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Marilyn Raffaele ~ The Arcturian Group ~ August 31, 2013

AUGUST 31, 2013
Greetings dear ones. Again we come to bring hope and the light of guidance for all is proceeding according to plan. Try not to simply turn away when you hear this, for we know you hear words of change coming from many channels and yet nothing appears to change. It is important to let go of any concepts you may still hold with regard to how world change must manifest for in holding specific ideas of change you look out through the lens of third dimensional concepts and see third dimensional appearances. It is time to move into trust and the practice of truth.
We see change in the hearts of many who previously lived lives of anger and resentment as the higher resonating energies pour to earth at this time allowing more and more people to open to the experience of compassion regardless of any previously held prejudices. Every unfolding awareness adds another spark of unconditional love to universal world consciousness and helps to bring about the changes you all seek.

Méline Lafont ~The new body and new reality is all about the re-embodiment of a specimen or fractal of your True Self ~ As channeled from Self

As the expansion of your awareness is integrating into your fields, such forms of activations are in store for your being to use upon this reality of yours. All is integrating on such a level of understanding that the I AM Presence is now able to step forward in these times and follow the direction one has chosen to BE. Many are experiencing this at present and real life connections are made with others such as with yourself in order to bring you into a deeper realization that the Self is an intrinsic part of All That Is.

At this time you are being a part of this whole integration of the I AM Presence of Light. Beautifully expanding, living the Now moment and embodying the Christed Self in consciousness. As the Giant Cosmic web of I AM Presences has formed into a solid foundation of Light, it is emanating all of its frequencies and light quotients, bringing it back to the Source that you ARE. This grid of Light has been expanding for many Earthly linear years upon your reality and it has now finally found a way into your consciousness to expand through that as well and to be able of being perceived by all of you.

This is the growth process and expansion process of your Christed self that one is in embodiment with at this time. As all former realities are losing their expansion of density and lack of Light, all is being filled now, like wholes in the ground, with liquid Gold Light of Christ. Now Earth is ready to finally be re-balanced in Her Feminine and Masculine energies of Supreme Creator of All That Is just because of those massive waves of energies that are being exposed to Earth.

Méline Lafont ~ Beim neuen Körper und der neuen Realität geht es um die Neu-Verkörperung einer Urform oder eines Fraktals eures Wahren Selbstes ~ Vom Selbst gechannelt‏

Die Erweiterung eures Bewusstseins wird in eure Felder integriert und es stehen Aktivierungsformen für euer Sein zur Nutzung in dieser Realität bereit. Alles wird auf einer Verständnisebene integriert, die ermöglicht, dass die ICH BIN Gegenwart jetzt in der Lage ist, in dieser Zeit voranzuschreiten und der Richtung zu folgen, die man für sein SEIN ausgewählt hat. Dies wird augenblicklich von Vielen erfahren und wirkliche Lebensverbindungen werden mit Anderen wie mit euch selbst eingegangen, um euch in eine tiefere Wahrnehmung darüber zu führen, dass das Selbst einen innewohnender Bestandteil von Allem Was Ist darstellt.
Ihr seid nun Teil dieser ganzen Integration der ICH BIN Gegenwart des Lichts. Begriffen in einer wundervollen Ausdehnung, im Leben im Jetzt Augenblick und das Christus Selbst im Bewusstsein verkörpernd. Das Gigantische Kosmische Netz von ICH BIN Gegenwarten hat ein solides Fundament des Lichts gebildet und strahlt all seine Frequenzen und Lichtquotienten aus, bringt diese zurück zur Quelle die ihr SEID. Das Lichtnetz hat sich im Laufe vieler Jahre der linearen irdischen Zeit in eurer Realität ausgedehnt und hat nun letztendlich einen Weg in euer Bewusstsein gefunden, um sich ebenfalls durch dieses auszudehnen und um in der Lage zu sein, von euch allen wahrgenommen zu werden.

