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The Dolphin Collective ~~ The Dark forces of the Earthly Illusion are at their end ~~ 30/06/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont

Lovely Ones,

We are the Dolphin Collective and we welcome you through this lovely channeler for we are always pleased to communicate with you. Today it has become quite obvious that immense changes have taken place amongst you. We have been notified from our different correspondents that the changes have now shifted gear, so to speak, on your Earthly timeline. These changes will stir lots of hope in you as you will finally be free, totally free! The Dolphin Collective as well as the emissaries of the whales are thrilled to be informed that the petty games of the Dark Lords have come to an end ; it is now just a matter of time before it will be broadcast publicly. 

Never before have we seen the lonesome battle of the Dark been defeated as has now been the case. This really is exceptional to say the least : all is well that ends well. Of course, it is in accordance with the Divine Plan as the Light has always been stronger than the forces of the Dark. And in the end, only Love will be victorious and a beauty She is at that! LOVE! We can ease your heart as we affirm that such dark scenarios will never ever happen again. The Dark has now run its last course and will be fully eliminated so that only pure, useful energies of the Light will remain and take their rightful place amongst you. 

You are sources of Love and Light, only presently occupying a physical, 3rd dimensional vehicle that is used to gain experiences in a 3rd dimensional world. The physical body was necessary in order to experience the 3rd Dimensional density to the fullest. After the time of Ascension, your physical vessel will have lost its usefulness and it will be transformed in the Higher Dimensions into a crystalline lightbody containing all your light energies and your expanded consciousness. All your gifts and all the initial functions will be fully reactivated and all memories of past and parallel worlds will return to you. This process of remembrance has already started for many of your Lightworkers even if that is only the tip of the iceberg compared to what you may expect in its totality. 

We, the Dolphin Collective, communicate telepathically with one another ; this gift will also be bestowed again upon humanity. No more cell phones or other communication devices will be necessary as all the info that is gathered internally will be shared telepathically amongst you. You won’t need any outside sources anymore ; you won’t need confirmations ; it will all blossom forth from your heart-center as the heart is the place of all truth and all knowledge. It is in the heart and not in the brain ; the latter is merely an operating system for the physical body. Neither is it in your intelligence as has been proclaimed by your experts. You don’t have to pursue a higher education to be intelligent or to be wise. Quite the contrary : knowledge and experience come from the heart. 

You are your own Master and your heart is your guide. In fact, everyone is a Master! And every Master has gained his own experiences and knowledge and that’s why we complement each other till we, all of us together, form again the one Source of All That Is. We split off of this Source in trillions of aspects, sent out to gather experiences/knowledge and then to complement each other and to reunite again to this original state of being. This process in itself is eternal and will continue to be repeated only this time “duality” will be out of the picture for good, that is, specifically for the souls who are now on the brink of Ascension. It is done, once and for always! Can you truly understand this, my lovely ones? Something you got used to for several thousands of your Earth years, to now let it go and never to associate with again? You have prepared for this a long time now and many of you are thrilled at this prospect but regretfully there are souls who find it difficult to let go of that duality which has allegedly supported them … even if it is far from loving and comforting. 

Make a choice, chose well and pronounce it out loud. If you wish to get assistance in letting go of this last dualistic hold, speak your mind clearly and let there be no misunderstanding that you really want it done and over with. Your star family, your Ascended Masters, the Archangels and we, the Dolphin Collective, will be eager to assist you in this process of releasing all duality. Invoke us or invoke your star family of the Light and assistance will be promptly granted. It all depends on you, it all starts from within you ; you make your stand and you decide that you want to release the duality and you ask for assistance in this. That’s it in a nutshell. Please don’t wait for somebody else to do it for you ; that will amount to nothing at all. As we have said : it all starts from you. We are merely here to assist you not to take over. If you feel that this is the last obstacle to overcome, by all means work on it! Really soon, all that seemed to support you will tumble down effectively now that the dark ones live their last days and each passing day less and less of them remain. From an energetic point of view they have been removed a long time ago ; now the time has come that this will also manifest clearly for your eyes to behold on this Earth plane. Over and Out!

We are the Dolphin Collective and we thank you for sharing this message. We love you!

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Dolfijn Collectief ~~De duistere kanten van de Aardse Illusie zijn aan hun eind~~ 30/06/2012 Gechanneld door Méline Lafont

Hallo Geliefden,

Wij zijn het Dolfijn Collectief en verwelkomen jullie terug via dit Lieve kanaal, voor we telkens uitkijken naar een nieuw contact met jullie.  Vandaag zijn we het er allemaal mee eens op elk vlak dan ook dat er immense veranderingen plaats hebben gevonden onder jullie.  Wij zijn op de hoogte gebracht via verschillende correspondenten van ons dat de veranderingen nu echt van start zijn gegaan op jullie Aardse tijdlijn.  Het zal jullie spoedig hoop bezorgen voor jullie vrijheid dan eindelijk volledig van start kan gaan.  Ook wij, de Dolfijnen en afgezanten de Walvissen zijn hier enorm verheugd om, om te kunnen vernemen dat de duistere spelletjes eindelijk tot zijn einde zijn gekomen en het nu enkel een kwestie is van afwachten tot deze publiekelijk zijn gemaakt.  

Nooit hebben wij deze toch wel eenzame strijd zien falen zoals ze nu aan het falen is voor de duisteren.  Het is exceptioneel en het mag gezegd worden dat dit zeer goed is uitgedraaid!  Alles was Goddelijk voorzien uiteraard, voor het Licht is steeds sterker geweest dan deze duistere krachten.  Als het erop aan komt is Liefde de grote overwinnaar en zo mooi is ze ook, LIEFDE !  Wij zijn enorm geruststellend wanneer we zeggen dat dit nooit meer aan de orde zal komen voor jullie.  Deze duistere energie is opgebruikt, enkel nuttige en zuivere energie van het Licht zal zich nu nog onder jullie bevinden en zijn rechtmatige plaats innemen op jullie wereld. 

