Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Karen Dover ~ Releasing patterns of GRIEF in TRUTH


As many of you are now feeling intensely the energies are now deepening and expanding, all that is not TRUTH will begin to arise within you, these at a human conscious waking mind level are emotions and emotional “patterning”.  It is no co-incidence that this influx of energies “coincides” with the “remembrance” of those who have fought in wars.  This seeks to trigger that which is ALREADY WITHIN the human vehicle, that is GRIEF.  The patterning is already there at a cellular level, it will have been lived out repeatedly over lifetimes on this planet in human form.   It is EXTERNALISED in the process of remembering, that is it is related to an event which has passed and is being remembered.   This takes you OUT of the NOW moment and seeks to have you reference this as an event that has already PASSED. This is not TRUTH for grief is repeatedly triggered over and over again within the old 3D earth created construct. As ALL happens in the NOW moment then the GRIEF is always present until it has been released.
It is not possible to trigger something that does not already reside within the human vehicle, that is you cannot feel angered by another person unless you are running the frequency of anger within you. The “overlay” is the person who “makes” you angry. If you did not already have a stored pattern in relation to anger you would not react. So it is with grief which is triggered over and over and at no point in the human life experience within the old 3D earth created construct are you taught how to release this grief. You are TAUGHT to hold on to it tightly, you are taught this in the teaching that seeks to teach you to “always remember”. This is like walking with a wound that you allow to heal to a certain level and then you re-open the wound.

It is also to be remembered that grief is experienced in the NOW moment in ALL dimensional timelines in which you have incarnated in order to experience the old 3d earth created construct. So you are not only triggering any grief that you have experienced in this lifetime but in ALL other dimensional timelines also. Many of you at this time may be very emotionally fragile and may find yourself crying over “very little”. This is an indication that you are releasing the emotional patterning that you were TAUGHT is TRUTH but is anything but.
Emotions are to be experienced in a FLOW, that is they are to flow through you, the experience of the emotion then alters and shifts as the emotions FLOWS, within the old 3d earth created construct you are taught to HOLD ONTO IT, it thus becomes solid and cannot flow. This begins to affect the human vehicle and starts patterns of DE-construction which are referenced as “illness”. It is entirely possible to die from a “broken heart” a heart that is CLOGGED with the denser frequencies will struggle to work and then affect other organs in the human vehicle.
The human vehicle is a miracle in its creation but it is designed to allow for FLOW, when this is prevented it starts to try to RE-BALANCE itself and this sees various physical ailments begin to manifest. This is a result of the denser frequencies that are anchored and are preventing the FLOW.
At this time you are asked to allow ALL to flow, to release the grief, to acknowledge it and to accept that you feel it, that is all that is necessary to allow this to begin to melt and to flow. The more GRIEF patterning that you have anchored the more will be the NEED of your human vehicle to allow this flow so the ENERGY that YOU ARE in TRUTH will create scenarios, events and people to trigger these frequencies, you cannot release something that you have not acknowledged.  You will not drown in grief, this is a deep teaching from within the old 3D earth created construct that seeks to keep you from allowing the FLOW.
Both the planet and your human vehicle now resonate at a frequency MUCH HIGHER than ever before, this frequency is now repelling ALL THAT IS NOT TRUTH, it is to be remembered that EVERYTHING IS A FREQUENCY, it may appear to be solid in the outer waking life but it is a frequency. The human race is being asked to let go and to allow flow, to come back into balance within the heart space. From this deep healing will begin and a clarity of vision will begin to emerge that allows you to see that which has been hidden in plain view for eternity.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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