Our conversation – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn August 30, 2013

23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(Translated from original language german)
I am not unattainable for you, my child. This was only told to you from your religions. You don’t need a middleman to talk with me. I am but living in your heart, you are but a part of me. I so want to talk with you, I just wait for it. It isn’t difficult. You need only to go into your heart and be still. There I speak to you, you need only to answer. It is the gentle, soft voice that you hear there. Talk to me, my child. Answer me and we will continue a wonderful conversation together, because you have already talked with me once. Your soul knows me very well. ~
Your Divine Mother
Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

Archangeloi of the ELOHIM message for 30th August 2013

Dear ones we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to support and guide as the planet now comes into full balance and begins the expansion process in TRUTH. Many of you are moving into transition and the method(s) of expansion that you have chosen at SOUL level. We ask for you to understand, process and anchor that at human conscious waking mind level you have no reference points for this expansion process.
What you will have is a deep “knowing” that floods throughout your entire BEing and this is why we guide for you to FEEL your way in the New Earth energies. All that is placed before your human vision at this time is not necessarily TRUTH as the old earth attempts to convince many of you that you are not who you KNOW you are in TRUTH.
The breaking down of the old earth paradigms will see many around you in your human life experience move into anxiety and chaos as the frequencies once they begin to dissolve at world level begin to trigger the deeply held belief structures of those who are what is termed “asleep”.

Selacia – Coming Ashore With An Open Heart – 31 August 2013

SelaciaComing Ashore with an Open Heart 
by Selacia   
Feeling the aftermath of August’s wild energy wave and wondering how to come ashore gently, with an open heart?
Know that you are in good company. Many people across the world have been challenged more than usual lately – naturally seeking to find a new sense of balance and clarity.
True clarity will come from asking within the deeper questions, fearlessly listening for the answers, and contemplating the highest conscious responses. Only by doing this can you have the fuller picture that includes the view of spirit.  

Magenta Pixie – Communicating With The Cells And Organs Of Your Own Body (Macrocosmic/Microcosmic Unification) – 31 August 2013

Thanks to:  

Uploaded on 26 August 2013 by Magenta Pixie  (Thanks as I forgot to the post this) Embracing the Unity between the microcosmic and macrocosmic universes within your paradigm. Channelled & spoken by Magenta Pixie /Video edited by Catzmagick Productions/ Images c/o Stock.Xchng/ Graphics c/o motionbackgroundsforfree/ Music c/o Kevin Macleod

Friday, August 30, 2013

Peter, Lucas And Colin – Double Dutch Radio – New Show Live SATURDAY After Cancellation Due To Technical Problems Blogtalk During Show! – 30 August 2013

SPECIAL ADDED SHOW with same guests : After cancellation Friday  show due to technical problems Blogtalk in broadcasting our live show.
Show starts  all at 31 August at NewYork -EDT at 7.00 am – Europe, CEST 13.00 pm – 21.00 pm Canberra Australia EST
Call in to speak with the host (646) 595-2459
Doubledutch Radio’s weekly show with Peter Van Runt, Lucas Christiaans and Colin Kerr.
Viewpoint in the now guest Bob Wright
Music and News and “Adds” with a bit of humour.
A sketch written by Colin Kerr
And Rick The Rabbithole Man
Music:  BJ Block and Dawn Pemberton

Aisha North ~ The manuscript of survival – part 349

You have become weary now, dear friends, and rightly so, as this massive operation that has been going on has also involved you in so many ways. Not directly, but more in the energetic sense, and the fallout from all of this has been very apparent to you all. You see, you have been working so hard to anchor these new energies through your own phsyical bodies, and even if this will not be news to any of you, the amount you have managed to transport as it were is simply astounding. For not only have you been sitting in your own personal forcefield of light, you have also been connected closely with so many others out here, and together you have brought a huge load of transformational light to this blessed abode. For this is a blessed place dear ones, even if you on all sides may see signs that it can be likened more to a hellish place. But know that these are merely scarrings on the surface of this beautiful planet of yours, and now, thanks to all of your hard work, the beauty you perceive within will start to come further and further out.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan: New Time Dialogues

Thursday, 29 August, 2013
What was once sought, is now freed into expression of purpose. Truths that were once hidden unwrap themselves in the schematics of the new time dialogue. Energies that went un-harnessed now entrain themselves. Duality of purpose seeks a partner as Earth dances around with her upcoming choices. We are at a Point of No Return as one that passes through the pastures of life seeking safe haven from a world of turmoil.
We all sit at a place of less resistance as the time doors open to experience themselves in a new longitude and latitude of placement. Thy will be done, seems to be the title of upcoming events, personal and planetary. As we sit looking out our window of time, with our microscopic view at maximum clarity, we begin to truly understand, that it is not fate versus free will, it is fate and free will.