Jullie zijn wandelende Licht en Liefdebronnen die zich nu gevestigd voelen in jullie fysieke lichaam, een 3de Dimensioneel voertuig dat het mogelijk maakt om alles te kunnen ervaren en voelen.  Dit fysieke lichaam was van nut hiervoor, om deze densiteit te kunnen ervaren op zijn volste.  Nu dat deze tijd van Ascentie is aangebroken, zal jullie fysieke lichaam zoals jullie deze nu kennen zijn nut niet meer hebben in de hogere Dimensies en zal het omgevormd worden tot een Kristallijne Lichtlichaam waarin al jullie lichtenergieën en bewustzijn zal kunnen verruimen.  Al jullie gaven en initiële functies zullen terug actief zijn ten volste en al jullie herinneringen van verleden en parallelle werelden, zullen terug de jouwe zijn.  

Merkbaar is het al voor velen onder de Lichtwerkers dat deze functies en herinneringen al aan het duidelijk worden zijn, maar ook dit is weer een tipje van de ijsberg van wat jullie kunnen en mogen verwachten.  Zoals ook wij , de dolfijnen, communiceren op telepatisch vlak, zal de mensheid dit ook terug kunnen onder elkaar.  Geen telefoons noch andere communicatiemogelijkheden zullen nog nodig zijn, voor de informatie die jullie innerlijk vergaren zal gedeeld worden via telepatische communicatie met elkaar.  Je zal geen uitwendige bronnen meer nodig hebben, noch bevestigingen... het zal allemaal van uit jezelf en je hartcenter komen, daar zit de waarheid en kennis van alles! Niet de hersenen, dat is enkel een besturingssysteem voor je fysieke lichaam, niet je intelligentie zoals nu wordt beweerd door specialisten.  Het vergt geen hoge studies om intelligent te zijn of wijsheid te creëren maar kennis en ervaring vanuit je hart.  

Uzelf is de beste meester voor jezelf, uw hart is de beste begeleider voor jezelf.  Jij bent de Meester, in feite zijn wij elk voor zich een Meester!  Elke Meester heeft zijn eigen ervaringen en kennis opgedaan en daarom vullen wij elkaar ook aan tot we samen 1 bron van "Al Wat Is" vormen.  Daaruit zijn we gesplitst in biljoenen aspecten en stukjes om ieder voor zich kennis op te doen en achteraf elkaar aan te vullen en terug samen te komen tot de oorspronkelijke staat.  Een proces wat oneindig is en blijft herhalen, alleen zal de dualiteit deze keer voorgoed afgesloten zijn voor de zielen die hier nu ook zullen Ascenderen.  Voor eens en voor altijd!  Kunnen jullie dat bevatten geliefden?  Iets waar je zovele duizende jaren aan gewoon bent geraakt, om voorgoed de hand te schudden en te verlaten?  Jullie zijn hier al lang voor voorbereid en velen staan te springen maar er zijn ook zielen die er toch moeilijkheden mee hebben om hetgene waar ze zo lang een soort van houvast voor voelen, ook effectief los te laten... ookal is deze dualiteit ver van liefdevol en optimaal.  

Maak goed je keuze en spreek ze ook duidelijk uit.  Indien jullie wensen om begeleid te worden om deze laatste dualistische 'houvast' los te laten, kom er dan voor uit en spreek je wens uit om dit daadwerkelijk ook te doen.  Jullie sterrenfamilie, de Geascendeerde Meesters, Aartsengelen en ook wij het Dolfijn Collectief zullen jullie bijstaan in dit proces als jullie hier bijstand in wensen te krijgen.  Roep ons of je sterrenfamilie van het Licht aan en u zal met veel plezier geholpen worden.  Het vertrekt vanuit jullie zelf uiteraard en niets wordt overgenomen, daarom is het belangrijk ook duidelijk te zeggen dat U dit wilt loslaten en U begeleiding wilt hierin!  Niet wachten tot iemand anders het voor u doet want dan zal dit niet gebeuren.  Alles vertrekt van binnen in jullie zelf.  Wij zijn hier om te assisteren, niet over te nemen.  Werk hier nu aan als jullie voelen dat dit nog een laatste hindernis is, want weldra zal alles waar jullie een houvast aan voelen ook daadwerkelijk in elkaar storten nu de duisteren aan hun laatste dagen zijn, waar elke dag opnieuw een minderheid van over blijft.  Al lang zijn ze energetisch verwijdert geweest, nu is het enkel op jullie Aardse vlak de tijd om dit te manifesteren en duidelijk te laten zien voor jullie fysische ogen.  Over en uit!  Wij zijn het Dolfijn Collectief en wij danken jullie voor het delen van deze boodschap.   Wij houden van jullie!!

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Friday, June 29, 2012

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Greetings all beautiful Beings of the Light! I send you my Love and abiding protection.
These are intricate and delicate times, dear Ones, times of decision of focus. The amount of Light and observance of the Light within you and without will be the tipping point to your journey to Oneness.

This is your moment, dear Ones. How will you play it? Will you choose to focus on absorbing and building on the Light from the great Central Sun and make it your World? Will you use it as building materials for visions and dreams for what you want in your life and your World? Will you start to see yourself as one and the same with Source and All That Is?
The moment of decision has arrived, and it is what you do with it that will determine your future. Are you concentrating on the Light and what you want to do with it? Are you constantly processing it through your Light Bodies, allowing yourselves to become more enlightened each moment? 

Pay attention to your thoughts more than ever. Do not be swayed by others’ thoughts and actions. Go into your heart and listen intently to what your Higher Self and Source is telling you. You all have that ability and it will grow and develop the more you use it.
It is time to start using your gifts, your gifts of listening to your True Selves, of tuning into Source, of relying on your abilities to discern what is the Truth on your own; of feeding the collective consciousness with your dreams and visions that are only of Light and Love and Abundance and Freedom.

