Shift and Ascension experiences from readers

Hi everyone,  I have come up with this idea to add a page to this Blog where everyone can share his/her experiences of these days and big Shift.  It will be called "Shift and Ascension experiences from readers" and can be found on top of the page next to other pages like "about me" and "contact".  It can be from a feeling to a real encounter or from dreams to really making a trip through the dimensions... It can be various things that you want to share, so please be my guest and share away!  I want to make this possible so that everyone can read other ones their experiences so that maybe you will find some recognition and know that you are not alone in this and support each other.
Here is mine:


You are free to share yours through my e-mail, that can be found on my page of "contact" or you are free to comment on this page and I will copy paste all of this and publish it under this page.  You may add your name under this, or not.  Thank you for contributing in this all and share away.  Truly appreciated!  Love you all precious hearts, Méline ♥

Shift experiences Solstice June 2013

ved-mara (
I was sick with very high temperature right on solstice and my heart reacted to it too((( i didn't get this high temperature for more than 10 years I think, very unusual for me((( so it was hard to concentrate on anything except getting well.

Fabrizio Bosdachin

became evident Einstain and ghandi.
I was at the beach with the family I felt more in harmony meditation on the beach hearing the sound of the sea and the breeze of the wind. was particularly active kundalini, chakras were like oranges, inside the physique it feels like sway. inner ears, hear the new frequencies, they feel like ringing bells and crystals. then with the frecuenze within the sound waves such as words, but do not understand my own language. it feels absent for a few seconds from the physical body as if you were somewhere else but do not know where in those moments.
chakras were more in tune with each other, people who encounter are much more possitive, we note their change.

A personal experience, beyond fear

1180Lion-at-Sunset-PostersThe last solar solstice was in my personal experience quite challenging. It gave me a full range of new energies, but it also awoke my old fears and doubts. After posting a channeling from Ashtar I got some negative reactions. In one of them I was accused to be one of his recruits, someone who’s helping him to accomplish his devilish plan to imprison humanity. I know it is a ridiculous statement, but at that moment it brought me out of balance. What am I doing? Do I know that what I’m doing is right? Am I on the right path? I really was challenged to investigate my belief system. Last Sunday I was at a friend’s place where we do our weekly mediation. Before the mediation I asked to clear up the situation. This is what I got through:

1) Be your own God: you are the centre of what you believe in, perceive and want to manifest on earth.
2) Think with your heart: by doing this you overcome the manic state of thinking; you centre yourself in Love and Oneness with all human beings.
3) See with one eye: by using your third eye as the centre of perception you overcome the concept of duality, it gives you the clarity of Oneness with the whole Universe.

I know these insights are far from ground breaking. At the same time they gave me the confirmation that I’m doing great and I’m walking the right path. By sharing I hope it brings you clarity too. For now,
In Love,
Daan (aka SanLeoSol)

Hi Meline,

It’s Glenn…….Thanks sooo much for sharing what you are going through I really enjoyed reading your post on the Solstice energies.

Ok let me see where do I begin?.........All month (June) I have had different kinds of dreams, dreams that I remember and that is very different for me because I have been working on different tasks in the Higher realms as my body sleeps and I awake very tired as if not sleeping at all. It has been that way for months now, but June is different I am dreaming again and waking up rested. On the 18th I started having a lot of heat being generated from the heart chakra I was always really hot and the weather has been cold so it is really different for me to hot all the time like that because when it is cold my legs get cold (because of having very little circulation in them) and generally I can’t get warm, so this heat from the heart charka is like have a sun or a heater going all the time and it didn’t stop until the 23rd. I also have been hearing new energies, I also have been seeing this energy it is like a thick fog or something not sure how to explain it? My head feels bigger and lighter if that makes sense? This energy has a very high pitch to it very fast energy. I am feeling the higher chakras being worked on or activated, I have also been feeling the kundalini running from the heard chakra and into the arms, hands and head. My body feels much lighter almost like floating, I feel the energy spinning around me at a very fast pace a lot faster than it was before. For what feels like a long time now, it has been hard to remember things mostly short term memory and time is all blurred together, I really don’t know what day of the week it most of the time and it is hard to judge the time of day, time has also been getting faster week by week it feels like there isn’t time to get anything done in the 3d anymore. I hope that is all I can’t remember anything else right now……….if I think of more I will send it to you later.

