Friday, November 14, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Ascended Masters Sometimes Materialize into Physical Form

When we are doing spiritual work and have the intention to help others, the Masters are always around us helping us from the invisible worlds. We never know they are there in the background helping us in everything we do. Usually they never let us know they are there. On rare occasions when we really need it, they do materialize into physical form so we can believe that they are real.

Many years ago my good friends Anna and Peter Meyer were watching TV in their living room when suddenly Babaji materialized in front of them! They had been students of Yogananda for many years but never thought that they would do spiritual work. When Babaji suddenly appeared, they were shocked and couldn’t believe what was happening. Babaji told them that they needed to teach a new form of channeling that he called Channeling from the Inner Christ. He materialized many times to them and dictated a book called “Being a Christ.”

Babaji never appeared to me in a physical form but he let me know he was present in my consciousness and told me the same instructions that he gave to Anna and Peter. At that time, I was totally unaware of Anna and Peter. Two years later I discovered their book and was surprised that the techniques he taught me were real! I have been teaching these techniques ever since. In fact I will be teaching this form of Self Realization Channeling on a long meditation course in Chiang Mai from February 22 – 28.

My friends continued to teach for fifteen years and then started to doubt that what they were doing was real. One day, Anna was driving in her car in San Diego and noticed that there was a long haired hippy riding a motorcycle behind her. He was wearing a pink satin suit and looked very strange. She was nervous about him riding the motorcycle so close to her car. Then he drove beside her and smiled. It was Babaji! As quickly as he appeared, he drove off into the distance and disappeared. But she knew it was a message to keep doing her work and never doubted again.

Masters will appear sometimes when we are in deep doubt. They want to encourage us to keep doing the work we promised to do to help the people. Usually they remain invisible and just send us signs or omens that we are on the right track. But when we ignore the signs, they can materialize to make sure we get the message. It is very rare but I have many friends who told me similar stories about Masters physically appearing to them in times of desperation and doubt. We don’t expect this or ask for it, but it does happen when we least expect it.

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