love. I am permitted to step forward again in this Now moment of your reality and, as always, I am grateful for this.


The last message I have given through this beloved Twin Flame of mine dealt with Love and the aspects of Twin Flames. It was my pleasure to bring a message about those topics but today I am going to talk about something entirely different if you allow me.


Today I would like to elaborate on the coming times where the next constructive energies are getting ready to build your reality in your lives and in your experiences. There are 2 choices you can make concerning those energies. EITHER you choose to not do anything with them although you integrate them for a later date when you feel you will be ready OR you start working and effectively do something with them. No matter what choice you make, all will be accepted with the heart and the Love and will be respected from our position of Being.

Jared Ayden ~Valme'ata: humans incorporate many traits from many species

17 june 2013

I wish my welcome could be in person one day, but for now this is the preferred way to communicate between my world, my reality and yours. 

Well done, you are doing very well, connecting the dots, learning more and more about human's past, about our presence. You learn some species may claim themselves well advanced, but the fighting amongst humans merely reflects their own weaknesses. 

SaLuSa- Light Continues to Shine – Channeled by Multidimensional Ocean

Courage at this time is much needed as many of you feel much fear in your heart. Fear is very much present now: fear of uncertainty, of paying the bills, of fitting into a society that they can no longer relate to or understand.

The usual mechanism of the system is still into place for now, however, there are many changes on the way, regardless of the cabal’s efforts to keep the old paradigm in place. The truth is that they know that humanity is destined to awaken, and are making all the effort to keep humans asleep and under control.

Wes Annac ~ Lightworkers Thriving Amidst Difficulty


The increasingly-pure energies we’re being delivered are intensifying exponentially and heating everything up. Duality has been turned-up to extreme proportions lately, and I notice this in effect in my personal Life and on the world stage.
Personally; I can honestly say that I’ve never been happier. I’ve never felt more fulfilled, or experienced more continual validations of the reality of my mission on this planet. I’ve never felt more whole; more at peace; more at home on this planet.

I read a recent message that stated this planet is not our home, and to try to treat it as such is akin to keeping our vibration low. Speaking from my personal experience of late, I can say that I’m feeling a full-on anchoring of heaven (our original home) unto Earth and, quite truthfully – for the first time in a long time, this planet really and truly does feel like home.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Saint Germain und Merlin: Der Weg des Wachsens hin zu eurem Wahren Selbst - durch Méline Lafont‏

 Picture: Méline Lafont; New Zealand
Saint Germain
Ich grüße euch meine geliebten Freunde. Mit größter Achtung und Respekt biete ich euch erneut meine liebenden Energien an und bade euch alle in meiner Essenz der violetten Farbe und im Duft meiner Liebe. Es ist mir erlaubt, in diesem Jetzt Augenblick eurer Realität wieder hervorzutreten und ich bin, wie immer, dankbar dafür.
Die letzte Botschaft, die ich euch über diese meine geliebte Zwillingsflamme übermittelt habe, handelte von Liebe und den Aspekten der Zwillingsflamme. Mit Freude habe ich euch eine Botschaft über diese Themen überbracht, doch heute werde ich über etwas ganz Anderes reden, wenn ihr es mir erlaubt.
Ich möchte heute auf die kommenden Zeiten eingehen, in denen die nächsten aufbauenden Energien sich bereit halten, um eure Realität in euren Leben und Erfahrungen zu errichten. Es gibt die Wahl zwischen zwei Möglichkeiten, die ihr treffen könnte bzgl. dieser Energien. ENTWEDER ihr tut nichts mit ihnen, auch wenn ihr sie für einen späteren Zeitpunkt integriert wenn ihr spürt, dass ihr dafür bereit seid ODER ihr beginnt, damit zu arbeiten und effektiv etwas damit zu tun. Es ist nicht wichtig, welche Entscheidung ihr trefft, Alles wird von unserem Standpunkt des Seins mit dem Herzen und der Liebe akzeptiert und respektiert.