“Don’t Resist The Call.” A Mini-Reading For August 29, 2013. By, Bella Capozzi.
993689_526830770723709_1461006780_n~ I had a client yesterday who came to me because she was struggling with what she was perceiving to be blocks; blocks to her achieving her professional goals, to family harmony and a long overdue need to de-clutter her home and working environments.  I will call her “Jenny.”  While she is is an amazing healer and very much awakened, she was becoming increasingly frustrated with a feeling of stagnation and an inability to conquer her natural tendency towards procrastination (where the clutter was concerned).  Once we connected with her Team, I was immediately given imagery which shed some light on what was actually going on.  The first thing I was shown was the  a girl on a rocky beach.  She was clinging to a large boulder, holding on for dear life as the waves crashed over the rocks and tried to pull her away.  She was quite tenacious!  She refused to release her hold on the boulder, and I could actually feel her fear.  It was a fear of giving up control, of the power and intensity of the waves, of drowning, and most importantly – what lay on the other end of where these waves were attempting to take her.  Then the scenario changed, and there were now two Jenny’s;  the one who maintained her hold on the rock and a new one who trusted and let go, allowing the waves to sweep her away.  The second Jenny relaxed into the natural movement of the waves, and floated gently and safely on her back, out to sea.

You intended to change, and you are doing so. – channeled by Ron Head


This will be our last message for the month of your time known as August.  Let us speak, therefore, of your month of September.

You are already in the beginning of the energies and changes which this month will bring.  You are already feeling the significance, the flow, the shift.  You ask each other constantly if others are feeling it, as well, partly to reassure yourselves and partly to confirm it.

You are correct, dear ones.  This is another, but even more significant, month of remarkable shift which approaches at whirlwind speed.  With your improving tools of discernment, begin looking into your daily media reports for growing evidence that your world is changing for the better now.  Even when those reports seem terrible, ask yourselves how the end results might work to your favor.  We tell you now that nothing in this time will work in any other way, no matter what some may intend when they act.

Andy Bojarski ~ How to Invoke and Use the Violet Flame 

Violet FlameHello Everyone.  I have made a short video on how to invoke the violet flame.  This was shown to me by Saint Germain a while back during one of my energy healings.  Please scroll down to view it.
It is very effective and it can help you transmute and transform anything that does not serve your highest and best good or anything that is not of the highest and purest white light.  I am sending all of you lots of love and many blessings as always…
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Sandra Walter ~ Transfiguration: Truth and triggers

Transfiguration – the embodiment of a very high light quotient which aligns us with Divine Will, Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Creative Intelligence for our higher purpose.
I felt transfiguration would be a lengthy process, something the body vehicle would need months and months to accomplish. Religion’s tales of people bursting into bright visible light seemed distorted, or at least exaggerated for effect. Last weekend changed everything for me, and my attempts to describe it cannot capture the full realm of this experience. I feel blessed beyond belief to be here, now, on this planet, experiencing the miraculous transfiguration of my beingness in such a conscious way.
The new frequency – this absolutely powerful level of lovelight intelligence, is becoming intense for a few of us. The Solar Cosmic Christ activations are penetrating everything and overpowering all that was – for those choosing to embody this right here, right now. I have been diligently serving on Mount Shasta all Summer, and this last gateway on August 25th was incredible. The new light is rushing in with such a force that it leaves me breathless, blissful and surrendering to the Divine Will. There is an ultimatum with this level of photonic light: Let go right now or it’s gonna hurt.

