Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ The Inner Master is the Eternal Child

Jesus/Sananda said that we must be like a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Sanat Kumara is known as the Eternal Child. He is older than the oldest and younger than the youngest. Every Master I have ever met is childlike. They play like a child and are spontaneous like a child. Our parents and teachers have told us to grow up and do what we are supposed to do. With this kind of teaching isn’t it natural that we will think that our Inner Master is old and wise? In fact, our Inner Master is like a child. In fact, our Inner Master is our healthy Inner Child. When our Inner Master wakes up, the first thing they teach us is how to be like a child innocently enjoying our life. No more thinking. No more comparing. Just simply enjoying our life like a child every moment.
Many years ago I had the opportunity to meet the greatest Ayurvedic Master in India, Trigunaji. I visited him with one of my friends. My friend had a condition in his body that was with him his whole life. His condition was a constant irritation and he was very serious. Trigunaji told him to read comic books! His medicine for my friend was to be happy and have fun! No real Master is ever serious. In Enlightenment everything in life is fun. Life is here to enjoy! When we are happy, our health improves and our life improves.

The Inner Master is really just a child that has been locked in a room because they didn’t do what they were told by the world. When the Inner Master wakes up, all they want to do is play! Through joy our life gets better. Through love our life becomes Divine. There is nothing that we HAVE to do. When we are having fun, our mission appears. What is the real mission we are here to fulfill? Be happy and enjoy your life one step at a time. Love and Joy is the only thing we have to learn. Why do we have to learn it? Because our Inner Child has been told to be serious! Let go of all the “supposed to’s” and just do what makes you happy. Be a child and discover that heaven is already here on Earth! Bless you!

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