We are always thinking of you, lots of unconditional love, light and unlimited abundance to you.

Make every moment great,

Stephen Naylor
I wanted to tell you my ascension story even though I know it's late.
By the way, I love belgian ale!
First of all I have been seeing the number 24 a lot in movies and in some other ways recently.
This was after I found out it is the birthdate of St. John the Baptist which I never knew before even though I was raised Christian.
This is my ascension story:
I got a sound in my right ear on December 26th of 2012 at 1:33pm and then again at 1:33am.
Since that time, I usually see this on the clock or 10:33 when something positive is happening like when I'm holding my niece.
Ok so on Good Friday, my heart chakra went off soon after I saw 11:33 on my Dad's phone.
Then I had two prophetic dreams.
One featured my Mom with a rash on her face.
Soon after the dream she got a rash on her face.
Then I had a dream about a neighbor's funeral.
It turned out that he had been suffering from shingles which is potentially fatal.
Alright so a few days after this happened, I felt a pleasant feeling around my face for no reason.
That next Saturday in April I found a large pinecone under our pine tree when raking and thought of the large pinecone at the Vatican which I know is in reference to the pineal gland.
I come out from under the tree, and a hawk goes right over me.
The next thing I know I get a "message".
Part of the message instructed me to try and tell my friend something.
It was so bizarre, but I believe that my crown chakra had been activated.
May was really rough for me, and part of June wasn't so good either.
But ever since the 22nd I have felt great and what I believe to be fifth dimensional.

Dear Méline.

Since yesterday afternoon I feel very strong energy intensified. At the level of the heart chakra also have felt a very pleasant heat that has been extended to the hands. Yesterday I was at a party and felt unconditional love in all that surrounds me. People are different, indescribable! This morning, I still feel new energy intensified, but now are trying to activate the crown chakra and third eye. I'm still in a state later this last level, but I hope to successfully overcome these last milestones. You must release the fears and what no longer serves and accept the new with determination. Perhaps what is hindering me is the fear away from loved ones.

Thanks for your sharing, it was very enlightening.

With much Love and Light

  I accept your invitation to share a tiny bit about what I’ve been experiencing.  To make it even simpler, at least initially, I refer you to this post from the morning of the 22nd
  I have been ‘floating’ in this ineffable state of deep, imperturbable inner peace and joy for around two days now.  However, I began to enter this state often late last year, and the past few weeks merged most deliciously into it almost full-time.  Now it is completely locked in.  Like Bill Ballard has publicly claimed (and I’m sure many, many others have done, though not yet publicly announced), I have apparently ‘crossed the bridge’, and have now about-faced to make myself more available to those in the last legs of their own transition.  I have released any and all desires, goals, longings, wants, needs, and concerns that are part and parcel of what used to be human life on planet Earth.  And so it is.
  I have also received more information in the last two days about my own Soul Identity (Multi-dimensional Self), after having ‘wondered’ about this for the past few years while experiencing some fairly radical and dramatic and emotional ‘downloads’ and interpersonal exchanges, and after having much very powerful and definite and clear information brought to me, and through me (the incarnate, human portion of my consciousness), regarding this somewhat ‘delicate’ issue.  I AM now very content, my curiosity sated – despite not having all the exact details.  No matter.  Since we are All ONE anyway (as I expressed in a recent blog post regarding the continuing ‘high drama’ about twin flames and the like), it really and truly is immaterial as to exactly which AM or AA or Galactic – or combination of multiple Essences and Aspects of Higher-Dimensional Beings – one ‘is’ while wearing the human form in this virtual reality game we are concluding now.
  But I digress.  The Energies are ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT!  Finally, the ineffable feeling of our True Home. . . .  I highly recommend that you all not only accept these ecstatic, ethereal vibrations into your BE-ing – now and forevermore -- but actively bathe in them constantly, and joyfully, for the rest of your ‘time’ in this rapidly ascending realm.  I mean, why in Heaven not? 
  ‘Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream . . . . ‘
P.S. – Meline, I wrote the above after reading only the first two paragraphs of your post, your request for stories.  Now, after starting to read about your actual experiences . . . . well, you can see for yourself the parallels.  I’m very happy for you, my dear J

