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Méline Portia Lafont ~ December Gateway ~ Accelerated energies pouring in for original

I am starting to feel a sort of tension, not necessarily a negative one, of something big that's coming our way, don't you? I know you will probably say: “here we go again like so many times before”, but this feeling comes up strongly once more and we all know that these energy surges come in waves when we are ready for another shift. As this is what these feelings of tension or excitement of something big going to happen, represents : another opportunity to shift and change things profoundly in this state of the collective. But this time it feels very palpable to me and I can see things happening around me that are of an intense vibration.

All of a sudden people or situations around you flare up quickly and there is no time to think about how to react. It is as if you are being tested to see how grounded and balanced you are in being able to remain neutral and detached from that which is unfolding. It is as if you are being teased and invited to join and participate in the collective drama that is unfolding as we speak, for people are awakening and revolting against their own old culture and layers of reality. Well for some this is plain reality and we invite you therefore to stay away from that which is unfolding, to keep yourself grounded and remain based in your heart space reality. It is to no avail participating in that which must fall and shift, it is better to allow those shifts to unfold and pray for the best and highest outcome for all involved.

‘Star Trek-Like Shields’: New Radiation Belt Protects Earth From ‘Killer Electrons’ – 29 November 2014

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Image by Andy Kale, University of Alberta
Image by Andy Kale, University of Alberta
Surrounded by radiation belts, Earth is being protected by an invisible shield that stops high-speed “killer electrons,” scientists have found after taking a closer look at the Van Allen belt 7,200 miles above our planet.
“Somewhat like the shields created by force fields on Star Trek that were used to repel alien weapons, we are seeing an invisible shield blocking these electrons,” the study’s lead author, Daniel Baker of the University of Colorado’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics explained. “It’s an extremely puzzling phenomenon.”

Linda Robinson ~ Archangel Zadkiel ~ Being Authentic In The New Energy

LindaRobinsonArchangel Zadkiel’s December 2014 Message
Greetings Beloved Ones,
This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Holy Lady Amethyst of the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestation, and we greet you in Love and Light.  Today we wish to discuss being authentic and true to yourself as you ascend in consciousness.
The vibration or frequency of the energy is increasing very rapidly.  This provides many opportunities for you on your ascension path.

Marlene Swetlishoff ~ Hilarion ~ November 30-December 7, 2014

Beloved Ones,

These are difficult times, as you continue to let go of all that you once held dear. Many of your expectations of what your lives should have been are now scattered to the winds of change. Everywhere you gaze, there is a choice to be made – love or fear. Choosing love opens your heart to the pain of letting go of your dearest and deepest dreams and expanding into the unknown. This is a new frontier of consciousness and you are the carriers of the new dream. Yet you hold on to those whom you love and cannot allow dissolution of the bonds that have held you. And this is as it was meant to be, for what is love without commitment, without loyalty, honesty and honour. Your strong integrity cannot allow you to leave these ones behind and you make repeated efforts to awaken them. This you do from the higher dimensions where the higher consciousness of all prevails. We say to you, follow your heart always and temper it with the inner wisdom of the sage within you.

The bonds of love do not need to be broken in order that you fulfill your mission, for it is the bonds of love that make everything you have endured worthwhile. Let your hearts be filled with the healing power of this mighty force, do not fear to love. See the beauty within every person who is within the sphere of your influence and send them your blessings and benediction. Let the power of love shape your new identity as you walk lightly but mightily upon your world. Fill the space you occupy with more of your true divine essence and let it become a healing balm to those who need it. You may meet their resistance and their challenges with peace, acceptance and calm, fluidly adapting to the needs of the hour. Do not take anything personally and try to see the higher perspective. Everyone is struggling with something during these times and they must find the strength and the clarity within them in order to move forward on their path. Hold the space of the highest outcome and the highest good for all.


