Monday, April 30, 2012

Melchizedek ~~ Pleiadian message ~~ 30/04/2012 channeled by Méline Lafont

Hello Méline,

We are the pleiadians and we have a message for you.  We are on the verge of something hughe to come your way.  We are glad to inform you that we have won the battle against the dark ones, better known as the Illuminati and the Cabal.
They are indeed on their way to the Tribunal of World Order and they are about to be gone for an eternity.  They will not return, therefore you are free to ascend now and so is Mother Earth.  We, the Pleiadians, are about to join you soon and we are willing to communicate with you as soon as possible after the disclosure has occured. 
This will not be as far away as you think, this will be very soon my dear brothers and sisters.
We are glad to be able to finally meet you on our ships.  You are all the most welcome and we wish to see you on our ships, as it is your homefamily who are aboard waiting for you.
We are going to contact you all on a telepathic way, so nobody will be forgotten during this transformation.  The transformation is necessary to be able to ascend to the 5th Dimension.  Your beautifull Mother Earth is upon a great transformation and she is ready.
Send her all your love and light she needs to ascend.  She will be beautifull again and a paradise that will be your new home for an eternity.
We, the Pleiadians want to thank you for this opportunity to give you this message.
I am Melchizedek from the Great White Brotherhood, Namaste.

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Saint Germain ~~ The Earth and her ascension proces ~~ 30/04/2012 Channeling by Méline Lafont

Dear ones,

We are almost done with the cleansing of Mother Earth.  The Arcturians and Myself are trying to land on your planet and invite you to our ships.  The Illuminati and the Russian government are going to the Tribunal of World Order right now and they are to never return again.  Lady Nada is escorting them in order to establish a safe journey for them, so returning is not an option for them.  The Illuminati and the Russian government have to explain their deeds to the Tribunal of World Order, to go afterwoods to Orion and to come never back again.  We are on the verge of taking them down and they can not resist us anymore.  They are desperate but their intentions are not to avail.  They will not succeed their intentions of killing the World population and they will be gone for an Eternity.  The Illuminati and the Russian government are awaiting their proces for endangering humankind and planeth Earth and her beauty.  
They are on their way now and are going to the Tribunal of World Order as we speak.  They are not to be return.  They are going to have to explain their deeds, though they are unforgivable.  They will be punished by never beeïng able to return to planeth Earth again.  The Illuminati and the Russian government are on their way and they are so desperate.  That is why we are accompaning them to make sure they can not return, and they will not return !  This for an Eternity.  You will be finally free and this for an Eternity.

I am Saint Germain and I thank you for your assistance to Mother Earth which you are helping with ascending to the 5th Dimension..  And she will be ready now to move forwards  to the 5th Dimension.  Since the Illuminati and the Russian government are on their way, she will be free to ascend.  These are things that are happening behind the scenes my Dear ones, but to come out soon. You will see that all of our actions are about to be known and the media will finally show the truth.  When time has come that the media is disclosing these things, you will see the landings of the ships of our Galactic brother and sisters.  The Arcturians and myself are awaiting you to welcome you all at our ships.  We will finally be able to communicate with each other and you will be free at last, and this for an Eternity.

Saint Germain.

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Have faith and patience – Jesus through Isabel Henn April 28, 2012

My Beloved. The month is drawing to an end. Many things have happened, albeit behind the scenes. There have been arrests and many changes have come into the final stages and will soon be obvious to all. Have faith and patience. Our allies on Earth are just before the completion of the steps to the huge changes to be visible for all the world. The mass arrests are imminent, to be joined by any restructuring.
I appeal to all light workers to remain calm, and continue to spread your light and love as wonderful as you are doing so far already. It is a pleasure to see how the light is constantly increasing on Earth, and illumine all the dark spots so far. Share your love and your light with your fellow man. You help them to wake up. Light has already won, now it counts, to spread it to the most remote spots on your beautiful planet. With each spark that you ignite in your families, friends or even strangers, you spread the light widely. Explain to them what the changes entail, what they will bring, if you will be asked. And the questions will come, once they see how calm and relaxed you are in the face of all events.
There is nothing to fear. You can celebrate and dream. Dream of a world in peace, prosperity and above all LOVE. You All are love, unconditional love and ONE with the Father. He, the Source and All That Is, loves you beyond measure, just as I love you. You are my beloved brothers and sisters and together with the Angels and Ascended Masters of Earth and the Galaxies, we accompany you through the events and offer our support and help.
Stay confident and in your light and your love. The happy end of a long dark period in duality is at hand. I am your you loving brother Jesus.
Thank you Jesus