Hello Meline,
you asked for some input on these energies. Well I have a delicious one for you. What a week!!!
I'll try and put this in writing.  Sorry, I have a lots of gifts but writing is not one of them :)

Monday June 17th sunrise:
I awoke to streaming energy running through my body wave after waves . It lasted close to a half an hour. The most beautiful nurturing, loving definently devine feminine energy flooding every cell of my body. Then a voice spoke to me and said. I have returned!! Hmm, the world can definently use that!

Two days later this would have been wed. Okay have to back up here. I have these little episodes been happening for years. when I am going to get a down load of energy. Every cell in my body starts to vibrate. it feels like a jumbo jet ready for take off! I just go with the flow.

Winter solstice I saw threw the veil to the other side. at that time it was just a landscape.
Spring equinox mathamatical equations.

Last several months I have been having lucid dreams where I am pregnant. ( yikes)

Okay here we go. The other night i got my body vibrating ( here comes the jumbo jet ) Well, I slipped right over to the other side. Now there are building an people all around talking and just being. And guess what The BABIES are born they are everywhere. Such wonderful souls.

 In the distance i see a man who I recognised. he walk over to me looked me in the eyes and said " hi I'm Michael" At this point i go into a slight fog during our conversation.

I spent what to be hours over there just walking around and checking things out. 5D is the most wonderful thing in the world can't wait to get there!!!

When I got back the first thing out of my mouth was THANK YOU!

the next morning when I woke up I was feeling very depressed. It felt like i had drank a 5th of whiskey and had one hell of a hangover, every muscle, joint, chakra even my hair hurt. My heart chakra felt like it had been kicked from and back.

Now I am looking forward to the super moon. I wonder what that will bring. Hopefully some much needed sleep LOL!!!


phillypam Jun 22, 9:08 pm
My physical body has changed over the last months, my jaw has widened and I have trouble speaking, I AM lisping. My eyes have changed, they look more alien and I have trouble focusing. I hear the rewiring going on in my head and tones coming from everywhere, inside and out, but the head hurts, like the bones are expanding to accommodate. My only relief is to meditate until I no longer feel my physical body and I AM just my Lightbody free of constraint, I just don’t fit into this vehicle any longer. I want to share a dream I had Thursday, June 20th, metaphoric for finding that space in my High Heart: ‘I was visiting my hometown and attending a church ceremony. WE were standing outside the wall but it didn’t feel right and I found there was another chamber to the Church that had been blocked off. When WE entered I recognized it, it felt so right. Then WE started digging in the sand in the floor and finding uncut diamonds, one after another’. Awesome! Lots of Love and Light to All my Brothers and Sisters,