Transmitted Through Ronna, LM-11-2014

Beloved masters, never forget, your nearest and dearest friend should be yourself—your own Soul-consciousness. Within your Sacred Heart center you will find wisdom, compassion, patience, and most important of all, unlimited Sacred Love. From the beginning of the creative experience into density, all human life forms have been subjected to an ongoing, continuous series of revelations. A curious, inquiring mind was a built-in, intrinsic facet of human nature. The Earth is, once again, being prepared for a new, higher-evolutionary species of humanity. All of you, as Star Seed and world-servers, are encoded with Memory Seed Atoms giving you a burning desire to participate in the manifestation of this incredible dream of the future. Your personal goal is to become a Self-directed, Soul-inspired entity in the midst of the chaos and turmoil of the current, third- / fourth-dimensional reality of today.
A new Divine Plan filled with advanced creative ideas beyond the wildest dreams of even the most brilliant, advanced minds of today is being beamed down via the powerful Rays of God-consciousness upon Earth and humanity from the Great Central Sun of this Sub-universe. An advanced Soul, treading the narrow path of ascension, must learn how to absorb and integrate the three major God Rays of the coming Age, THE SPIRITUAL TRINITY, consisting of: DIVINE WILL * LOVE/INTUITION * INTELLIGENT, PURPOSEFUL ACTION.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Webinar deste Sábado, 29 de Novembro de 2014 Méline Portia Lafont

Meus preciosos amigos e companheiros de viagem da Luz,

Convido-vos a participar no webinar deste Sábado, 29 de Novembro de 2014. Eu irei falar para todos os Portugueses. Este webinar é gratuito e é organizado e apresentado por Maria Luiza W. que vai traduzir tudo o que vamos discutir em direto no webinar. Os nossos amigos que falam Inglês também são bem-vindos pois eu vou falar em Inglês e a Maria vai traduzir tudo diretamente para Português.
O Webinar será ás 2:30PM hora de Nova Iorque, 11:30AM hora do Pacifico, 17h30 hora do Brasil, 19h30 hora de Portugal e 20h30 hora de Luanda e da Bélgica.

Haverão oportunidades para colocarem perguntas em direto e também iremos fazer uma pequena invocação e meditação com ativação de Linguagem de Luz.

Natalie Glasson ~AA Michael ~ Second Phase Heart Chakra Ascension


Do you feel your heart chakra transforming? Do you feel your capacity to love and to be love enhancing?

Are you experiencing the suffering of your past coming up once more through your heart chakra to be experienced and released?

This is a most sacred time upon the Earth and the inner planes, especially as you move from 2014 into 2015.

The heart chakra of the Creator, which is the deepest purest core of love, is expanding, pumping greater volumes of love into the vibrations of all.

All which occurs within the Creator occurs within every soul upon the inner planes and the Earth. For some, it is uncomfortable that the purest core of love within their heart chakra and soul is expanding, merging, and synthesizing with their entire being. This is causing a deep activation of healing.

Suzanne Lie ~ IlliaEm -- Releasing the Grand Illusion 11-28-14

Releasing the Grand Illusion

IlliaEm, Elohim of Arcturus

(Dear Readers,
This information was received some time in the mid 1990’s. I could not even begin to understand what it meant back then. I was acting as the scribe and just wrote down what I was receiving. Now, I can understand it, but I also want to present it as the process I went through for those who are newly awakened.

While re-writing this channel, I used some terms that were not within my consciousness then and explained other terms that I could not begin to understand back then. I have found it quite useful to go back into my past to find that which I knew but did not understand. I recommend that you all do the same. If you are not a writer, look at old photos or drawings.

We are often the last ones to be aware of how much we have changed, so we don’t give ourselves enough credit. We are living in an amazing time for which we have prepared for in myriad physical incarnations. This truly is the NOW of the ONE. We are so fortunate to be incarnated on Gaia’s beautify body to assist Her, as well as humanity. )

Our dear friends in human vessels, we find you now in the final act of “The Grand Illusion.” Therefore, you may feel your selves on the verge of the unknown. All that you have perceived, as your self, has become extinct or “out of date.”
What you once feared is now only a shadow, yet there is newness in life that threatens to ignite your old “fear of the unknown.”