Saint Germain en Merlijn ~ Het groeipad naar uzelf ~ Gechanneld door Méline Lafont

                                                  Foto: Méline Lafont, Nieuw Zeeland
Saint Germain
Gegroet mijn allergeliefden vrienden.  Met mijn meeste hoogachting en respect bied ik u allen weder mijn liefdevolle energieën aan en baad ik u allen in mijn essentie van violette kleuren en reuken van Liefde.  Het is mij wedermaal gegund om naar voren te treden in dit Nu moment van uw realiteit en zoals steeds ben ik hier wederom dankbaar voor.
Mijn laatste bericht door deze geliefde tweelingsvlam van mij ging over de Liefde en aspecten van Tweelingsvlammen.  Het is mij een genoegen geweest om hierover een boodschap te brengen maar vandaag ga ik het over iets geheel anders hebben als u mij allen toelaat.
Vandaag wil ik het graag hebben over de komende tijd waar de komende opbouwende energieën zich klaar maken en opbouwen tot werkelijkheid in jullie levens en realiteit.  Er zijn 2 keuzen die jullie kunnen maken betreffende deze energieën: OF u kiest om er niets mee te doen maar wel te integreren voor een later tijdstip wanneer u voelt er klaar voor te zijn OF u begint er nu daadwerkelijk mee te werken en doet er iets mee.  Wat de keuze ook moge zijn; alles is met hart en Liefde geaccepteerd en gerespecteerd vanuit ons standpunt van Zijn.

Sandra Walter – Guardians Of The New Light – 26 June 2013

SandraWalterBlessings dear Light Tribe ~ I AM deep in an ongoing experience which is intensifying and clarifying as we receive these new light signatures. Hopefully it is clear that these new frequencies are deeply transformative – and for some of us they are creating transcendence. So much is coming in at the moment, let me break down a few key points which are presenting.

Holding the New Light by Letting Go

There is a point in Mastery when we must surrender to complete transformation – to the unknown outcome, and the possibility of becoming something unrecognizable. I spoke of this last year. It presented in September and I was steered away by the (insistent) direction to create the eCourse, to teach and guide through the March Equinox. Flawless timing had me begin 9 weeks of Gatekeeper work April 4, and I returned to Shasta just days before the June 16 wave hit. My Higher Levels placed me on the mountain for a myriad of reasons; I need to be up there, out there, where the reception is clear and where I may hold some of these specific frequencies as they come in.

Patricia Cota-Robles – Where Do We Go From Here? – 26 June 2013

patriciacotaroblesDo you feel like you are in a blender? Well, you are not alone. The good news is that you have the ability to transcend the chaos, and the entire Company of Heaven is standing in readiness awaiting the opportunity to help you do just that. In your heart-of-hearts you know the Truth of that statement; in fact, that is why your God Self, your I AM Presence, has magnetized this information into your sphere of awareness. Please open your heart and mind and allow your I AM Presence to reveal to you the magnitude of YOUR Divine Plan during this unprecedented moment in the evolution of Planet Earth.

Whether you have noticed it or not, with the shifts in energy, vibration, and consciousness you have experienced since the beginning of 2013, you are now able to “see with new eyes and hear with new ears.”  All you have to do to prove that to yourself is to go within to the Divinity in your heart. Once you are there, focus on the unfathomable Love that is now reverberating through your Heart Flame with every breath you take. Revel in the wonder of this new 5th-Dimensional frequency of Transfiguring Divine Love and allow it to permeate every fiber of your Being. When you tangibly experience this Gift from On High, no person, place, condition, or thing will be able to dispute your Inner Knowing that something miraculous has taken place on this Planet, and that YOU now have a critical role to play in the Divine Plan that is now unfolding.
Because of the incredible Light you and the rest of awakening Humanity added to the world during the past 26 years, the Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her God Victoriously Ascended through the Shift of the Ages.

Step 4 – How to Heal Yourself and Others – How to Sweep and Remove Diseased Energy

SweepingOnce you can scan and locate the inner aura (which was discussed in the last step of this series), the next thing that you will be doing is finding the diseased energy and removing it by scanning, feeling, sweeping, and discarding.

We all have diseased energy that needs to be removed.  You do this by scanning the aura, chakras and organs of the physical body.  In the last post, you felt the aura and you located and felt the chakras of the etheric body.

Now, you will need to do a general sweep of the etheric body and chakras and organs.  So imagine the person lying down on a healing table that you have.  It could be a couch if you do not have a healing table.
It would be best if an actual person was there with you lying down.  Find their inner aura with your left hand by bringing your fingers together in your left hand.  The inner aura is 3-4 inches above the physical body.  Trace the inner aura back and forth over the entire body with your hand, following the contours of the inner aura.

Suzanne Lie ~ ALCHEMY OF CREATION PART 4 Recalibrating the Chakras


Recalibrating the Chakras

Greetings From The Arcturians,
We return to continue our information about the Alchemy of Creation. Since you are now deeply into your process of returning to a conscious alignment Multidimensional SELF, your creative powers are greatly increasing. Furthermore, since beloved Earth has returned to Her alignment with the Galactic Center, Gaia and all her inhabitants are able to receive and download extremely high frequencies of light. 