  thank you Beloved Méline ! The Orion gate was intense for me too--I succumbed to the FIRST real illness (BAD cold) I’ve had in more than a year, since I began cleaning up with RIFE from the re-exposure to neurotoxins I suffered in 2010-11! I’ve learned to listen to my body & slept as much as I needed to: 13-14 hours a night for 3 whole nights--steaming with herbs & essential oils to open up my respiratory passage! YES MANY ACTIVATIONS--I’m continuing Violet Flame work daily & nightly & (since June began) added to that asking AA Michael for his activations, asking the the other AA’s & Ascended Masters for their activations & assistance, as well as the High Council of Orion! My ear chakras have been activating for more than a year & like crazy since Dec 21--they are finally balancing out! YES YES YES the HEARt & the LOVE!!! Beautiful! Light & geometry! I’m FINALLY getting ready to paint--actually started --prepped 4 small canvases! I’ve been dealing with short-term memory loss ever since getting toxed in 1998--that was an intense years-long fight to come back--but sure took my brain through a LOT of the changes that so many are experiencing in a far different way right now! My Solstice experience was astounding! I’d been personally invited by a Ministry of Culture rep to the traditional sacred ceremony on site of a traditional Maya-Inka site & it was BEAUTIFUL! I also made some very important connections & afterwards my day went a little different than planned--as I’ve finally learned to pace myself according to MY needs rather than try to fulfill all others want from me! Yet I put in 2 hours on a very creative community activity, & connected with friends & colleagues that are not only becoming very dear to me but the art collaborations that are blossoming are BLOSSOMING, so exciting--& very interestingly--looking like the plan I had BEFORE my life was changed by the challenge of coming back from toxic exposure caused brain injuries, blindness & illness--is coming back with astounding opportunity! Interesting you shared that you couldn’t find words--when I came home last night-- I KNEW many friends were waiting to hear about my Solstice experience--& all I could do was read & click Like to let people know I was present--but I had no words too... just a beautiful feeling of fullness of love & light & that words were completely unnecessary! If you would like to share this on you “Shift and ascension experiences from readers” please feel free to cut & paste it! Much LOVE & LIGHT to you dear one! Zeeva

Shift experiences of December 21, 2012

Hello :)
On 20th Dec2012 during meditation ...which I am not really very good at!...I saw via 3rd eye a small very bright white snowflake shaped light with a pattern which was very intricate & beautiful,the middle of it was spinning.I will never forget this sight & would love to know what it means & if anyone else has experienced this please.
Thank you. 

André Cartois:
Hoi Méline,
Ik heb je blog en ervaring gelezen.
En moet zeggen dat ik soortgelijke ervaring had. Alleen miste ik de ervaring van licht en paarse vlammen. Maar begon ook een mooiere omgeving te ervaren. Ook leek ik hetzelfde gevoel van 3 dagen duisternis te ervaren, of zoals je zelf zegt , grijze donkere dagen die ik ook vergeleek als de 3 dagen duisternis.

Op de 21st zelf heb ik ook wel enkele lichtflitsen ontvangen toen ik in meditatie was. Echt duidelijk lichtflitsen met gesloten ogen waarneembaar. En de nacht die er op volgde kwam Inelia in men droom tevoorschijn maar we hadden verder geen contact. Er is duidelijk iets gebeurt, dat is zeker. Helaas voor de vele lichtwerkers die iets materialistisch wouden zien gebeuren. Nu moeten we beseffen dat het aan ons is om de wereld te veranderen. De energieën die zijn door gekomen en nog doorkomen. Zijn deze die onze creatie kracht ontwikkelen.

ik heb een klein experimentje gedaan en tot op heden hoed dit stand. Dus mensen komaan begin er aan, creëer wat je verbeeldingskracht toelaat en doe dit met de volle overgave van je hart. Het lukt, maar vergewis je er van dat het moet blijven tussen de mogelijkheden van deze tijdsruimte.Vb niet denken dat je bij een HST trein op de laatste minuut nog even de rails kan oversteken. We zitten in de fase van creatie en met onvoorwaardelijke liefde zijn de grenzen zeer beperkt en lijkt alles mogelijk. Meditatie is ook altijd een goede geleider voor het realiseren van je verlangens. Daarom zijn er nog steeds groepen die dagelijks mediteren voor wereld vrede.

Aan allen een fijne creatieve 2013
André C.

* Nadia:  for me the day itselfstarted no special but after my everyday meditation for global healing sun came back and it was a beautyful activation to anchor energy was really easy and so powerful and many rays were ready there just to be lived and activated by human mind,the rest of the day was really good and both me and my daughter felt light and joyful but this ended when we fall back at evening in in ou habits and rwrong patterns days I was busy and not caring enough for inside work and next days i perceived strong attacks connected with my activity as lightworker.Is difficoult to live with people in denser minds because sometimes their energies are aggressive or feel heavy.And we have subtle problems then.Is not easy and not over and we all need to concentrate more globally on anchoring light and the trhiumph of light!!!