The Moon Hippie Mystic ~ Lot at sea

Lost at Sea…

Let’s speak about a very big issue in our society which is extremely uncomfortable and I believe goes unspoken about in relation to the trauma it causes.  It is with great difficulty that I write this today because it’s a hot button issue not only for myself but for the majority of the people who come to us for Life Coaching.  I want to bring some clarity to childhood emotional abuse and the fallout it brings to a child’s Spirit and mental health.  There are very few people in our society who have had a “Leave it to Beaver” childhood which means that most people these days have suffered some form of abuse but for some reason we think of emotional abuse as “no big deal”.  I’m here to say that it IS a big deal and the trauma from this kind of abuse goes unrecognized for the most part due to the fact that there are no marks or bruises to say “someone is hurting me”.  There are many parents out there who have fallen victim to emotional abuse as children and don’t realize how deep the pain and abandonment go so it continues to be passed down from generation to generation.  When one suffers from emotional abuse they learn that Love=pain which means their Blueprint is upside-down.  An emotionally abused parent finds a precarious path when parenting solely based on what NOT to do so I would like to bring some insight into this type of abuse.  I would like to preface this by saying not all parents who “emotionally abuse” their children are bad people rather they are just as lost sometimes as the children they are raising.

Linda Robinson – Message From Archangel Zadkiel – “Focus On The Moment For Expanded Awareness” – 28 August 2013

LindaRobinsonGreetings Beloved Ones,
This is Archangel Zadkiel along with Lady Amethyst of the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestion. Today, we wish to discuss focusing on the moment.
A transformation in consciousness begins when you focus on the moment. Focus on the moment, this moment. Time, or what you perceive as time, is moving very rapidly. This seeming concept of time speeding up is bringing you closer to the concept of multi-dimensionality where everything is occurring simultaneously on all dimensions.
The part that is changing is your consciousness and understanding of what is occurring. You are moving from a linear understanding of events to a multi-dimensional concept where events appear in a matrix that is multi-dimensional. Each event occurs on this matrix at a certain point. There are many other events that are happening at the same time on the same level and on other levels.

Series of live channeling Saint Germain ~ Serie 2 part 1 Ascension with versus without body (august 12, 2013) ~ By Méline Lafont


Hello everybody, this is Andy Bojarski again. I am here with Méline Lafont and today's guest will be Saint Germain. We have questions that have been asked by various viewers on our webpage so we will get to those questions and see what responses we can get from Saint Germain, so thank you Méline for doing this.

Saint Germain are you there?

Saint Germain:

Hello my friend there, yes I am! Thank you for having me again


Thank you for being here, I know you are busy with a lot of things and it is always an honor to speak with you and it is always an honor to have you with us. As you know we have some questions of viewers who have asked us that we would like to forward to you and see what your responses are. Anyway with that said I guess my first question would be: Last time that we talked you have mentioned that we would be ascending with our physical body and our carbon bodies being moved up to crystalline and that there would be no physical death as we know it as we move up through the Ascension. What happens to the people that are currently dying every day in this Now? Are they ascending when they have their physical death or do they reincarnate in another 3D life to continue on with whatever learning they maybe need to do before they can ascend? What can you tell us with respect to us moving forward in our physical body versus so many people in this Now that are passing on and dying in a physical death in this reality? Can you maybe talk a little bit about that?

Arcturians message to their “children” – 28th August 2013 by Karen Doonan

Greetings beloved ones, we are the Arcturians and we come to guide and to support as ALL now prepare for transition into the New Earth in TRUTH. We call to our “children”at this time, those who have taken human form and carry the codings and energies of our race. To them we send out the New Earth codings of 333 and the sacred geometrical shape of the star tetrahedron. We ask them to place this in their base chakra and allow the coding and the sacred geometry to begin to dissolve the very human attachments they have to their human vehicle.
As the New Earth begins to anchor in TRUTH it is time for ALL upon and within planet earth to embrace unity and their GALACTIC origins, this has been controlled and contained by the old 3d earth frequencies and these will now dissolve fully for only TRUTH is supported in the New Earth.
The time to let go of your fully human “roots” is NOW, for ALL ARE ONE and ALL ARE. It is not TRUTH to separate the human race from other races as the human race was created by and with ALL races. Those who sought to contain and suppress the human race focussing on the need to pull the human race together in defense of itself.