This higher light creates a constant flow of multidimensional and unconditional love into your Sun and into Gaia’s body of Earth. As this cosmic, multidimensional light gradually downloads from the higher dimensions, it enters the light network of your fifth-dimensional lightbody, your fourth-dimensional astral body and your etheric body, which is slightly above your physical resonance. The etheric body serves as the interface between the physical and astral body.

Since this light is multidimensional, even though it first enters your physical form via your Pineal Gland, it is then dispersed into the chakras. Each chakra is calibrated to a certain frequency of light. Therefore, the higher light is dispersed to each chakra according to the frequency of that chakra. In this manner, each chakra receives the healing and transmutation that is consistent with the purpose of each chakra.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

~ AA Metatron – Magic Substance – YOUR link to HEALTH and DIVINITY ~ by Anna Merkaba

 There is a magic substance that is abundant on your planet, a substance that is a living... physical manifestation of the VIOLET FLAME, a substance so strong that it can take care and heal and cure many dis-eases, many stresses, aid in a variety of ailments, and most importantly allow you to keep the connection to your true selves and to the divine.

Dear Children of Light today we would like to address the issue of your environment and how it affects you yet again. Please understand that no matter what is occurring outside of you, YOU ARE ALWAYS IN CONTROL OF YOUR REALITY. Understand that all is frequency, all is vibration, and you are the ones that are creating the obstacles in your lives in order to learn from them. However it is indeed true, that your vehicles are affected by the environment that you find yourselves in, IF you allow yourself to be influenced by your environment, instead of having an influence on your environment.

Nevertheless, many of your vehicles are indeed of a tune up for there are many forces that are working against your biological machines which you call your bodies. And so…

Ute Posegga-Rudel ~ Messages From The Realms Of Light ~ Update: On A Threshold To A New Adventure. 25 June 2013

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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My dear friends,
For some weeks now I felt as if I have lost the context of my work in a newly arisen space of a kind of ‘nothingness’, as if all that I have done has lost its meaning in an environment of something completely unknown.

So I found myself in a kind of disorientation, a dead end, without finding any answers to this situation. I even started to feel bored, an experience I cannot remember having had for a very, very long time. What had driven me before had evaporated, I could not find the familiar anchor! My usual awareness and self-investigation lead to nowhere and I started to read books I never would have read before, only to occupy myself with what I already knew.

SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian Council of Nine: Begin Taking your Power Back

-Channeled through Wes Annac-
Every one of you is a Divine channel for the energies of the higher realms to come through, and we’ve always wished for you dear souls to know this.

We‘ve always wished for you to understand that you come from brimming higher dimensions, wherein the difficulty you experience on the Earth simply cannot exist.

We’ve worked with so very much of ourselves to help your collective to see the Light and to help every one of you find the individual awakenings that will spark your collective ascension and help every soul on your world find the realms of full consciousness, and we’ve remained in your skies helping to mitigate and neutralize the pollution manifested and fed.

Deconstruction — Part of the Inner Journey — 23 June 2013, by Elizabeth


A Message from a Human Angel – “Deconstruction; Part of the Inner Journey” – 23 June 2013, by Elizabeth

The angels, who are ever hovering on the borders of consciousness, started a message: “We are the Angelic Legions of the Divine Mother. In supporting you, we serve the Mother in bringing heaven to earth. You are our family; you are doing the same by being human, and living through the experience of being in a body in a world going through a tremendous transition.”

And there the transmission stopped. Nothing more has come. No visitations. No insights. Nothing.
I let it go for the time being and did some housework, always a form of active meditation for me and some gardening. Still nothing came in the form of a message. And then it occurred to me – I’m in a state of reconstruction or rather, deconstruction, at the moment, in present time. All I need do is to simply be. Right. Well, it is far easier to write about “being” than to actually just let go. The ego or rational mind likes to justify its existence by setting up scenarios and what ifs; it takes patience and persistence to kindly say, “I’m fine doing nothing here right now.”

Monday, June 24, 2013

Andy Bojarski ~ My Higher Self: How to Deal with Arguments or Disagreements in a 5th Dimensional Way


ArgumetsYou are living with people on earth that have third dimensional energies.  However, your energy level is higher.  Thus, you are living in the fifth dimension or higher with people who are living in the third dimension.