It is time to let go of any thoughts of regret or revenge for what has gone on in your world of duality. Remember that you set that up to learn and to grow. Take the lessons now and move forward.
Create your new World from the whisperings in your Soul, of your remembrance of a state of Oneness, of Love, of Light and of Abundance, and of full connection with each Soul feeding the wholeness of Source, arising from and giving to it; of pulsing with it; of letting the Light overtake the darkness and seeing it as done.
Live in the World of Light and Love, dear Ones. BE that World of Light and Love, and bathe yourselves in it. Feel us of the Spiritual Realm beside you, enforcing your courage, giving you comfort as you carry on with your visions and dreams and intent for a New Earth that is unequaled in history.

Let the static and interference die down that is of the dying essence of duality and embrace the possibilities and realities you are now creating with your tenacious adherence to what your Soul remembers and wants to live in, and for, again.
My dear Ones, you are embarking on a fast moving train to Ascension. It is imperative that you do and think only what will expand the Light within and around you. Be that ball of Light you are starting to see in your meditations. Expand on it. Be it. Infuse it. Embrace it.
Reach out to others from that place. Reach into your Selves from that place. Be the ball of Light of Oneness, now and forever. Start to allow your experiences with duality to be absorbed by the Light and transmuted by it until they are a distant memory and do not rule your day. Let Love for yourself and others rule your day. Let thoughts of how you can affect others with your Light rule your day. Be absorbed in it.  Abide By The Light, dear Ones!

Put down what you are carrying that distracts you from your purpose. Stay in your Center and breathe. Lightworkers, stand up tall and unwavering now! Hold the space for others to follow, for others to join you. Be at Peace. Be the Peace you wish to see. Do not waiver from it.
My dear beloveds, you have come such a long way, and we of the Company of Heaven do not miss for a second all you have accomplished as well as the struggles you have gone through to get there. Please keep on going. You are almost there.
With all my Love and support, I walk with you on this beautiful journey of your Awakening,
Your loving brother, Yeshua.
Thank you to Yeshua.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

URIEL. You Are Worthy Of The Gifts Of Heaven. By, AuroRa Le. June 27, 2012.

❖ The road to ascension is fraught with challenges, and for the majority of you it has spanned countless lifetimes of embodiment in human form.  What you once knew as the Karmic Wheel has already stopped spinning, and in it’s place you will find that you are embarking on a journey of a different kind.  This is a journey of healing and reclamation.  One which you embark upon not so much to put to right any prior indiscretions,  but to rediscover and reintegrate all aspects of the Self and to stand in full realization of who and what you truly are.  The trick then becomes to actually be that Self;  to work it into what you do with your time, into your dealings with others, into the words you speak and the level of confidence you have in your own perfection.  Your role in this lifetime has changed drastically in these last months.  Much transformation has taken place, whether you are aware of it or not.  Where once your lesson was simply to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible,  and then return to do it all again-now, in the year of 2012, the game has changed.  The course you are on is no longer one of survival and the reparation of contractual agreements gone awry.  Liken your former self to the hamster on the wheel.  He spins and spins to the point of collapse, getting nowhere and accomplishing little of value.  Over and over again he runs the same course, and he wonders why he makes no progress, despite his hard work.  It is not until he slows down and steps off the wheel that he begins to see his path for what it really was.  He sees that running in the same circles, in the very same formation, day in and day out-all the while paying little mind to what is going on around him-will never garner new and better results.  It dawns on him that it all has been an exercise in futility, and for all this time he has just been playing someone else’s game.  So now I say to you, step off the wheel.  Be bold, and embark instead upon your personal journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.  Let me assure you that you are so much more than what this world has led you to believe.  You are powerful.  Wise.  Invincible.  A holy child of God.  You are each an irreplaceable piece of the Universal Whole, and there is not a one of you who is not worthy of the gifts of heaven. 

❖ You have come through the tests of the Piscean Age with flying colors, but it had a way of dragging you down, am I right?  Rather than taking it as your due, the attainment of life’s basic needs became something of a prize.  More the exception to the rule than your equal rights as citizens of the Earth.  Only on Earth do you  have to fight for your bread and for your shelter.  No other society in the cosmos operates under such sorry principles as “survival of the fittest” and “kill or be killed.”  Understand that this entire way of thinking is backwards.  As a child of the Mother and the Father,  these are your most basic rights.  You deserve to be loved and sheltered and cared for, for these comforts are yours as sovereign beings of the Light .  And yet the clever brainwashing tactics of a mere few have brought a population of billions to it’s knees.  They have told you that you must fight to be worthy, to be considered a success, and you believed them.  You believed that you must compete for what is rightfully yours.  They have told you who to be and where to go and what it is you must attain to be accepted.  The reason it has been such an uphill climb for the vast majority of people has everything to do with the goals  these others set for you and the means by which they told you that you must seek them.  It has absolutely nothing to do with your talents or abilities or worth in the eyes of God.

❖ Because you have been mislead into thinking that the amount of material wealth you attain is a barometer of your worth,  so many of you feel that you have fallen short of of society’s expectations, that you have somehow failed.  You have measured yourself by unattainable and meaningless standards.  Whether you sought fulfillment through professional achievement, romantic conquests, scholarly accolades, physical beauty or the items you purchase, you have found that it never brought you that elusive feeling you were searching for.  These things never make you feel complete.  They do not bring you any closer to God.  Upon closer examination you will notice that each one of these things is based on competetive and exclusionary principles, and on a foundation of judgement.  You may spin your wheels forever in pursuit of these things, Dear friends, but they will never satisfy you.  They will never bring you peace.

