Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bella Capozzi ~ Scribbles From An Interdimensional Journey.


My meditative and nighttime dream experiences are normally especially vivid, and because I have a somewhat photographic memory, I'm able to bring things back with me in fairly accurate detail.  I often go to a beautifully decorated room with a cozy window-seat and a curved picture window.  It looks out onto a dark and starry vista, and it is almost imperceptively moving.  White is the predominant color, and there are sparkling crystal chandeleirs, colorful, embroidered pillows strewn about and delicate white pieces of furniture.  Although the trappings are very feminine, it also has a sort of contemporary and "techy" feeling.  I've been told that this is, in whatever sense, "my room", and I'm pretty sure that I know where it is.  And I go here often. There is also a magenta-colored book, and I always see myself writing in it.  A couple of years ago I came back with this particular piece, which caught my attention  when the pages fell open of thier own accord.  When I shared parts of it on my old blog, I was under the erroneous assumption that it was a channeled message, but have since learned that it is not.  This past week, it has kept reappearing in my consciousness, over and over and over again, as I've been asking for some obvious guidance and intervention, as I weather the effects of this incredibly intense incoming energy.  So here it is again, complete in it's original format.  I hope that it will offer some solace to you as you ride the wild, energetic rollercoaster that is the current planetary alignments.  Namaste!

                                                                  ENTER PARADISE

✿ When the mist’s burned off and the new sun’s arisen, you then shall see with eyes no longer blind.

✿ Clearly hear the melody of the songbird in the morning, your ears only able to recognize what is true.

✿ Stroke the softness of the velvet ropes that bind you.  Gently undo them.  And so then comes the parting of the ways.

✿ Flowers blossom, then they wither shortly after.  This is “now”.  Sometime soon, you see, they shall wither and die no more.  That is to be “then”. 

✿ Weave these flowers prettily in your hair.  Arrange for yourself a colorful, sweet bouquet.  Carry it merrily with you, in your hands, skipping down the lane.  At it’s endpoint lies your golden destiny.  And so it begins...

✿ Feel, feel, feel, and never, ever not feel.  The cool rain is falling harder now.  Feel it.  The soil grows soft and wet and it is fertile now.  Feel it.  When the Earth grows parched, the rain shall always fall again.  Let it wash you clean and let it douse the raging fires that consume you.  Feel it.

✿ Step into the rose-garden of your imagination.  The Earth is like a fruit-tree in season.  Eat well and without worry of the delicious fruit she bears, then enter Paradise.

✿ Be as little children once again.  Artless. Innocent.  You have lost it-your sense of wonder-as you've carried on your Human way.  Find where lies your inner child.  Lovingly embrace her.  Forgive her.  Be as one with her.  Connect.

✿ The cycle of life is like the sands in the hourglass.  You have reached the inevitable tipping point now.  The cycle’s done.  Turn the glass over.  Begin again.

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  1. That was beautiful Bella! Poignant & inspiring---- Thank you so much for sharing this. Namaste sista.