"THE PATH OF ASCENSION IS THE PATH TO FREEDOM" Transmitted Through Ronna Herman, LM-09-2013

Beloved masters, after you came into your individualized consciousness, realizing that you were a Divine Spark of the Supreme Creator, the ALL THAT IS, you were programmed with the knowledge that you were predestined to journey forth into the great unmanifested void as an emissary of Light. Your Divine Mission was encoded deep within your Immortal Soul-self, as well as within your Sacred Heart Seed Atom.  You, along with all the other “awakened Sparks of Self-awareness,” were destined to experience all the wondrous diversity of creation for the Creator, our Father/Mother God, and all the great Beings of Light, whose predetermined mission mandated that they would remain in the higher, rarified realms of Light.
We tell you this because we wish to impress upon you how ancient and complex you are.  You came into this lifetime with a wealth of knowledge and a rich, composite lineage encoded within your DNA, your cellular structure, your mental and emotional bodies, as well as an extensive chakra system of virtues, qualities and talents.  You may have wondered why the members of some families can be so different physically, mentally and emotionally when, from an earthly point-of-view, they came from the same parents and lineage.  The lineage of your physical family in this lifetime is only a minuscule portion of your vast history and priceless heritage–of who you truly are.

Boxes and drawers – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn August 28, 2013

23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(Translated from original language german)
I see, that you are still entrapped in 3D-Thinking. Stop sorting and labeling all in boxes and drawers. Oh yes, I follow your debates about Lightworkers – yes or no. I read the articles through your eyes. Important is only, that you work together with your neighbor, no matter how he wants to call himself. As long as you however think in such norms and labels, it will be hard for you to leave the illusion. No name is better and more correct than the other. Your stellan brothers and sisters would still not be united as Galactic Federation today, if they would think and act like you do. They have however learned to respect their particular natures and different reasoning and they are very successful with this. Don’t you believe, that you could do that likewise? Only united you will reach your goal. Think, act and live out of your heart and not out of a drawer, my child. ~
Your Divine Mother
Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Natalie Glasson – Dimensional Shifts Within The Body By Mary Magdalene – 27 August 2013

 27 August 2013 Natalie Glasson
natalie glasson
It is with the seeds of love of my soul that I step forth to honour your divine and sacred being, showering you in all that is your truth as you recognise it within yourself and within my presence. Your divine truth and sacred self is everywhere and can be recognised within each and every person. You are never alone nor are you separate from the Creator for not only can you see the aspect of the Creator within yourself but you can recognise it within all around you.  This recognition and familiarity brings forth the greater understanding and experience of oneness, even in a reality where separation is dominate. With the awareness and perspective of oneness, meaning the recognition of the Creator within yourself and all, you allow yourself to experience high levels of awakening and important merging with the Creator. The process and experience of merging with the Creator assists you in moving through numerous levels of activations, dimensional shifts, awakenings and releasing of old energetic patterns, thus you become and realise yourself to be the great beacon of light that you are.
In this new era your body and entire being has been given permission by you and your soul to fully awaken into and experience the radiance, power, love and light of your being and divine self. This signifies that you are allowing the Creator to draw closer, becoming fully present within your being. The Creator draws closer into your being to be fully manifested both within and around you, in all aspects of your creation. With your greater acceptance of the presence of the Creator and the permission you have granted to yourself to awaken, you allow your entire being but especially your body to enter into a rapid and powerful shifting, releasing and activation process. The body and energetic bodies begin to shed unneeded energies, patterns and perspectives as if they are old layers of skin no longer required. Powerful alchemical changes and awakening occurs within your soul and body as it opens all energetic systems to be used by the vibration and energy of the Creator. The alchemy and transformation of the body brings your body into divine power, health and attunement with all that is the Creator. Light particles not only form but erupt within the body causing a further enhancement of the presence of light. Energetic keys to awaken so many skills, abilities and consciousness flood forward from the soul and from memories held within the soul which can be activated by walking upon hot spots of energy or familiar pathways for the soul upon the Earth.  Vibrational codes are constantly being released into the body and energetic bodies to further spiritual knowledge and understanding as well as elevating vibrations of love, truth, light and wisdom within. Due to all of these releases of energy into the body and energetic system, that which no longer serves you whether emotional, mental and physical will be brought to the surface for complete release and healing.