❖ True satisfaction lies in the strengthening of your connection to All That Is.  It lies within the core of your being, in the  heartspace, and through the loving connection between yourself and others.  It lies in spiritual growth, compassi0n for all and acceptance of truth.  See before you the way of the New Earth.  Although, in all honesty, I must tell you that this is actually the oldest way of all.  Strive to attain your goals not by the besting of others but by the betterment of the Self.   It is through the realization of your natural connection to the Divine that your manifestational abilities will blossom.  The new way is to create form the heart and not from the ego-mind.  It is done through the understanding that you are already perfect, and you have no need to prove yourself to anyone.  In the 5th dimensional society for which you are headed,  you are known from the outset as the magnificent being that you are.  Nothing is hidden.  Your glory shines bright for all to admire.

❖ Begin right now by stepping down from the wheel and giving close examination to all that you believe to be true.  Choose a direction and visualize a brilliant new world, your 5th dimensional home and give thought to the role you wish to play within it.  Visualize this daily and with great conviction.  Then begin to take those awkward, yet necessary, first steps into making it a reality.  This is the the very definition of ascension.  This is the true meaning of success.  Until I speak with you again, I wish for you a loving and abundant journey. Namaste.
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It is my task and privilege today to address the question you have asked of the Creator of All That Is.  It is a very important topic indeed.  And although it could be answered in a very short sentence, we will give it the attention it deserves.

You have asked to know what is going on today in the Reality, and not in the illusory world of arrests, banking, fear stories, and so forth.  There is, of course, one main objective to all that is happening, but we will not give your sincere question such short shrift.  Neither is there space in a daily message such as this to even begin to explain all that is occurring, for there is nothing in your universe which is not being affected by this thing you term Ascension.
We could say that even the atoms, and indeed particles, in your universe are being changed.  But the reality is that the energies of which these consist in themselves are changing.  Which is why we have said that nothing will be the same.  When we say that nothing will be the same after this, we mean that there is no thing which will not have undergone fundamental change.  And since everything is derived from this energy, this frequency, this love, of the All, it will be forever and completely changed from what it has been.  Add to this that your manner and ability to perceive your world will also have changed completely.

Many, if not most, of you are in anticipation of an Event.  There will indeed be an Event.  Many, if not most, of you are primed for a huge and disruptive change in your outside world.  And this may indeed occur, although we intend for that to be the least disruptive possible.  But the real Event that is approaching, the one that will change everything forever, will not be anything of that nature.  The real Event will be the reaching, by you, of the level of consciousness that will see the final lifting of the veil separating the worlds.

You anticipate this, we know.  But you can only imagine it using the tools in your current state of consciousness.  These are inadequate to the task.  But we continue to describe it to you because your anticipation and desire are important tools, as well.  Everything in your world is a creation of human thought and endeavor.  But now the human who thinks and endeavors is going to fundamentally change.

Truly you are going to drop the masks you have assumed in order to play this game once and for all.  Try as we may, we cannot truly describe to you what that will be like.  But we can assure you that you have never, on this planet, experienced the life of joy that will be yours.  That day approaches now with increasing speed.  Please continue to use daily all the tools you have learned to employ.  Imagination, dreams, intentions, prayer, and meditation are all important.  You are soon to see the power of these things demonstrated in full.  Live, as much as possible for you, each day in your best image of what that shall be like.  Share that vision with the world, at least in your imagination.  And know, dear ones, that infinite numbers of us are adding our efforts to yours in every moment.

We send to each of you who are reading these words our love and friendship.  Be at peace until we speak again.  Good day.
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Magatha from Agartha ~~ The Intensity grows ~~ 27/06/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont

Greetings, I Am Magatha of the Agarthan civilization and I welcome you this day. I come forward as many issues are now on the brink of “erupting” due to enormous inner explosions of energies which are in themselves unstoppable and only yearn to manifest. When these magnificent issues have transpired in full, the whole world will be totally amazed as the manifestations involved have the effect of removing the illusions from all of you. Suddenly, time will stop and everything will be turned inside out and upside down. However, the road ahead remains steadfast and visible so that you can remain on your path, leading around the mess and rubbish.

Where the chaos will be most felt is where Mother Earth has suffered the most. Do not think of this as some kind of punishment ; nothing could be further from the truth! It entails merely some sort of cleansing that will take place so that Mother Earth can finish Her Ascension process and, in so doing, guaranteeing you yours. You have heard it many times now that Ascension is imminent but first all the rubbish, all the mess must be cleaned up so to speak. Naturally, I mostly refer to the Dark Lords and their minions. Their petty games are over and only the Truth will prevail! The useless energies will be transmuted and only the Light will remain.

Let this be a point of departure to grasp all that now will come to pass. Even more is still yet to come but at present you have reached the point where all the changes will commence. It is time! The first signals should now become more and more apparent. Although they are still subtle those with eyes to see will see them and open themselves up to them. We, the Agarthans, are ready to join you from the Inner Earth because the physical and profound changes, that will reveal much that was hidden, might be a lot to take in for so many of you. The lightworkers on your world are already in the know and have been for quite some time and they prepared themselves accordingly. However, what’s in store for you imminently is very hard to grasp! Even for those who are prepared. That’s why on many occasions it has been stated not only to prepare but mostly to remain centered. What could be somewhat difficult for the awakened ones could be outright hard for the unawakened ones. That’s the reason that our civilization now comes forward to be of assistance to you.

We have already undergone the Ascension process along with its inherent changes and we have chosen to experience it all yet again but this time together with you, the human race of the 3rd Dimension. We will guide you in YOUR Ascension process to the best of our abilities.

The Agarthans greet you ; we are convinced that the Ascension process for you and for Mother Earth will proceed smoothly. As you are aware, we are tightly connected to Her and we feel what She goes through. You are entitled to know that She is now intensely busy Ascending to Her 5th Dimensional status, leading her rightful path and leaving duality behind for all eternity.

 I Am Magatha of Agartha and I thank you for having faith in our civilization. You will hear from us again before long. We are very close and ready to assist.

