Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ You are What you Think!

Everything that happens today is a result of what we have been thinking. What will happen tomorrow will come from what we think today. Be careful what you think!
If we have love in our heart, tomorrow will bring more love. If we are upset today, tomorrow will bring us more things to be upset about. Change your reactions today with compassion for how people are behaving today. Understand that their negative behavior comes from pain and send them love. When we send love to someone in pain, we gain merit for our self and we melt their pain and ease their heart. Only the power of love can create transformation and bring us a better world.

Maybe you will say that you cannot change your reactions and cannot stop thinking negatively to others misbehavior. Our thoughts are automatic. We cannot stop them. BUT we can change our feelings by tuning into our heart and feeling compassion for their pain. If we can pause even for a moment and tune into our heart, we can change the way we feel and radiate more love to others. The wheel of karma moves automatically and keeps turning our negative responses over and over again until we introduce love. Love can transform the wheel of karma into a wheel of love. Love heals all karma, all stress and all negative reactions.
Think about negative things and the result will be negative tomorrow. Feel more love today and the result will be more love tomorrow. It is very simple. You are what you think!

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