Suzanne Lie ~ Message from the Arcturians - Transmutation of Form

Message from the Arcturians

I started my day by reading a wonderful message from Dr. Bruce Lipton:
A Cosmic Joke that has the Scientists Rolling in the Aisle

As I often do, I asked the Arcturians to assist me to deeply understand this message in a manner in which I could integrate it into my daily life. Below is the message I received:

Our Dear Ascending Ones,
Your bodies are transmuting at a cellular level to resonate to a higher frequency of reality. Hence, you are remembering to recognize a higher frequency energetic reality along with your physical reality. Whenever you perceive a higher frequency reality, your body adapts to the resonance of that reality for as long as you can perceive it. Hence, whenever you experience a higher energy field of reality, your body adapts to that frequency of perception

You have been taught to believe that only the physical reality is REAL and that other version/frequencies of reality are “a figment of your imagination.” However, your body believes in you, not the ones who programed you. Therefore, once you begin to perceive these higher frequencies of reality, even if only for a few seconds, you perceptions send that information to your body. Your body then begins to adapt to that version of reality.

John Smallman ~ Saul ~ Visualize an immense cloud of Light hovering over areas of conflict

The apparently escalating conflicts at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea will not result in a full-scale multinational war.  The nations there in disharmony and disarray are going through a necessary cleansing, an eruption of conflicting interests and agendas which they themselves have to address honestly and transparently, and through calm and wise negotiation resolve to the satisfaction of all parties involved. Military action from within, or outside intervention would only aggravate an already tense and angry situation, and will not occur.
You, the Light-bearers and wayshowers, can best help by intending, every time you meditate or go into your quiet inner space, to send loving wisdom and emotional restraint to all those who are in any way involved or engaged in the developments occurring there.  It would also be most effective to visualize an immense field or cloud of Light hovering over the areas where conflict is ongoing, from which brilliant multicolored rays of Love are pouring down and entering the hearts of all in the vicinity.  That may not sound to many of you like a very efficacious way to assist in bringing peace to those areas of conflict, but I assure you that it is far more powerful than you can possibly imagine.  I most strongly urge you to do it every time thoughts and anxieties about those conflicted ones come to mind.  You know that military enforcement cannot bring lasting peace, and that it does add greatly to the suffering already being experienced.  As you have been told so many times by so many wise ones over so many eons, Love is the only answer to any situation where people are in disagreement.  Force or violence always fail.

Bill Ballard ~ What are Lightworkers - Everyone works LIGHT so everyone IS

There has been much discussion of What IS a Lightworker these past days since a post was made on this subject just before the Cosmic Merkaba Alignment of 8/25/13. Truthfully, everyone is working LIGHT making them a Lightworker, whether it is their use of lower vibrations or higher vibrations creating the reality they themselves experience... 

Light IS Energy... It is just made up of varying frequencies with some higher or lower. If you focus lower energies, then you experience more polarity and duality... If you want to create Heaven on Earth for your experience... You gots to raise your frequency and Light Quotient in your field... Everyone has it... But where to you choose to be? 

We EACH ARE CREATING our experience we call life! 

Much LOVE! 

“Pink Rain.” Reflections From The Yoga Mat. By, Bella Capozzi. August 27, 2013.

1146465_395053373930294_1434596275_n☔ I want to share a really sweet and pretty image I was given during the Savasana portion of my yoga class, yesterday. Actually,more than an image, it was a journey of sorts.  I can’t be sure what it means exactly.  My personal impression is that I was being shown that the Divine Mother’s soft and therapeutic energy is blanketing the planet right now, and is bringing peace and harmony into our currently rather volatile society.  I truly hope that what I saw was a brief vision of the future, as it felt so friendly and happy, and was heartbreakingly lovely.  This post is all fluffy sunshine and bubblegum, to be sure.  But given what’s transpiring out there in the world today, couldn’t we all use a little bit of that to boost our morale?
My Vision:
☔ I lay still and exhausted on my mat, and then felt everything change around me.  The hot, stagnant air from class became fresh and suddenly cool.  I saw it swirl around me in a counter-clockwise formation, sweeping me right along with it.  The throbbing pain in my ankle (from an old sports injury) went away.  It was such a relief to completely give myself over to the movement of the energy, relinquishing all control and any conscious need to think.  I watched from behind closed eyes as the rain began to fall, softly at first, and then turning into a blinding downpour.  So much rain.  Pink rain.  It felt warm and cold at the same time, so cleansing and calming.  I watched as the rain pooled beneath me, creating a depp, rushing river.  My mat became a kind of flying carpet (or in this case, a flying surfboard!) and I found myself being swept naturally along with the river’s current.