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Magatha van Agartha ~~ De Intensiteit neemt toe ~~ 27/06/2012 Gechanneld door Méline Lafont

Gegroet, ik ben Magatha van de Agartha civilizatie en ik heet u welkom op deze dag.  Voor vele zaken staan op het punt om te barsten ten gevolge van enorme inwendige explosies van energieën die zich niet meer laten bestoppen en hunkeren voor uit te komen!  Wanneer deze magnifieke zaken hun uitweg hebben gevonden, zal de ganse wereld verstelt staan, voor ze hebben een desillusionele werking op jullie allen.  Plots zal de tijd stil staan en zal alles op zijn kop staan.  Maar de wegen blijven standvastig en zichtbaar voor jullie zodat deze kunnen blijven gevolgd worden om de puinhoop heen.

Waar deze omstandigheden van chaos het grootst zullen aanwezig zijn, is waar Moeder Aarde het meest geleden heeft.  Zie dit niet als een straf, voor dit is het zeker niet!  Maar het is als een zuivering bedoelt om haar pad naar Ascentie te kunnen voltrekken en om jullie hetzelfde doel te garanderen.  Ascentie is wat jullie te wachten staat maar eerst moet alle rompslomp de vuilnis op en verwijderd worden bij wijze van spreken. 
Uiteraard verwijs ik grotendeels naar de Duisternis en zijn pionnen.  Al dit komt tot zijn eind wat deze spelletjes betreft en alles zal in waarheid gerecycleerd worden. Zo wordt het onnuttige in het nuttige Licht getransmutteerd.

Dit zal een vertrekpunt zijn om alles wat aan het licht komt te kunnen bevatten.  Nog veel meer is onderweg en nu zijn jullie aan de mijlpaal gekomen waar dit alles nu begint.  Het is zover!  De eerste tekenen zouden nu in jullie tijd, moeten zichtbaar worden stilletjes aan.  Ze zijn nog subtiel die tekens maar toch niet onopmerkbaar voor wie goed kijkt en zich opent hiervoor.  Wij, de Agarthanen, staan paraat om jullie te vervoegen vanuit de Inner Aarde, want deze fysieke en zichtbare veranderingen, wat veel nieuws aan de oppervlakte zal brengen, kunnen wel eens de bom doen inslaan voor velen.  Jullie, Lichtwerkers, zijn al geruime lange tijd hiervan op de hoogte en voorbereid, maar wat jullie nu allemaal gaan zien en weten is echt moeilijk te bevatten!  Ook voor jullie, ondanks voorbereid te zijn.  Daarom dat er zo dikwijls op gehamerd geweest is, dat jullie jezelf moesten voorbereiden en vooral gecenterd moeten blijven.  Wat al moeilijk zal zijn voor jullie, wie ontwaakt is, zal nog moeilijker zijn voor degenen die on-ontwaakt zijn  Daarom komen ook onze civilizaties te pas om jullie hierin te komen ondersteunen en bijstaan.
Wij hebben dit gehele proces van Ascentie en veranderingen al doorstaan en hebben ervoor gekozen deze nog eens te beleven maar nu samen met jullie, de mensheid van de 3de Dimensie, om jullie zo goed mogelijk te begeleiden in JULLIE Ascentieproces.

De Agarthanen groeten jullie, voor wij zeker zijn  van een gelsaagd Ascentieproces voor jullie en Moeder Aarde.  Zoals jullie al weten zijn wij erg verbonden met haar en voelen wij waar zij doorgaat.Jullie  mogen weten dat zij zeer intens bezig is met haar te verheffen naar haar gewettigde pad en dat is Ascentie en het eeuwige verlaten van deze Dualiteit.  Ik ben Magatha van Agartha en ik dank jullie voor het vertrouwen in onze Civilizatie.  u zal zeker nog van ons horen in de toekomst.  Wij zijn met jullie en zeer dichtbij.

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Sananda 6.25.12:
Greetings, fellow Lightworkers! A new era has begun, a new beginning for you; it is only for you to embrace it.  Many things behind the scenes are transpiring. You will be able to feel it if you go into your heart. You do not necessarily need to know all the details, but if you can accept it in your heart, you are well on your way to a new life, a new beginning.
Dear friends, there is so much you still are not aware of and the coming days will reveal more and more to you. Take it in stride and remember to stay centered and in your heart. Whatever is puzzling to you, just run through your heart like it was a decoder device. Allow it to sift through and come to awareness there.

My dear beloved Lightworkers, you don’t even realize as yet the enormity of what you have accomplished. Time will tell, as they say, and it will sink in more. For now, keep leading with your heart and your love for all Beings, including the cabal, for they need it now. 
I would like to address some more points to help you in your ascension process. You know by now that you are changing in form quite a bit. The crystalline structure of your bodies is becoming quite settled and prominent. It is causing you to want to eat lighter and purer, and you will notice that fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes will give you the high-vibrational energy you need.
Purifying your environment will also help you. Staying away from electronics as much as possible, especially cell phones and television, and being in nature as much as possible will nurture your being to the level it needs to rise to. And you know that being as present in the moment as much as you can be is helping you to counteract the dizzying feeling of time marching so fast and furiously.

It may feel at times like you are at the center of a twirling ride you would see at an amusement park.  Stay rooted in the center and watch the world spin until it stabilizes and you have found your bearings. Breathe in the Light fully every moment as if it is the air you breathe, in gulps, if you will, and intend to allow it to reach all cells in your body. We have told you this, but it is very important now.
Just observe the negative sensations and memories and thoughts and notions you are experiencing and allow them to float on out like the waves wash out everything in their wake, out to the sea. In this case, the sea would be the Aura around you and let that transmute everything negative and recycle it out into the atmosphere and cosmic milieu as positive Light, Love and energy.