* Jo: Dearest Meline, Thankyou so much for sharing this…reading your experience has helped me to begin to process what has been going on for me too after the alignment….it has been a challenging time but to read your post and the comments of your readers, and to see that many of us are going through this darkness brings me hope, and helps to loosen the binds of this sadness I am feeling. Huge love and blessings to you…what a wonderful pillar of light you are xxx

* Palmi einarsson: Thanks Méline, its was very much the same for me. Three days of stillness and darkness, very quiet. But on the fourth day she rose again with golden hue over the mountains. I have been feeling like a massive download is occurring through my crown chakra in my meditation sessions. I am feeling more and more pressure in my third eye and also like something is changing within. Lots of love.

* On the day of 21 december I have felt an enormous energy surronding me, it feels like an expansion of myself, which I know it is =) I feel very very calm and my I AM precense is talking to me in such a way I can no longer ignore its voice. Now I just have to be brave enough to show the light to others. Sara

* Pisces222: In the early morning hours of 12-12-12 I was awakened with an extremely uncomfortable feeling in my pelvic region. It was not like contractions (I've had two children) but it was a strong, constant pressure. It lasted almost one hour. As that was almost over I began feeling a pressure on the top of my head and this lasted about thirty minutes. I fell back to sleep while this was occurring. Has anyone else had anything like this? I've also had a high frequency noise in my head for about eights months now also.
Peace and love to all <3

* This one is from Grace, she was kindly enough to send this to me through mail.  It is from her blog; you can find the original on 

A New Dawn, A New Home?

How was your 12:12:12? I hope it was all that you intended for it to be, and more :)

I am in a very hopeful place for Humanity after the downloads yesterday. During my first meditation, instead of seeing the usual column or cloud of Light, I saw instead helix spirals of diamond and gold, cascading down. I think the entire globe was literally drowning in those energies. Imagine all those DNA codes firing up and awakening more of the masses!

Then this morning, I was woken up by "something", in time to see blobs of rainbow colours formed by the sunlight passing through the crystals hanging at my window. They were all over the room, and two unusual formations caught my attention. One was shaped like a cross, while the other looked like a geometric figure resembling a house. I grabbed my phone and clicked away. After a minute, the rainbow blobs disappeared. What a treat!


I have no clear conclusion what this means, if at all anything. But I would like to believe that the "message" has something to do with Christ Consciousness (which is what we are all embodying fro this Shift) and our new "Home"...!  :)


  1. Thank you for sharing the lovely rainbow prisms ("blobs"). The rainbow images remind me of an experience I had during my first full (prolonged) ascension to a higher realm. After being blessed by several Ascended Masters (and yes, this was about Christ- or Buddha-Consciousness), I saw rainbow flashes of light. I heard a voice say, "Welcome to the Seven Rays." I asked, "What does that mean?" and I was told, "You have become one who can channel the Seven Rays for others."

    Since all I knew was that there are Seven Rays of Creation in Reiki, I wrote to the Reiki master who trained me, and he sent me a chart which introduced me to the Seven Archangels of the Seven Rays. After praying for guidance as to how to work with the Ascended Masters and Archangels to channel the Seven Rays, I have worked with the Seven Archangels of the Seven Rays in my work as an energy healer and spiritual mentor (intuitive life coach) ever since.

    So, the images above represent to me the Seven Rays of Creation blessing the viewer with a message of higher consciousness and working together for the greater good.

    Thank you! Peace, Love, and Bliss,

  2. I was lucky to stumble upon a blog with a guide book that explains the Shift (of the Ages) during these evolutionary years really well. It includes extensive information about 2012 and the Mayan Prophecy from history to present day science and spirituality as we grow in consciousness. Check it out: