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Karen Dover ~ Accepting “Christ” in TRUTH

karen doonan

As I have blogged and discussed also on the Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show there is only one way to connect to SOURCE and God and this is through Christ. Already many of you reading these words may feel the sting of the emotional trigger that sits within the human vehicle. Many may have visions of religious teachings and childhood memories of being made to go to church and it is these teachings that seek to keep us from accepting and acknowledging TRUTH. For TRUTH just IS and WE ARE.
As I have also stated and discussed on the radio programme when I talk of Christ and God I am not talking about religion, there is no requirement at all to seek either of them through religion as religion is man made and like all man made teachings is highly distorted. It is to be noted that the old 3d earth created construct will at all times attempt to shut down the heart space and place optical illusions before our human eyes and religion is one of the deepest optical illusions. It is not enough to simply state that we believe in God for there are many spirits that seek to use the title. In our human form we are often blinded by our human eyes, indeed the old 3d earth created construct continually uses this against us. We live in a world of illusion with all not as it appears to the naked human eyes.

Let us first of all understand why Christ is the only route to God. We are spirit poured into a human vehicle, not all of our spirit as it is too vast for the human vehicle. The rest of our spirit remains at SOURCE and is connected to God who created the entire universe. We in our human form are asked to connect our spirit in our human form to our spirit out with our human form.
God sent Christ to earth to enable us to do this. Christ took HUMAN form upon the planet and lived as man but was fully connected to God. Something that we are not when we incarnate into our human form as the human vehicle is too low a vibration to allow this. Christ therefore is the link between HUMAN and God, he is able to connect our spirit at human conscious waking mind level to our spirit at SOURCE and through this connection we can access God.
It is only through the “link” to Christ this can be achieved as God has not walked the earth as himself, his energy too vast to do this but Christ has and is able to translate the frequency from our human form and connect it to the higher frequencies which are God. He is if you wish to use an analogy like an adaptor plug, it matters not where in the world you are born or which human form you have taken, he is a “world” adaptor to connect us back to God.
Many who walk in religion filter this out as they listen to a HUMAN interpretation of the bible. Filtering out that by the time the information has reached them it has been translated numerous times and each translation/interpretation of the words allows for disinformation to creep in as words are added or replaced. This is why it is vital to go to the SOURCE of the words.
How many people actually read the bible  themselves? How many simply rely on someone elses interpretation to suffice? Each person alive on this planet filters information according to their own belief system and this is hidden in plain view.
Let me give you an example to show this. Many in both the new age and religious arenas state that the Nephilim are fallen angels. How many have checked the bible for the accuracy of this? How many simply accept this? Nowhere in the bible does it state this. The fallen angels do exist but they are a separate entity from the Nephilim who were a race of giants that existed on this earth. Just because something is widely accepted does not make it TRUTH, it just means it is accepted as such.
As the energies continue to expand and the veils are lifted then more and more we will be asked to confirm our own reality at a personal level. I have blogged and spoken about the linear years of 2015 to 2017 and the decisions that will be made by each individual human on the planet. Many are making decisions based on their human “needs” alone filtering out that their own “power” sits hidden within their spirit. To activate our spirit is to reconnect to God through Christ. This connects the circuit of frequency which NO lower dimension frequency can interfere with. This is our human spirit to Christ to God. Then SOURCE energy can flow through through this protected circuit to our human form.
Within this connection we access that which we search for at human conscious waking mind level and which cannot be found by any other  route. The spirit part of us that has not incarnated knows exactly why we are here on earth. Only our spirit knows this and as it is connected fully to God (this part never separated as it did not take human form) it will show us fully how we can bring heaven to earth in the bigger picture.
The old 3d earth will continue to try to teach that we at human level can do all of this ourselves, we just need to access various frequencies and place our will over them. This filters out that the world is inhabited by more than humans, many energies can influence and take human form but are fueled from sources other than the LOVE that IS in TRUTH.
To walk in human form on this earth without a connection back to our spirit and God sees us walk in an optical illusion of power and control that seeks to teach us that we are at the mercy of the old 3d earth created reality.
The most powerful frequency that exits in this universe is the LOVE that IS and this is what we are asked to accept and to REconnect to. Many will still attempt to control this flow believing they already know what love is but this is distortion. We have in our human form been taught a belief about “love” which is highly distorted.
LOVE is a verb, it is action, it is not debate and thought it can only ever be felt in TRUTH. The human race has been taught to fear that which they naturally seek for all will naturally seek the “part” that is missing. This is the reconnection to our spirit which has not incarnated and this is never found through another human vehicle. We must allow ourselves to become whole by allowing ourselves to reconnect to SOURCE and to our spirit in TRUTH.
From this reconnection we can then see a bigger picture and we can see TRUTH that is hidden in plain view. The human vehicle was never designed to be separate from TRUTH, this was a creation of the old 3d earth created construct that sought to keep us from ourselves. For we are ONE but not in the way that the old 3d earth seeks to teach us.
We have what we need within ourselves hidden in plain view. To reconnect we simply need to open our heart space and acknowledge and accept the LOVE that IS already exits and allow it to flow through us, dissolving all the barriers we have been taught to prevent this. From this all else flows.
LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

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