Pay attention to the creative thoughts you are getting as to what you wish to be participating in as the New Earth takes shape. Pay attention to the visions you have while meditating, of how you want to feel and be. Allow anything to be possible, and create with abandon, dear Ones.
The stage is being set for the Light to be more prominent and sustaining, as the darkness is being removed and transmuted by you with our help in the Spiritual and Galactic Realm. Know that you are so much more able now to participate in loving acts towards yourself and others; see it as the norm, as all the prior situations you have found yourselves in that bring you concern or pain will start to melt away, like a fog that is clearing to reveal beautiful blue skies.
Be prepared for memories to emerge of your True Essence, of who you really are before you donned the cloak of duality and tried out so many roles in so many lives just for your edification and transformation and evolvement, only to find your true glowing Self emerge with so much Divine Love and capabilities.

You are so close, my dear Ones. Please keep yourselves centered in your heart and do not be too concerned with the shake-ups and changes going on around you. See yourself as if at the center of a vortex and ground yourselves into Earth until you feel stable. Nothing besides your Divinity is real right now. Nothing besides your connection with all others in that Divinity is real right now. Nothing besides the Truth that you are One with all Beings here on Earth, and throughout the galaxies, is real right now!
Be prepared for changes, but see it as a return to your True Selves. Stay in peace and calm, as if in the center of a hurricane. The hurricane will not cause any destruction to you if you remain there in the center.

With all my love,
I AM Sananda and I am always at your service.
As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Saint Germain ~~ The Essence of Life ~~ 26/06/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont

Dear Ones,

I Am Saint Germain and I want to talk to you about all the feats you have already accomplished in your lives. What used to be so hard has now become a ‘piece of cake' compared to earlier times in which you found yourselves. You all have travelled the long, lonesome and winding road. On your way you were confronted with lots of obstacles only to defeat them again and again. You went ahead courageously and powerfully, never looking back.

This trying journey has taken its toll on you ; it has changed your worlds in the manner that your lifepath has left a trail in the world in which you live. In the meantime, this trail has been transmuted into the Light  resulting in the cleansing of your world. The thought of quitting, of just giving up has never crossed your mind, nor have you ever eluded the obstacles on your path. You kept on going, deeply believing in yourselves and in a better world. You faced the challenges head on, with much self-respect and now we can say that you succeeded brilliantly.

Tomorrow always delivers what is concocted today. So be very careful what you create today as it will be just that what tomorrow will deliver. In short, all will flow together to create the “Now”. That may seem overwhelming to grasp, but after all you have been through, this too will be a ‘piece of cake’. You have become accustomed to all these energies and adjustments. You have mastered them and  you gained expertise in handling them. You are becoming Masters ; before long you may call yourselves Masters and you may join us in the Higher DImensions.

The challenges you were faced with in this Dimension were the most difficult of them all. However, once these challenges are victoriously overcome, they will never return on your evolutionary path. The challenges you have faced were long lasting and they have completely gotten out of hand. That’s the reason why “intervention” has been granted to ensure the safety of GAIA, your Beloved Mother Earth, and of humanity. Enough is enough and the limit for that has been crossed some time ago. Being an Ascended Master full of Love I can guarantee that our attention is focused on this matter. All is involved ; not a single particle of energy remains inactive in this regards. All has been called to active duty to finish the situations that have completely gotten out of hand. Despite all the distractions from the Dark Lords you arrived at this point in your evolution, namely your Ascension! Your experiences in duality are almost over. Be at ease and enjoy, for we too are most pleased and we welcome you with open arms and loving intentions. We stand by your side, we will never let you down. Make the most of the loving energies that are coming your way and get lots of rest for the Summer Solstice has been the starting point for many physical changes.

I Am Saint Germain.

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Saint Germain ~~De Essentie van het Leven ~~ 26/06/2012 Gechanneld door Méline Lafont


Ik ben Saint Germain en ik wens jullie te spreken over de boekdelen die jullie al bereikt hebben in jullie leven.  Wat eens zo moeilijk was, is nu een fluitje van een cent vergeleken met de vroegere taferelen waarin jullie jezelf bevonden.  Van ver weg komen jullie en deze weg was een zeer lange en eenzame tocht.  Vele obstakels zijn jullie komen verhinderen, maar telkens weer trachtte jullie deze te overwinnen.  Telkens weer met volle moed en kracht vooruit om nooit meer achteruit te kijken!
Deze beproevende tocht heeft erg veel van jullie gevergd alsook zijn jullie werelden verandert, wat maakt dat jullie levensweg toch wel een spoor nalaat in jullie wereld waarin jullie leven.  Dit spoor is inmiddels Getransmuteerd naar het Licht, wat maakt dat jullie wereld terug gezuiverd is.  Nooit hebben jullie aan opgeven gedacht, nooit zijn jullie een hindernis ontgaan.  Steeds zijn jullie blijven volhouden en geloven in jezelf,blijven geloven in een betere wereld.  Met volle overtuiging zijn jullie de uitdagingen aangegaan en met veel respect voor jezelf zijn deze uitdagingen nu glansrijk geslaagd. 

Morgen brengt wat vandaag geschied.  Alles tesamen brengt dit jullie nieuwe wereld, dus wees zorgvuldig met wat je vandaag creëert omdat de 'morgen' dit brengt.  Concreet gezien zal alles tesamen toestromen en jullie "Nu" creëren, dit lijkt overweldigend om te kunnen bevatten maar na alles wat jullie nu ondertussen hebben doorstaan is dit een fluitje van een cent.  Jullie zijn gewoon geworden aan al deze energieën en aangepast, jullie zijn hen Meester geworden en meer ervaren in het handelen van deze.  Jullie zijn Meesters in wording voor jullie mogen jezelf simpelweg bijna Meester noemen en ons verrijken in deze Wereld der Meesters.

