Monday, May 7, 2018

Update from Méline

Precious hearts,

A short headsup and update for you all.  I have been less present on the internet and websites lately.  Blogging activities have been low... This is because I recently moved into a new home with my kids and this demanded a lot of my time and energy.

Thus no worries at all :-)

From now on I will blog more frequently again with news, articles, videos and information.

Thank you for your patience and trust!! <3

Much love


  1. Thank you Meline for all you do!!!!!

  2. Thank you Meline. It is your time and energies that we appreciatively receive from this site. Your mission is creating more understanding of who we are. Not only through your self but also your inclusion of all the other selfless contributors.You are appreciated. Wishing you much peace and love. Marion Martin NZ