Bob Fickes ~ When Troubles Come, Go to Mother Earth for Her Assistance

As a human being we are often troubled for no reason. We wake up one day and don’t want to do anything. On some days we feel so negative that we don’t want to see anyone and just want to be alone in our misery. At those times we feel that there is nothing we can do to feel better. We forget that we are not alone. We forget that our body and our life come from the Earth and that the Earth is our Mother. Mother Earth has been ignored for so long that we all forget she is here to help us. When troubles come, turn to your Mother in the Earth and ask for her assistance!
As long as there have been human beings, there has also been our Mother in the Earth watching over us. She has seen everything that we have done since the very beginning of Time. She has seen the worst side of human behavior, but she is still our Mother and will do anything she can to help us.

Gaiaportal ~ Stabilization of release protocols is now complete

gaia_energy1Stabilization of release protocols is now complete.
Preparation for “mass release” is now complete.
Attendant Gaia Light Influx is concomitant.
Fluctuations are finished.
Flames of Higher Transformation soon visibilizes for all hu-manity.
Prepare in Consciousness for Mass Expansion.
It is done.

Marlene Swetlishoff ~ AA Gabriel ~ November 27, 2014

Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as gentleness. This quality is discerned in an individual as one who is humble and gentle, someone who shows kindness in their nature, as someone who is peaceable and ready to do whatever is good and right. They express true humility by not considering themselves as too good or too important for humble tasks. They endure injury from another with patience and without resentment, keeping their own feelings under control and by doing deeds that are done in the humility that comes from inner wisdom. They have the noble ability to give way to the wishes of others by sometimes yielding all that is rightly their due. Like a gentle giant, they sacrifice their own rights for the sake of peace and out of love, generosity and sympathy for the other individual. In all situations, they exhibit restraint coupled with strength and courage. A gentle person does not seek to make other people angry. Gentleness within an individual desires that no harm be done. A gentle person is a non-violent person who chooses to act in a way that does not harm others. They are aware that there are gentle ways to be assertive, that there are non-violent ways to stand up for what is right, and non-manipulative ways to lead and inspire others.

Sandra Walter ~ December updates

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

It is cold and rainy as a storm moves into Shasta today. I AM blessed with a comfy chair by a fireplace this weekend, after a busy gateway week. I AM house-hopping next week to a lovely room for the winter; a good spot for working on new creations.

As our bodies adapt to the current wave of light aimed at the brain, pineal and nervous system, you may feel a deep fatigue for a few hours here and there. We are moving into a rapid escalation of our path, which means we'll have to include rest when we need it, and exercise/movement to assist the codes activating in our bloodstream and bones. The last gateway brought a focus to the head as the pineal opening accelerated. This may have set off your neck, skull, sinuses, eyes, ear tones, and thinned your veils even more. Remember to feel and perceive through the Heart as the activity of the higher realms becomes more eyes-open visible. Vibration = vibration.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Action Inspired – 27 November 2014

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JamyePrice2012closeupFollowing your heart is learned behavior on Earth. Most societies and parents do not teach it. To understand the process, most begin with learning to find the true voice of the heart. The heart speaks powerful Love. Love itself is unconditional in nature, it is the human realm that has conditions. These conditions are valuable and provide the necessary experiences to progress into unconditionality.
To find the true voice of the heart, of Love, one must listen within and listen with compassion for the self. Love must be discovered, for it is the quiet opportunity amidst louder options. Pain in your physical body is ‘louder’ than ease. It is the same with your heart (emotional body in this sense), it will cry out in fear much louder than it will whisper, “All is Well.” In this way, you see that it takes great courage to find the quiet whisper of Loving opportunity. Yet it is the path to empowerment. It is this quiet but potent Love within that leads you to Action Inspired rather than action repeated or action forced. With your Action Inspired by Love, you are choosing a new path, which may not be as established as others, but it is based in Love. The courage to walk the talk of the heart is a new trail waiting to be blazed with the fire of your passion, the flame of your inspiration, the Light of your Love. Action begins with internal choice. Action Inspired by Love maintains that foundation of, “All is Well.”