People that are living in the third dimension do not understand the energies of the higher dimensions.  Their egos cannot comprehend this.  So the ego turns to the fight or flight mentality.
This is how arguments can blow up and escalate very quickly.  This is especially true with the influx of energies coming in at these times  Do not get drawn in to these arguments and this lower dimension energy.  Let’s look at an example.

Say your parents are trying to get you to do something you do not want to do.  You know that whatever they want you to do does not resonate with you and your energy level.  At first you give them your point of view and they do not listen.

If it were true, what would you do next? – channeled by Ron Head



Please accept our congratulations on passing another important marker on your way to higher awareness, greater consciousness.  Although you will certainly not feel any different today than you did last Friday, we can assure you that you are.  Each day, hour, and minute that you spend now in the energy field that currently surrounds you sees your entire being becoming more able to contain the higher frequencies that are necessary for your further growth.

There are those around you who do not choose to believe this is occurring.  There are those who follow these messages who still think there is nothing happening to themselves, only to others.  But, as we have previously stated many times, this energy is having its effect upon everything.  We do, however, agree with them in this way.  Were they to open themselves to what is possible at this time, welcome the change that is possible for themselves, and feel gratitude for all of it, the potentials for greater and faster manifestation of the life they profess to desire would, as you like to say, knock their socks off.

Natalie Glasson – Archangel Metatron – Creating Space For The New Era – 24 June 2013


natalie glasson
Thanks to:

‘I am aligned as one with the Creator; I choose conscious awareness of the Creator as my eternal existence and experience.

With peace within my being flows the eternal welcoming of conscious attentiveness to the Creator within and around me.

I am the truth that I seek, I allow myself to dissolve the pattern of seeking, I allow it to be replaced with a connected knowingness that flows throughout every cell of my entire being.
I recognise inner unconditional love born from the breath and life of my being as a manifestation and form of communion with the Creator.

The gift of knowingness of the Creator I readily and happily bestow upon myself as an eternal gift that has always been mine to activate,  receive, experience and express with ease, and will continue to be an  aspect of my being whichever form I take, whether on the Earth or the inner planes.
I am that I seek, I allow myself to exist as and experience all that is my sacred self and essence.’

Lucas – The Knowing – What Else Is Needed – Flow – 23 June 2013


subtle-body-energy1In listening to all sort of people speaking of their newly found connections and talking about their own shifts in bodily and mental changes  in the moment of now I feel great joy and bliss.  The changes are coming fast. From healing to manifesting probabilities in seconds it all is now at reach for those opening up to this.  It not the same healing energy anymore as in the old paradigm. All is still a process and it is still a choice to go that path all the way or keep de-touring.

There is no judgement in this, it is as it is. If you feel the knowing all this to be as it is, you will feel no more need or expectation as all will be as the flow provides it to be in its purest and divine way to be for you.  All will be by knowing and feeling it to be so coming on your path. All will be in time and on time always so to say. It is all there for you in the moment of now.

Méline Lafont ~ Personal sharing about the Solstice energies ~


Happy Solstice everyone!! How is everyone coping with the intense energies merging through us?!  Wow, how wonderful this one is!! It’s been told and shared so much through us, how important this portal would be and IT IS!  Lots of energies pouring in the crown chakra, activations, releasing, remembering, a deeper level of connection, integrations, Light body activation, portal activation in the heart…. And so much more is now taking place in each and one of us!

I would Love to hear all of your experiences and feelings about it, so I would Love to invite you to share yours as well to my blog or e-mail that can be find on my page “contact me”, and I will post them under the page of “Shift and ascension experiences from readers”.  Thank you for sharing!

Well, I wanted to give a sort of update and sharing about my own process.. As you know I love to share them as it can benefit others and offer the message to you all that you are definitely not alone as we all go through our own stuff and shifts on our own pace and way.  Let’s see.. where to begin?! J

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mother Mary: You Are Entering a Period of Deep Refinement of Your Energies ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ June 23, 2013


refinementenergies.imagesCABCHZ3CMother Mary:

Hello my dear ones, I am in awe of your development and your refinement in energy.

Much has transpired and it is ongoing as we speak. The solstice and super moon energies have made a huge impact on your Light Bodies and so you must rest intermittently to encompass and process it all.

Continue to absorb and welcome these energies without expectation and anticipation, but instead with complete acceptance and allowance, joy and gratitude. The more you open, the more transformation can take place. And it is not just in your Light Bodies; it is in every aspect of your world.

Hunker down to make the most use of these energies, dear ones. As I have said, it is ongoing, and much can shift and change within you as you open and receive without monitoring and judgment. Receive it like the welcome rain after a long drought and rejoice in the downpour.

