Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Clearing the Monsters and Discovering the Buddha!

Consciousness is vast like the sky spreading in all directions beyond this universe. This is the true Consciousness of our Inner Master. When the Inner Master comes to live inside this body, it moves into a building with many apartments and rents one of those apartments to live in. The building was built and owned by the ancestors of this body. Their memories still live inside this building in different apartments. Each apartment in the building holds memories from your ancestors. While you are living in your apartment, you feel that this is your home and you furnish it with all the things that you like. But you are still living in the building with all the other apartments and whatever is going on in those apartments you can feel on some level. Some nights you can’t sleep because of all the activity and noise coming from the other apartments. It’s a restless night!

The Consciousness of the Inner Master is always alert and can feel everything that is going on in the other apartments. For this reason, the Inner Master makes a decision to help to clear the building and set all of the monsters free from their apartments. The worst monsters are locked up in the basement. No one wants to go there. Any time there was something that your ancestors didn’t want to face, they locked the monster in the basement or on one of the lower apartments where no one could see them. But your Inner Master can feel them and knows where they are locked up. Even when the Inner Master is living on the top floor in a penthouse suite, it can still hear the noise and feel the emotions from all the floors beneath them all the way down to the basement. The Master knows that only when the other apartments have been cleared will the Master’s suite be more comfortable.
The Inner Master knows what it is like to be human and how it feels to face the many challenges that come to every human being in each lifetime. The Inner Master is full of Compassion and Love for every human being and understands that only when a human being can face their monsters and clear their karma will the whole building be at peace and discover its Enlightenment. The Master knows that when we clear the karma, all of our ancestors will be set free to enjoy living in the remodeled building of Perfect Enlightenment.
The Master also knows that karma is a mask that surrounds the soul of the Inner Master for each of our ancestors. Clearing away the mask of the monster, peels away the karma from the past and reveals this magnificent and beautiful Buddha that has been hiding inside. The Inner Master is helping you every day to clear the building built from the past karma of your ancestors. It will only give you what you are prepared to clear. Maybe your mind grumbles when you open the door to one of the apartments and discover the mess that is inside. Your mind complains why were they so careless and sloppy, and wants to close the door and never go in there again. But the Inner Master encourages us to clean the apartments one by one until the whole building has been remodeled and everyone who lives there can enjoy the beauty and magnificence of their new home.
When karma comes up and you feel uncomfortable, remind yourself that you are not only clearing your own apartment, but you have promised the owners of the building to help clear as many of the apartments as you can handle. The Inner Master will never give you more than you can handle. The Master knows you will feel better and enjoy your home more once the building is clean and clear, and all the monsters have been set free. Behind the face of every monster is the face of a loving Buddha. Set the monsters free and only the Buddhas will remain living in the building! When this is done, all of your ancestors will become Buddhas and your home will be surrounded by a community of Enlightened Souls.

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