Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ God is in Our Heart!

God sees through our eyes, hears through our ears, speaks through our mouth, and feels through our heart. Behind our personality, God is eternally present looking through our soul and through our body at the world we are creating. Usually God is a Silent Witness to everything we do and rarely intervenes in our choices. As a human being we have free will to decide what we want to do and how we will do it. We make our own choices and God silently watches over us.
After making many choices on our own, our soul one day decides that we are limited by our self and realizes that we need help. God is there, waiting for this magical moment in our life when we want to find a better way to do things. Our mind has been shouting at us to do things the way we want, but God is always waiting to whisper to us to do it another way. Learning how to listen to the whisper of God is a great challenge to every human soul. We must learn to surrender our thoughts and just silently listen to the higher path.

The heart is the doorway to God. Opening the door to our heart allows us to expand our perspective and just feel the truth of what we really want and how to move the energy of Love and Cosmic Intelligence to do it. At that moment we must let go of our individual thoughts and surrender to a higher power, to the God Within Us.
The first step we must take is to learn how to open our heart and feel the goodness of God within us. Put aside all of your worries and doubts, put aside all of your thoughts and just feel the presence of a mighty force of Love and Light inside of your heart. The first time we ask our heart to open to God, the door opens just enough to let a little light in.
We must practice opening that door over and over again until more light comes in. Don’t try to hard! Just relax and feel more open. The light will gradually come in more and more intensely until our heart is full. You will start to feel your heart getting warmer and filling up with deep inner peace and love. It feels so good that we automatically surrender and allow more love to come in.
Once the heart feels this deep inner peace and love, ask your heart, “What do you really want to give me?” The heart will move and you will feel something that you really love, something that you really want. Don’t try to think about it. Feel it and don’t worry about the details. Feeling the energy moving and allow your self to go with the flow. If you feel pushed, relax again and just let it flow without thinking about it. If you start to worry, relax again and trust that this feeling is a good start and you will eventually understand what it is that you want to do.
At the very center of your inner being, God is there, waiting to help you. We just need to get out of the way and allow this mighty force to guide us. Step by step your heart will become clear enough to allow the feelings to talk to you and guide you. God is not outside. God is deep inside of your heart and the very center of your life. Mind is on the very surface of the ocean of consciousness. When the ocean of God rises up inside of you, your heart will feel more confident to take the next step and allow your feelings to express them selves. Let go and let God move through you. It is the most extraordinary experience you will ever have. It will change your life forever.

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