Deze uitdaging waarin jullie jezelf bevinden, is de moeilijkste ooit dat je doorgaat.  Maar 1 die nooit meer van terugkerende aard zal zijn. 
Deze uitdagingen zijn van lange duur geweest en volledig uit de hand gelopen.  Daarom is "interventie" toegestaan op dit vlak om de veiligheid van GAIA, jullie Geliefde Moeder Aarde, en de mensheid te garanderen.  Genoeg is genoeg en deze grens werd nu al geruime tijd bereikt.  Als Geascendeerde Meester vol Liefde kan Ik U garanderen dat alle aandacht naar dit gebeuren gaat.  Er is geen greintje energie dat hier niet aan meewerkt.  Alles op alles wordt gezet om hier eens en voor altijd komaf te maken met deze uitgelopen situatie.  Ondanks alle misleidingen van de Duisteren, bevinden jullie jezelf waar je nu bent; en dat is voor Ascentie, Geliefden.  Jullie ervaringen in de dualiteit zijn bijna voorgoed voorbij!  Wees blij want ook wij zijn blij en verwelkomen jullie met open armen en Liefdevolle intenties.  Wij staan jullie bij waar we ook kunnen en laten jullie niet in de steek!  Geniet nu van de Liefdevolle energieën die op jullie afkomen en rust nu veel voor de Zomerzonnewende is het startsein van vele fysieke veranderingen.

Ik ben Saint Germain.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

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Mira of the Pleiadian High Council:
Greetings, all you esteemed Lightworkers. I am Mira of the Pleiadian High Council, on assignment with the Earth Council. I bring you good news. All of the years of waiting are coming to a resounding end. You have entered a new phase. Ascension is upon you. It is palpable and it is imminent, if you so choose.

My dear friends, there is much to rejoice about. The stage has been set and all teams have the go-ahead as planned. All that awaits a full press forward to victory, all that remains is a coming together of all components of the Light in a majority of the population, which is reaching the tipping point. With that is required a further rounding up and neutralization of the dark Ones, which you are successful in bringing to fruition with your prayers and broadcasting of the Light and Love you have built to a crescendo within and around you.
The dark Ones are being found and rousted from their hiding places. We have that situation well in hand and you can be assured that you are very close to major jumps in individual and collective consciousness. Be assured that you will be receiving even more help in your ascension process. 

There is major full-scale movement in many areas of your World with regards to Light penetration with a decrease in interference of that Light infiltration in areas that used to be controlled by the dark Ones. Much has changed in a very short time. With our help, you are fulfilling your destiny and mission. Be assured of that, my Dear Ones.
All around your World, there is a substantial increase in Light saturation within Mother Earth and within its inhabitants, even the ones who are not yet awakened. This is stirring many changes for all.
It is important to let the Light do its job and not resist. This is bringing you further along on your path to ascension. You will receive more help as you are open to it, so please ask any connections you have in the Spiritual Realm and Galactic Realm that are of the highest vibration and here to assist you.

Please be assured that many changes have taken place in your Light Bodies in the last few weeks and you are still assimilating them. Be prepared for more. You can control the effects by getting proper rest even if it means not fulfilling all your seemingly important obligations at the moment you think it is required to do so. Time is a continuum and what is important will be presented at the right moment for you.
My dear friends, we are moving quickly forward and it is important to stay centered at all times. It is important to increase your time in the sun and in nature, especially in the early morning hours and before dusk. It is also important to spend much more time amongst the natural elements, taking in colors and energy of the flowers, trees and sky, everything natural around you, and giving that energy back to Mother Earth and out all around you as an integral and natural part of your day. These will all speed you along on your ascension path.

You are learning to prioritize and focus on what matters: What do you want in this moment as if it is your last moment? Where would you like to be, either within or without? What would bring you the most Joy and Peace? Do you let yourself be still when you want to be so? Do you allow for spontaneous service to others? Do you listen to your inner promptings to meditate and expand your Aura out, feeling a connection with all others and Mother Earth? Do you tune into Her heartbeat and synchronize it with yours? Do you dwell in your heart as your primary residence and control center? Are you finding treasures there that were once hidden from you?
These are all things that can speed your ascension process along. Listen for suggestions as you connect with us. When you ask, we will guide you, and all you have to do is take the reins and keep expanding.
Until we talk again, I am Mira, at your service.

As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Melchizedek ~~ Importance of Discernment and the Summer Solstice ~~23/06/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont

Dear Ones,

I Am Melchizedek of the Great White Brotherhood and I come forward today with a message about the summer solstice and about discernment. This summer solstice implied a portal to a higher dimension. On a large scale many experienced a consciousness-expanding effect coupled with the release of much negativity from their energy fields and from Mother Earth. Afore mentioned negative energies were unable to withstand the loving energies of the summer solstice and of the beautiful male and female balance it entailed. Find out for yourself whether you became somewhat lighter as lots of lower energies have departed your energy fields to be replaced by energies of Love. Something different has really taken its place and filled the void with useful and loving energies. What once was, is no more!

You like to imagine what might be and what might happen in all probability ; you try to get a clear picture of it and much info comes your way. Nevertheless, in this matter it is imperative that you only chose the right information that is nourishing you and completely ignore the rest. Those energies that are useless to you will be nothing and can lead you nowhere. In order to get the right information you have to use your ability of discernment. However, at present this is something you struggle with as it is difficult to make a distinction between right and wrong information. Each and everyone of you has to decide for him or herself what is important, what is the right information and when it is right. What doesn’t resonate with  you in one moment of time might resonate with you later in life; that is to say that things that do not resonate are untrue per se. Your path of wisdom has been outlined implying various phases. With each phase there is something different coming your way, and it can only come at the right time and the right place. In case something would have come on your path prematurely, you would not be able to place it nor to understand it for there would yet be no resonance with it. At a later timeframe however, it could very well resonate. That’s the reason why the gift of discernment is helpful so that you remain on your path. Let go if something seems incomprehensible ; the time will simply not be ripe yet.