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We will speak this morning about the changes which are manifesting within you.  Many ask continually about arrests, finances and governance; but we tell you that the things of real import are happening in your bodies, minds, and spirit.
We hear now ones are asking, what are these physical symptoms?  What are these dreams about?  Why am I so very tired?  Why am I sleeping so much?  Why am I not sleeping?  All of these things, and many more, are the results of changes which are being made in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies.  They are not being made to you, dear friends.  They are being made with you as a result of your prayers and intentions.  Please look upon them as the clearest indicators you have seen so far of the reality of everything we have been telling you.  They are just as real as any earthquakes or tsunamis.  The earthquakes and tsunamis are, in fact, reflections of the earthquakes and tsunamis within the human.
We have advised you to approach these things with a spirit of wonder, play, and gratitude.  We see many of you taking this advice to heart.  When you see friends or neighbors distressed by these things, please gently show them that resistance and trying to make sense of it in their old understandings will only cause further stress.  We say, “Roll with it.  Go with it.  Play with it.”  If you keep your intent on finding the new you of your intentions, you will find a way to enjoy each indicator of change within you.  Yes, it is possible that there could be discomfort and even some pain involved for some, depending on the type of change they must go through, but acceptance and gratitude will ensure quick assimilation of the energies and changes.  Ask us for help in incorporating the new frequencies into your bodies, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, and you shall have it.
The new person you find yourself to be will delight you indeed.  In truth you are already that person, and have always been.  Now, at last, it will again be possible for those aspects of you to live within you on your world.  This is what you are terming ascension.  As someone has recently pointed out to you, it could as well be called descension.  You have invited the best parts of yourselves to come live within you and the invitation has been heard and accepted.  Why not have a homecoming party inside, dear hearts?  Laugh, dance, even cry, if that is what you feel.  But each day give thanks and allow it to happen.  Let your thoughts be on acceptance and more acceptance.  Tell your higher selves how welcome they are.  Thank your Creator for the opportunity to be here now to experience this.  This will easily serve to get you through any disturbance you may see within or without you.
We advise you not to refuse to see what is going on around you, but to keep your focus on what is going on within you.  Those things brought to the surface of reality to be released from human consciousness need not concern you overmuch.  Soon enough they will cease to exist in your world for good and forever.  Let them go and instead hold in your embrace the new feelings, understandings, and dreams that you are finding.  Tomorrow we will speak again, my friends.  Good day.
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Archangel Uriël and GAIA ~~The Earth and her Transformation ~~ 29/04/2012 TAUK channeling by Méline Lafont

We, the Archangels, are almost ready with the cleansing of the Earth.  We are thankfull for your help to assist the Archangels with the cleansing of the pollution on Earth.  We, the Archangels, wish to inform you that we have been able to cleanse the pollution on earth.  We will repair your planet to her natural origin.  We are going to make the Earth beautifull again and we need your help with that by sending Her much LOVE and LIGHT.  We wish to thank you for your assistance with this transformation of earth, which could not take place without you.

Archangel Uriël

I Am your Mother Earth GAIA and I want to thank you all for your assistance with the transformation.  
I need all of your assistance to be able to ascend to the 5th Dimension.  You need to send me much LOVE and LIGHT to be able to transform myself, because I need this to be able to ascend.
Your Mother Earth GAIA.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Michael and Raphael
Good morning, dear friends.  I bring today Raphael of the healing light.  Raphael has a message which is important for you now as you absorb the light from your sun, the Universe and Central Sun. 
Good morning, dearest souls.  You are feeling new and powerful energies of light that have been gifted to your bodies and minds.  Please allow yourselves to play and enjoy yourselves in these fields as they bring to you the changes that you have asked for and will need in your near future.  Your bodies, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual will need to be changed and strengthened to accommodate the higher energies of the planet you will be living upon and the greater being you are becoming.  You have felt this coming on, but you as yet have no real understanding of what this will entail.  I mean to encourage you, as the you that is coming will delight you indeed.
Things which you have worked hard to release, and which have clung to you stubbornly, will be released now.  They cannot exist in the light that is the true you.  Qualities which you have worked long and hard to develop will seemingly be yours with almost no effort.  The truth is, they have always been yours.  Maintain your centered, grounded consciousness and you will find this an easy transition.  Call upon me for help at any time.  All of us and all of your master teachers are available to you at any time for help and guidance.
Should these changes become uncomfortable to you, please ask and we can help you to assimilate them with grace and ease.  Some of you may feel no discomfort at all.  Please do not think this will mean that you are being passed by.  Some of you may revel in the discomforts you feel.  Please do not slow yourselves down in this manner.  The various ways you will experience this are simply caused by the individual states of energy from which you are beginning, and nothing more.  I will use one of your sayings, as Michael loves to do.  “Keep your eyes on the prize.”
You will find no let up now, as time is short, but when you need rest it will be available.  You might have felt that given to you as a feeling of tiredness which you did not understand.  Just accept it now as what you need at the time.  You have a lot to accomplish before this year ends.  We will support you in every way possible.  Reach out in your quiet moments and you will find us.  When you feel us, if you like, ask for the sensation to increase.  We promise it shall.
I offer you now my green light of healing.  Use it as much as you desire.  We both now bid you good day and joy in all you do.
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Saint Germain ~~ The way up to ascension ~~ 26/04/2012 TAUK channeling by Méline Lafont

