Saturday, November 8, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ We are Born Human so We Can Show the Universe that We Can Improve!

Somehow we all know how life should be. We know that life should be enjoyable and full of love and light. But its not! But it can be!
Even in our dreams, we have good dreams and bad dreams. Is there no escape? No, there is no escape. Darkness will come, but we can have more light and love inside even when its dark outside. We can have fun even when the sun has gone away. Fun, joy, and love are qualities that we find inside our self.
Each time we meditate and each time we start our day, open our heart and let the love out. Look at each day as an opportunity to grow, to do something new and different than we did yesterday. Even our routine work can be more fun if we challenge our self to do better. Not because others expect us to do better, but because we want to open our consciousness to expand and experience more truth, more happiness, more love.

If we remember that to be alive is to explore and discover how to do something that we couldn’t do before, then our life will change. Everything that challenges us is our teacher. The teacher comes with love and shows us a new way to do something we thought we could never do. “I am human. I was born imperfect so I can discover how to perfect my self. I am the full potential of Cosmic Consciousness. I am a Cosmic Light that shines even when it is dark. I can see new things and discover new ways to do things ever day.”
“If I want to find joy, let me find it inside. If I want to find love, let me find it inside. If I couldn’t do something yesterday, let me find how to do it better today.”
Life is a challenge so we can learn more how to be alive. Never give up. Never run away. Greet each challenge as an opportunity to discover something new. Greet each challenge as a gift from the universe to teach us how to be alive. This is the reason we chose to be born as a human being rather than as a god. Gods have no challenges. The life of a god remains the same. Even a god cannot change their reality. A god never has free will. Only a human can wake up and say, “Today I will change my life and do something I couldn’t do yesterday.” This is the reason we chose to come into this life. We were born imperfect in order to perfect our self and discover our Cosmic Life in this world. Going to heaven doesn’t change who we are. Only we can change who we are. Challenges remind us that we are here to improve. Let us show the world that we can do it and once we learn, let us tell everyone that they can do it too!

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