The summer solstice will bring about a lot, from an energetic point of view, in your cells and in your consciousness,. The yin and yang, the male and female, the opposites will come into balance. That is to say you will experience as much from one as you will from the other. You too will also experience coming into balance in yourself, as well as with other people belonging to the same level of consciousness. Those wonderful energies have arrived on Earth through the portal of the summer solstice and simultaneously lots of negativity has departed the Earth through the same portal to be taken into the Light. That is what we all strive for to accomplish in the end : to be of the Light and to return from whence we came. You came from Light and Love and you've always stayed in Light and Love, you simply forgot. However, that is going to change now, my beloveds, for we have taken the train to the last stop at the platform … what has been started cannot be stopped as we travel now with dazzling, unstoppable speed. Travel along at this speed and enjoy your last trip as our final destination comes in plain sight. Remain centered in your truth and don’t get distracted.You are the creator of your own world and you are Love, you are “All That Is”.

Let go of doubts and fears, know, trust, participate actively and create! In fact, that’s the reason why you are incarnated on Earth at present. We approach you in Love and Trust. So have trust in yourselves for you knew all too well what you would get involved in. What a task it has been to evolve as far and as good as you have now! Congratulations are in order and we are so grateful, for soon we will greet you in our Higher Realms.

I Am Melchizedek of the Great White Brotherhood and I thank you for bringing this message forth. Namaste.

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Melchizedek ~~ Het belang van Ondersheidingsvermogen en de zomerzonnewende ~~ 23/06/2012 Gechanneld door Méline Lafont


Ik ben Melchizedek van de Grote Witte Broederschap en ik treed naar voor vandaag met de volgende boodschap over Onderscheidingsvermogen en de Zomerzonnewende.
Deze Zomerzonnewende was weer een portaalopening naar een hogere Dimensie.  Bewustzijnsverruimingen hebben weer plaatsgevonden op een grote schaal en meer negativiteit is naar buiten getreden om jullie velden te verlaten op Aarde en op persoonlijk vlak.  Niet lang meer konden deze negatieve energieën bestaan en weerstaan aan de Liefdevolle Zomerzonnewende en haar prachtige vrouwelijke & mannelijke energetische balans die zij teweeg brengt.  Vraag jezelf af wat je lichter bent geworden voor vele energieën van lagere aard zijn jullie velden uitgetreden en meer Liefde is in de plaats gekomen.  Er is wel degelijk iets anders in de plaats gekomen om deze leegtes terug op te vullen met nuttige en Liefdevolle energieën.  Wat ooit was, is niet meer.

Graag bedenken jullie wat jullie zoal te wachten staat, jullie trachten dit te begrijpen en te plaatsen voor er vanalles op jullie afkomt.  Grijp er de juiste informatie tussenuit die jullie voeden en bijbrengen, en laat de rest verdwijnen in het niets.  De energieën die jullie niets van waarde zijn, zullen dan ook niets zijn en niet kunnen dienen.  Juiste informatie is een subtiel iets waar onderscheidingsvermogen een must is.  Velen onder jullie struikelen hier nu mee en vaak is het onderscheid moeilijk te maken.  Ieder moet voor zich uitmaken wat van belang is voor zijn of haar eigen bestwil, wat de juiste informatie is op de juiste tijd.  Wat niet resoneert op het ene moment kan  in 1 klap wel resoneren op een veel latere moment in je leven, voor wat het maakt dat een niet-resonantie daarvoor niet van onwaarheid is.  Jullie pad der wijsheid is uitgestippeld in verschillende stappen.  Elke stap die je zet, komt er iets anders op je weg en dit komt enkel als de tijd rijp is op de juiste plaats.  Kom je iets tegen wat vroeger op je pad komt dan voorzien, zal je dit niet kunnen plaatsen of niet kunnen begrijpen en dan is er vaak geen resonantie.  Wat het maakt dat dit zelfde op een later tijdstip wel resoneert.  Dus is onderscheidingsvermogen iets wat je kan helpen om op je pad te blijven.  Laat het los als je iets niet kan vatten voor de tijd zal simpelweg nog niet rijp zijn.

Nu, de zomerzonnewende is iets dat energetisch veel teweeg brengt in jullie cellen en bewustzijn.  De ying en yang, vrouwelijk & mannelijk en  de opposities komen in balans.  Wat wil zeggen dat je evenveel van het ene als van het andere zal voelen. Jullie zullen jullie zelf ook meer in balans vinden alsook met anderen van je bewustzijnsniveau.  Deze prachtige energieën zijn door de poort terug komen binnenvloeien op Aarde en tegelijkertijd is negativiteit door de poort naar buiten gaan vloeien van de Aarde weg om opgenomen te worden in het Licht.  Daar gaan we uiteindelijk ook naar streven om allemaal in het Licht te zijn, terug  naar vanwaar we voortkomen.

Uiteindelijk zijn wij van Licht & Liefde afkomstig en zijn wij steeds Licht & Liefde gebleven, enkel vergeten.  Maar daar komt nu verandering in Liefsten voor we hebben de trein genomen naar de laatste halte van het perron... en wat gestart is kan niet meer gestopt worden, voor we een enorme snelheid hebben bereikt die niet te stoppen is.  Rij mee in deze snelheid en geniet van jullie laatste trip want de eindbestemming is bijna bereikt.  Blijf gecenterd in uw waarheid en laat u niet stoppen door misleidingen, U bent uw eigen creator van uw wereld en U bent uw eigen zelve Liefde en "Al Wat Is"
Laat twijfels en angsten los, weet, vertrouw en doe! creëer!   Wij zijn Liefdevol en vertrouwend naar jullie toe en daarom net bent U hier op dit eigenste moment in dit leven op Aarde.  Vertrouw jullie zelf want jullie wisten heel goed waar jullie aan zouden beginnen. En wat een taak was dit, om het zo goed en zo ver te brengen als jullie nu gedaan hebben! Mijn Felicitaties en dankbaarheid hiervoor om jullie te mogen ontvangen in onze hogere sferen zeer binnenkort.  Ik ben Melchizedek van De Grote Witte Broederschap en ik dank u voor het naar oor brengen van deze boodschap.  Namasté.

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