Dear ones, 

Today you are on the way to ascension and the Illuminati are almost removed.  You are going to ascend when they are gone to Orion.  Every time they try to endanger you, we do everything to stop them.  They work with you to get you in their power.  Russia is the biggest threath to you.  When they are gone, you will be free.  Russia works with nuclear weapons and they want to kill you.  They will not succeed.  They will go to the Tribunal World of Order.  The Illuminati and the Russian Government are going to Orion to explain their deeds.  

You are on the final stage of transformation and you are moving to the 5th Dimension.  You are going to see that you are free for the rest of Eternity.  You will be free and you will be Energy of Light.  You will go to another Galaxy and you will go to places you have never been before.  You wish to go to another Galaxy to go to explore, and you will be able to do that whenever you want.  We will try to invite you to the Arcturian ships and we will try to land on your planet.  The Arcturians and Myself are working together to befreeïng you from the Illuminati and the pollution of Mother Earth.  We try our best to help you and we do everything in our power to take them away from this planet.  We are on time with our work and we are almost ready.

I Am Saint Germain

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The Dolphin Collective. Your Body Is A Sacred Vessel of Light. By, AuroRa Le. April 24, 2012.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since I began communicating with the dolphins, it’s that they are unbelievably persistent.  It doesn’t matter where you’re going or what you’re doing.  If they decide they want to talk to you, they will talk to you!  They’ve explained to me that their perception of time, and what is and is not important, is vastly different than ours.  Therefore, when they initiated contact with me this morning, it didn’t matter that I had a zillion things to do; clean the house, do laundry, go food-shopping, print out my son’s homework, walk the dogs… ( You know what I mean-all the fun stuff!)  As I steered my SUV off the parent-dropoff ramp at school, I felt the requisite pressure building at the base of my neck and then heard the familiar chirpy, singsong voice say, “Good morning to you, Angel. We wish to chat with you.”  I told them that I would find a quiet spot in the supermarket parking lot so I could receive their message undisturbed.  “No, no, no. You need to go to the beach to hear us!”  But I can hear you now, I told them. I don’t have time to go to the beach.   Obviously they did not think anything I had to do this morning was as important as hanging out with them, since their reply to this was, “Go now, Angel, now.  Those other tasks can wait.  Such silly, silly things you choose to do. Go!”  And so I did.  Across the causeway and in the opposite direction of the shopping center!  Here is their message…
(*my comments are in italics.)
☯ We embark today on a topic which causes us no small amount of distress, in regard to the care and feeding of your bodies, Sweet Ones.  Your sacred vessels of light, gifted to you by the Creators themselves, to facilitate your life experience on planet Earth.  Like a growing garden, they must be cultivated and loved.  When fed and watered well, it shall gift you with an abundance of succulent fruit and flowering glory.  Suffused with rubbish, it shall surely wither and die.  It grieves us so to observe that even now, at this late stage of the ascension timeline, so many human beings persist in polluting themselves with all measure of toxins and contaminants, of their own choosing.  This is the urgent message we wish for you to convey, Sister, as it will surely reach the ones who are meant to see it.  
I really like this topic! I’m always preaching to everyone about healthy eating and going vegetarian, and trying to get some friends and family to stop smoking.  I’d love to hear what you all have to say about this.
☯ Oh, yes, we have much to share, we do!  Where to even begin?  With the smoking sticks, perhaps.  Why oh why do you partake of such destructive behaviors, dear Cousins?  We recoil in horror at the damage this is doing to you, as this is some of the more difficult violation to attempt to reverse.  This is an addiction which need be processed and let loose unto the ethers, as we can guarantee you that to continue on will most assuredly inhibit your physical shift.  The tools are available to ease you through the transition, and know that your loving guides stand ready to hold your hand throughout this difficult process.