Healing conversations Replay with Sandra Walter and Lauren Galey

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
Here is a link to the replay of this week’s Healing Conversations with Lauren Galey. We spoke about Pliable Time Dynamics, Disclosure, Accelerated Ascension and a whole lot more!
Lauren will be running a half-price ($222) deal on the Ascension Course through December. Register through her website, just follow the link below!
Listen to the replay HERE.
Ssndra Walter healing conversations
In Love, Light and Service,Sandra

Aisha North ~ A short update on the energies


And so it has come to pass that you have once more entered a new stage of this ever unfolding process of rebirthing yourself and this planet, and as such we would once more like to congratulate you for the efforts that you have managed to put into this over the last few days. For they were nothing if not magnificent, and so, you have once again shifted up into the next turn of the spiral if you will. For once again the horizon has expanded and you have managed to push through one of those corridors that in so many ways can be likened to the birth canal, and so, we venture to guess you can all in some sense feel how the restrictions seem to have lessened somewhat. You see, these “restrictions” are merely the equivalent of contractions, an energetic simile of it that is, one that helps to push you all forwards. And so, the light will once again increase and so too your abilities to breathe more freely. We hope this will become palpable to you all over the next few days, and even if the feeling of tenderness within your physical body may still be very much present for some of you, it too will soon begin to fade away as the energetic layers around you begin to calm down somewhat. As always, this too will be temporary, for this is also very much an ongoing process, but for now, we think you will all feel as if you have the chance to step back a little bit from it all and savour the small respite you will be given.

Meredith Murphy ~ AA Michael ~ How to Experience the Perfection of Life

Message from the Archangel Michael
Channeled by Meredith Murphy 

Hello, Beautiful Ones,
We join you today in a field of openness and love.
And so it is, that you are present for each moment. Do you realize this fully?
Do you find yourself able to respond to what presents in a way that is free and spontaneous? Without overriding it with your thinking? Can you allow yourself, and trust yourself, to relate to life directly and openly? These are subtle things to feel in your life, but worth observing.
Do you assert an idea, an approach created in your mind, at the moment? Can you shift into your heart and create more spaciousness, more openness, more flow, more presence?
Are you letting your participation arise from being met by the moment and life unfolding? Can you trust that your own energy field is creating the perfect sequence, regardless of how it may show up, or what you expected, and be one with life by embracing what is?
What we wish for you to see in all this, is that the moment presents to youfor awareness. It comes into your consciousness, so you might be aware of perceiving it. For each moment to be realized and know as it is: complete, whole, perfect.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Kara ~ More Light; More Awareness; More Love - 11/25/2014



November has been a time to dive more deeply into the goo that the October Eclipse Cycle and the powerful portal of 11:11 awakened us to. It’s all a part of our deep transformation. Many have been revisited by childhood memories, old relationships and old patterns that simply don’t serve them any longer. We’re in different spaces and indeed, we’re different people. And as we’ve reviewed the past, we spontaneously set it free and focus more fervently on the New that we are all creating. It is important to remind ourselves that we’re not alone. Many are experiencing similar things. There has been more letting go of those with whom we no longer resonate along with other guided choices we’ve made.

Especially surprising and powerful has been the dissolution of what some thought were “forever relationships,” like the Twin Flame union (as an example). Some question whether these relationships were really Twin Flames or not, since there has been so much attachment, projection and expectation surrounding the “idea” of Twin Flames. Just remember that whatever has happened is for your highest evolution. The one true part of you, your Soul, is always with you, standing by and compassionately observing with Love as each makes the choice to be more or less than who they truly are. You see, one old belief and illusion that has been important to release is the “happy ever after.” We have believed that once we have found our “Prince Charming,” it is to last forever and ever. Many have discovered that this just isn’t so. People come into our lives to help us grow into the beautiful beings we truly are; no matter how long that happens to be. The truly courageous ones have been able to see and receive the gift and let go, if that is what was guided. Remember, there are no “supposed-to’s” in the New. We have the opportunity to choose in every moment that which we resonate with within our Hearts.

