Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Message from Amaterasu

Blessings my beautiful friends! I AM Amaterasu! Lady Master of the Central Sun!
I come to you with the Sword of Truth and the Immortal Light of the Sun. I place my sacred sword Kusanagi in the land to awaken the sacred shrines and restore their virtues to all the people. I bring in the Immortal Light of the Central Sun to every living being in Japan so that you might remember your own virtuous love and light, and radiate more love in your life. Love is the Sunshine of Life. When you are filled with this Central Sun, every chakra will become illuminated and your Inner Master will be more alive and more present with you than ever before.

The time of darkness is ending and the last karma is releasing so that you can enjoy your life on Earth for all of its glory and happiness. I spread the Sacred Flame of Love to all the people of Japan and to the whole world. My Light will make you steady in times of emotion and bring greater love to your hearts and more Compassion for the misdeeds of others. But you must remain steady during these times as the clouds of karma blur your vision and bring confusion and frustration to your soul. Your soul is getting brighter now and you must remember not to act on the impulses and habits of your past. Follow your heart and look into the Mirror to see the great love in your eyes and the Eternal Light of the Inner Master that shines through you. Look into the Mirror and see the Light of Amaterasu shining through you!
I AM here at this time to restore your True Nature and stand with your Immortal Inner Master to assist you. You are living in the most sacred of times when all souls who are inclined to virtue will find their true happiness. This is a New Life that we give to you. The final stage of clearing your past karma is well underway. You are nearly finished with your times of trial and tribulation. The Sun is already shining in the Heavens. I give you my gifts to enrich your life and restore the virtues of the Sacred Shrines of Japan. They are truly a precious treasure that will restore peace and happiness to your land and your people.
I AM Amaterasu! Lady Master of the Central Sun, Overseer of all the Shrines, and Mother Goddess of all the people of Japan.

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