Thursday, November 27, 2014

Karen Dover ~ Breaking of the “mold” of being “human”

The old 3D earth created construct served to “mold” the human life experience into a variety of patterns and therefore “experiences”, it is vital to understand that all experience within the old 3D earth created construct was a result of the frequencies that were anchored and not the other way around. All is a mirror and when you look into a mirror it is a reflection that has to be turned around, everything is back to front.
At this time many of you may be challenged in a variety of ways to fully comprehend what is termed the “human life experience”, the mold is being broken down and dissolved. Attempts by your SOUL to re-arrange and re-establish any patterning will not be possible for there is nothing within the old 3D earth created construct ENERGY FIELD left to sustain the SOUL construct.  Many of you may be experiencing energy fluctuations and the de-construction of your creations as the SOUL attempts to establish “authority” over your human life experience and this dissolves once more.

The energies of the planet itself are high at this time in order to move you from the old 3D earth created perception of the human life experience into TRUTH which has never been experienced at a human level before. Always those who took human form upon this planet were contained and suppressed due to having to have a SOUL construct in order to experience the Planet Earth.
It is NOT a requirement to have a SOUL construct to enter the New Earth, the New Earth is experiencing heaven upon earth and is where the ENERGY that YOU ARE in TRUTH, that is SOURCE energy, has the opportunity to interact with the human vehicle DIRECTLY with no interference from the SOUL construct. This has seen many of you upgrade your human vehicle to allow the human vehicle to interact at this level. This is the reason that the human vehicle is moving from a carbon based structure to a CRYSTALLINE structure, the crystalline structure becomes the interface that you require for the ENERGY that YOU ARE in TRUTH to decode and experience the frequencies that present themselves to you as the human life experience.
In order to release the SOUL construct you must illuminate the patterns before then releasing them. Many of you are growing tired of the continual release and then further release loops that the SOUL construct creates in an attempt to remain in place.  I state clearly that releasing the SOUL is permanent and is a process that sees you move into TRUTH and have full control as it were over this your human life experience.  Following your SOUL will lead you to the patterns but they will reach such a powerful de-constructive force that you will not be able to go any further on your path with the SOUL construct in place.
I am offering SOUL Collection ™ Classes online to address this issue, many of you are here at this time in order to birth creations into the human race, this is not possible with the SOUL construct in place. It was a requirement necessary to enter the human race originally and be birthed onto this planet, that is ALL that it was required for. You will naturally KNOW if the time is at this moment to release your SOUL, each human vehicle is at a different stage in the transition process which then moves into EVOLUTION. It would negate the journey for the entire human race to shift at one moment, this is filtered out by the SOUL construct which likes to TEACH that “ALL = everyone at once”. This is not TRUTH and is not supported by the New Earth frequency realities.
For further information on these classes which are run weekly please visit the main website or alternatively email me via  Class numbers are limited to 5 per class, I will run as many classes are required but the restriction on the class sizes will remain. This is to ensure that the information is received and the release is at the required level.  Again I would underline that this release is PERMANENT, once released the frequency pattern cannot re-anchor and therefore moves you OUT of the loops that your SOUL is attempting to persuade you is part of your human life experience at this time.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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