Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Man is Half, Woman is Half, Together We Make a Whole

We look for relationships to feel more complete. When we are alone, we usually feel like something is missing. The Masters have said that man is half a body and woman is half a body. Together we make a more complete human being.
A man only sees one thing at a time. A man will often see only one possibility and pursue it until it doesn’t work. Then the man will pick something else and pursue that until it works. Meanwhile the woman sees the man doing something and thinks why are they doing that when they should be doing this instead. The woman gets frustrated with the man for not seeing what she sees.

The woman sees many possibilities at every moment. In fact she sees so many choices that it is difficult for her to make a decision which one to do. The man gets frustrated with the woman because she talks endlessly about everything and never gets to the point. So the man thinks: “Just tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it. Why don’t you get more specific?”
A man has a wallet. The woman has a purse. The man takes only what he needs. The woman takes everything just in case she might need it. A man has one pair of shoes. The woman has twenty pairs of shoes. There is a big difference between the way a man thinks and the way a woman thinks. If we put these two perspectives together, we can make a better choice!
The solution is very simple. Let the woman tell the man all the things she sees so that the man has a better selection of choices. Then he can choose wisely and both will be happy.
A woman choses from her heart and from her feelings. The man gets confused by feelings and wants to be more logical and mental. Logic is blind because we can’t see what makes others happy. The woman sees only what makes us feel good, but fails to see what is choice will work to accomplish what we want. Putting the heart first allows us to feel good, but then we must bring in the mind and make a logical decision. These two together make wisdom. Wisdom is love and knowledge combined.
In this Feminine Age we need more wisdom in everything we do. Uniting the gifts of a woman’s intuition with the perspective of the man’s gifts of logic brings greater wisdom. We make a decision together that both feels good intuitively and satisfies our knowledge of what is the best possible outcome. In the Feminine Age we need to be more mindful and more intuitive if we are going to change the trends of the past to act blindly and create pain in the future. Wisdom is the balance between male and female, between love and knowledge. A Whole Human Being is the union between the male and female. When this happens, the world will find balance.

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