☯ Let us next address the topic of feeding and sustenance.  Once your crystalline bodies take form, there will no longer be the need to eat and drink, but for now it is a challenge we must all contend with.  Know that you are not alone in this, as we of the Cetacean Realm are physical Earth dwellers, also.   We too eat to stay alive.  Our struggle is akin to yours, and many of the pollutants that attack your food supply are the very same ones that are defiling ours.  Much of our environment has been tainted by oil and waste.  At times, we are hunted and stripped of our most cherished freedom-that to play, explore and roam at will.  Not unlike the wars that ravage the surface world.  Like you, we ask ourselves “How shall we feed our young? Which food is safe to eat?”  Or so sadly, in your own case, how to afford the rising cost.  It is no small feat, is it, what ought to be the most natural act of survival?   And so, beloved Cousins, our advice to you is this.  Gravitate towards what is real and choose only from the fruits of Gaia’s delightful bounty.  As you peruse your shops, closely examine each choice and ask yourselves, “Is this food?  Is it God given or a false creation?  Is it pure or specially engineered by those who wish to rob you of your health and creativity; is it’s function to anesthetize the Golden Children and rob their will?  Can your lips form the syllables imprinted upon the product’s packaging?  The old powers have devised these addictive temptations to be both attractive and convenient.  Yet, for the ascending human they are but a pretty poison cleverly designed to keep you from reclaiming what is yours, which is to evolve and become one with All That Is.  It is your right to be able to soar to the heavens and fly with the Angels!  Oh, and yes, best of all sweet Cousins, to swim and play with us!  Of course.   Lest we forget the most enjoyable part!
☯ As for the dilemma of whether to eat the flesh of an animal or not to do so – we say that path is best left up to both the individual and to the creature in question.  Should you choose to consume meat, then do it wisely and with compassion.  Choose only the meat of a being who has lived freely and humanely, asking permission and giving thanks.  Honor the sacrifice that they have made.  Much of the meat sold in your shops come from creatures who have been subjected to cruel and barbarous conditions, knowing only existences of pain, degradation and fear.  When you ingest their flesh, you ingest their energy and experiences.  Oh yes, dear Cousins, there is much truth to your popular saying, “you are what you eat.”  You simply cannot grow into your crystalline nature in a body which is rife with harsh energies.  We truly cannot stress this enough!
☯ Oh, how we love you utterly beyond measure!  We are your closest Star-Family, embodied and dwelling right here among you.  Our hearts swell to bursting with pride as we experience firsthand the inspiring  progress you have made.  We say that you must never forget to be in boundless gratitude at all times and spread it far and wide.  Shout loudly from the treetops so that all will know that the time of awakening has dawned.  Join with us in thanks to the Creator.  Oh, the blessings!  And a priceless blessing you are to us, sweet Cousins. We have been, and shall eternally be, bonded in love forever and always.  
We are the The Collective.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Saint Germain ~~ The earth is you ~~ 4/25/2012 TAUK channeling through Méline Lafont.

Dear Ones,

We are beginning with the transformation and we are progressing very smoothly. The Archangels and Myself are almost ready with the cleansing of the pollution of Mother Earth. We will begin the transformation when you have cleansed the Earth of all pollution. We do everything in our power to free humanity. You will regain your freedom. This freedom is all you need to ascend. Time is up for the Illuminati and they are almost removed.  From our vantage point we see that you have won the battle with the Illuminati. They still try to do everything in their power to stop you, but it will be to no avail. They endanger you with nuclear weapons but we disharmed their weapons. Russia is your greatest threat and they will fall firstly. They have to report now to the World Court of Justice. Afterwoods they will be escorted by Lady Nada to Orion and will never come back again. Only then you will  truly be free, because they always tried to stop you. Know that these kinds of actions can never be forgiven and that they will never be able to endanger you again. We wish to thank you for all the work that you have accomplished. Without you Mother Earth would not be able to ascend to the Fifth Dimension. You should never give up hope because Mother Earth needs you.

I Am Saint Germain

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