The Moon Hippie Mystic ~ The Art of Life ~ Creating through Chaos

Last night as I was sleeping, I dreamt that I had a beehive within my heart, and the golden bees were making white combs and sweet honey from all of my bitter disappointments.
~ Antonio Machado
There is an Art to Life and living if we Learn how to Live it the right way, from the inside out instead of from the outside in.  It requires the willingness to open our mind and heart to our own unique, Creative Gifts.  But, more importantly, it allows us the Freedom to detach ourselves from the matrix of boxes and squares and find that the Gift of Creation is actually Beautifully chaotic.  We become attached to all kinds of unhealthy ideas of what we think we need to be happy but if we look deep withIN we find that what we think we need is mostly of a material, addictive, and external nature.  Everything is upside down in the Beautifully chaotic rabbit hole and we often perceive this chaos as our Lives “falling apart”.

Karen Dover ~ Breaking of the “mold” of being “human”

The old 3D earth created construct served to “mold” the human life experience into a variety of patterns and therefore “experiences”, it is vital to understand that all experience within the old 3D earth created construct was a result of the frequencies that were anchored and not the other way around. All is a mirror and when you look into a mirror it is a reflection that has to be turned around, everything is back to front.
At this time many of you may be challenged in a variety of ways to fully comprehend what is termed the “human life experience”, the mold is being broken down and dissolved. Attempts by your SOUL to re-arrange and re-establish any patterning will not be possible for there is nothing within the old 3D earth created construct ENERGY FIELD left to sustain the SOUL construct.  Many of you may be experiencing energy fluctuations and the de-construction of your creations as the SOUL attempts to establish “authority” over your human life experience and this dissolves once more.

Bob Fickes ~ You are What you Think!

Everything that happens today is a result of what we have been thinking. What will happen tomorrow will come from what we think today. Be careful what you think!
If we have love in our heart, tomorrow will bring more love. If we are upset today, tomorrow will bring us more things to be upset about. Change your reactions today with compassion for how people are behaving today. Understand that their negative behavior comes from pain and send them love. When we send love to someone in pain, we gain merit for our self and we melt their pain and ease their heart. Only the power of love can create transformation and bring us a better world.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Brenda Hoffman ~ How Will NEW YOU React This Holiday Season? ~ 25 November 2014

cart_headerLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo
Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for
Summary of Brenda’s November 21, 2014 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at  You’ll probably experience less trauma or sadness this holiday season. Perhaps you have experienced headaches, a lack of joy or energy, the last few days. Such is probably part of your transition, just as was true in adolescence when you welcomed your shift to adulthood, but had some emotional/physical shifts to adjust to before becoming a young adult.
The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for  “You’re a Beacon – Not a Rescue Boat”
Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.
Dear Ones,
Perhaps you have many memories – both good and bad – of this family holiday season. How will new you react the next few weeks?

Karen Dover ~ Entering into the corridor of TRUTH

As a race the human race have now entered the transition phase that sees them move from what has been termed “ascension” into EVOLUTION.  This process was prevented in other dimensional timelines due to the containment of the energy signature of Planet Earth, this is to say that the dimensional space that Planet Earth was in kept the human race also in containment. The Planet Earth now resides in the Universe of 3 which is an expansive dimensional space and allows both the planet and the human race to move into EVOLUTION.  It is to be remembered at all moments that the planet is a living, breathing energy also.
The past few “linear” days may have moved many of you to tears both of grief and frustration as once again it may appear that “issues” that you thought you had dealt with arose again.  Patterning in human behavior is what the old 3D earth created construct was built upon. As soon as you were born into a human form upon this planet you were placed into various patterns that your SOUL amplified and anchored INTO your energetic field.

Magenta Pixie ~ The Individualised Matrix Field (Horizontal Rainbow Bridge Pathway & the...