Ariah Velasquez – The Full Moon For Success – 23 June 2013


Positive energies prevail this full moon, particulary around projects you may have been working on bringing into fruition. A Capricorn full moon has the power to bring  to us the support we have been needing to fuel our most potent, passionate dreams. The way to bring about the most change from this moon has to do with going into your own dream space within to create.  It is a highly spiritual time today in which you can manifest from ones inner alchemy.

Why is this important?  Well, your whole reason for being in body is to carry out the mission of your soul.  When the planetary energies align to help you with this it is time to pay attention, for the more you achieve your soul mission, the less incomplete you will.  Fulfilling your souls longing brings you to a state of peace, and peace is truly what will bring about joy in your day to day life.  When you are at peace, you are in joy for there is no neuroticism when you are peaceful.  There is no worry, or anxiety, there is just peace and emptiness.  When I say emptiness, I mean the emptiness that rests in the divine state of oneness with Source. Let this full moon amplify your ability to feel complete so that you may then truly be of more service to all that is.  It is in this service to the whole that you will experience pure bliss.



June 23-30, 2013

Beloved Ones,

As you watch the old world systems crumble and the weather patterns change all across the planet with all its ramifications, remain still within your heart and keep your vision strong for your intention for a peaceful change into a better way of life. Hold your intention for the raising of awareness of all of Earth’s inhabitants. As they meet these challenges, what wells up from within them is their innate goodness and the comprehension and understanding that all are one and that what happens to one happens to all and these ones open their hearts wide to encompass their sisters and brothers in their time of need.

Send your love and healing energy to those who are in tribulation as they deal with their losses and come to terms with what is really important in their daily lives. Praise the human spirit in all its diversity and hold the space for all to emerge more connected to the truth of their Being. All upon this planet at this time are those who have chosen to experience the changes and transformation that is now occurring. They are the souls who knew they had the strength and tenacity to withstand the trying and challenging situations they are in the midst of experiencing.

Aisha North ~ The manuscript of survival – part 327

As you all have noticed, the reverberations from yesterday’s show of strength are still pulsing through you, and it will contiune to do so for quite a while yet. These are powerful energies of change dear ones, and as such, much will be pushed up in their wake. We do not necessarily refer to personal lessons this time, although they will still surface in those of you where it is deemed as necessary, but what we refer to, will be more noticeable in the outside world.

Again, mankind have been ingrained with a deep fear of change in many ways, and as such, these changes will instill fear in many that have yet to see the benefits from such a change. In other words, things will be pushed out by the light and into the light, and they will be hard to ignore, even by those in power. So expect this to be a summer with much noise in many ways, but also know that you will hear much jubilation mixed in between the choruses of anger and frustration that will continue to erupt.

Lady Amethyst. Angels In Unexpected Places; A Dreamtime Journey. By, Bella Capozzi. June 22, 2013.



1011334_167586943420555_620337933_nDreamtime; Somewhere in the Other Realms
November, 2012

I’m with several members of my Team.  There’s maybe 5 or 6 of us-all females, all Pleiadian.  I know that I’m “traveling” because of the razor-sharp clarity of the experience and the colors. There are always the most striking colors.  I also always feel a sense of physicality and a knowing that I’m actually there.  What I distinctly recall about this experience is how tired I felt even in my lighter, Pleiadian form, and how it was laborious to even take a step.  I was thinking that I was so worn down by this Human experience I had somehow found myself in.  I felt stuck.  Trapped.  To whoever could hear my words I was crying out that I wanted it to be over;” it’s too hard; I’m a Newbie and I’ve only done this one other time; the body is too heavy, the culture is too harsh and I want to go home.  Please, can’t I stay here with you?”

“Here” was a marketplace.  Or to be exact, an upgraded, higher-vibrational version of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston.  I walked along with my friends as we perused the various shops and kiosks.  “What are we doing here”, I asked them?  The answer came as we arrived at a small store, set up as a kind of open-air nail salon.  Customers of all Galactic persuasions were sitting in chairs, chattering happily and enjoying a bit of  pampering.  As we entered the shop, a beautiful woman approached us.  Elegant and statuesque, her red hair was swept up into a flawless French Twist, and she wore a purple pencil skirt and a crisp white blouse.  She identified herself as the proprietess of the pretty salon, one which existed only for today and in this single moment; all for the sole purpose of rejuvenating the beaten-down and world-weary spirits of her Earthbound “charges.”  (Oh wow, I thought.  I’m one of this woman’s charges?)