Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Recreating the Council of Light on Earth

For many years I have known that there are many masters living normal lives in the world and have forgotten who they really are. Sananda and Sanat Kumara visited me in 1985 and told me to find these great souls and help them to reawaken their Inner Master so that we could reestablish the Council of Light here on Earth. I tried to create this Council of Light many times over the past thirty years but it was never successful. I knew that the masters were here, but most people could not understand that their outer life in the world was only one part of who they really were. They couldn’t believe that there was a Master inside of them that was already trained to do amazing work for the good of planet Earth. They all feel, “I am so normal. I am not Enlightened yet and this vision seems so far away. How is it possible that I am one of those Masters who will transform this world into Ascension and Enlightenment?”
Now many of you are waking up and the Inner Master is stirring your consciousness to break through your mundane life and emerge with all of your true radiance and full potential. The life you live in this world is only a portion of who you really are. But somewhere deep inside of you, you are feeling that there is something you must do for the world. You know you have a gift to offer to this world, but can’t remember how to bring it out. You can no longer delay your Enlightenment. When we separated after Lemuria we promised to wait until the time was right for the global consciousness to be lifted into enlightenment. Only when the world was ready for Enlightenment could we remember that we are one of those Masters who are here to help. We have waited so long for this to happen that we forgot who we really are. Now is the time to allow your Inner Master to wake up and emerge. It will change your life!

As the Inner Master wakes up, we will rediscover old friends that we have not seen for many lifetimes. When we meet them, we will recognize each other and feel like we have known each other for a long time. The Inner Masters are uniting. We are forming a global connection all over the Earth. This is the first step to recreating the Council of Light on Earth and working together to lift our world out of the misery and frustration of karma into Global Enlightenment and Global Ascension.
Now is the time to support each other and believe that we have the power to change the world. The more we believe in our self, the more quickly are hidden gifts will emerge. There is nothing new to learn. Everything we need is hidden deep inside of you and has been waiting for over a million years to emerge. Now is the time to remember and call forth your gifts. This is the time when all the Masters of the Ancient Council of Light have been reborn to do their work together. You are one of those Masters!
What you are living today is not who you really are. Each of us must peel away the mask of our present life and allow our Inner Master to teach us the gifts that we have carried for so long that we forgot how to use them. The Inner Master is ready when you decide you are ready. These gifts can only be discovered when you make the decision that you are ready to help the world and allow your Inner Master to teach you. Make a promise today. Declare to the universe and to all the Ascended Masters that you are ready. Speak these words aloud, “I am ready for my Enlightenment. I am ready to fulfill my promise from long ago to help this world and become a living Master. I say this and believe this now and forever. Thank you God and SO IT IS!”

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  1. I am so happy to hear your voice again. Thank you for the reminder and God bless you.