Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Enlightenment is Showing Up More and More Each Day!

As I read the comments each day, I get more excited! My heart is bursting with joy. So many are experiencing clear signs of Enlightenment. It is really inspiring. Each of you are changing your perspectives and the light is shining through. Be the light and enjoy the blessings each day. Don’t worry about what you do. Just shine the light and the love and do your best. The most important thing is to enjoy each day and live your life fully conscious. The more your light and love shine through, the more each day gets better than before. Enlightenment is about shining the light and living the love. Bring joy into your life today, and more joy will appear tomorrow. The Inner Child will help you to play. The Inner Master will help you to realize your Enlightenment is here and now. All future melts into the Eternal Now.

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