Monday, November 24, 2014

Aisha North ~ A short update on the energies

And so it is that we once again would like to take the opportunity to connect with you all in this more formal manner if you will, or rather, by way of words, in addition to the countless less visual ways of information that we utilize to connect with each and every one of you. For by now, you are all becoming quite well versed in the ability to tune into the more “silent ” ways of communication, the ones that are merely vibrations instead of going by way of a human’s head, hands and eyes and in through your eyes, mind and heart by way of your electronic equipment. Again, merely trying to explain all of the details that are necessary for us to convey our messages in this kind of fashion takes time, and yes, words, and so, we would like to delve a little bit into the more “invisible means” of transportation of information that are taking place even as we speak in these convoluted terms by way of sharing words that will be typed down, corrected and then published electronically. For during the time it takes for us to convey just a short sample of these words, there is a veritable ocean of information that is passed on by more direct means, and not just through this channel that we are using to disperse our words. No, this is something that is passing through each and every one of you at a speed and at a rate that would make anyone almost faint just trying to digest the very idea.

Lady Nada: A New Pinnacle of Your Awakening – Channeled by Fran Zepeda 11.23.14

LadyNada.picture credit:

Lady Nada:

Hello, my dear ones. It has been a while since I have spoken through this channel, but nonetheless always extend my ever-present abiding Love to you. I take you in my “arms” of Love now again in this moment.
You have traversed many a difficult turn along the ascension pathway, each in your own method and purpose and timing. There have been some deep caverns for many of you, but nevertheless you have begun to make the climb back up and have surpassed what you could only have dreamed of in the past.
While living for a brief time in those “caverns of darkness”, you learned to make your own light – to light your own lantern in a way you have not been able to do before. You created within yourself a pathway to the light, and in the process you have extinguished many a fire of upheaval and chaos and fear and momentary loss, only to reveal an opening to the true deeper part of you where you find solace and peace and enthusiasm and hope.

Shanta Gabriel – Living Life in Thanksgiving – 24 November 2014

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shanta-gabriel-teacher-guideDear Ones,
It is nearly Thanksgiving in the U.S. marking the official beginning of the holiday season.Know that in this unique time of the year there is an awakening in you of the spirit of Gratitude. It is the true essence of Thanksgiving. When you can immerse yourself in the flow of pure Gratitude, it catalyzes new abundance in every area of your life. Gratitude can provide a new containment field for your heart to open into. It is a true gift for yourself when you live in Gratitude. The power of giving thanks can help to lift you above the appearance of disharmony so that a new life emerges within you opening doors to amazing possibilities you never imagined.
Your deepest dreams are being awakened now and your heart is being offered an opportunity to create manifestation of your deepest Soul’s longings. When you open to these desires that have the potential to fulfill you in massive ways, an energy begins to work in you that you have never experienced. It is like the unlocking of the gateway to a new dimension with thanksgiving as the key.

Suzanne Lie ~ Inside the Violet Flame 11-23-14

Inside the Violet Flame

IlliaEm, Arcturian Elohim

Dear Readers,
On 10-5-14 I posted the process of “Journey to the Central Sun with IlliaEm”

 And shortly after I posted “Entering the Violet Fire,”

Both of these were received sometime around 1997. I knew there was more that I had written, but I couldn’t find it. Last night I found it and am now posting it now.

Since I received this in 1997, I did not know much about being multidimensional yet, so I speak in terms of “Soul” rather than “higher dimensional self.” I will keep it that way, so that you, the reader, can see my process of remembering.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Marilyn Raffaele ~ The Arcturian Group ~ November 23, 2014

November 23, 2014

Greetings dear ones, we are here to assist in moving the energy of the world from the old (dense/heavy) and into the new (Light).  It may seem as if the world is falling to pieces but no, you only see the storm before the calm.  Hold your peace dear ones, while not getting too involved in appearances.  Try to remember and live out from truth at all times and in all circumstances.  This is how you practice.  

The world teaches that living is easy when everything is "perfect" according to three dimensional concepts of perfect, and many still strive to attain the human sense of a "perfect" life.   Even those who have attained what the world deems success, continue to seek "something" to fill an inner emptiness that can never be satisfied from without. However, in the beginning stages of spiritual awakening, failure and disappointment are  vital for they result in a seeking and digging deeper for answers, which in turn brings soul growth. This is the story of the Holy Grail--they sought it unsuccessfully the world over and found it back home hanging in a tree.