Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Important anouncement ~ Awaken Spirit from Within ~Final chapter


I come with news and I am not sure if you all are going to like what I am about to share.

Awaken Spirit from Within is in its last stretch and breath.  From on January first, this website and my service work will no longer be available.

It is with deep pain, tons of grief and sadness that I am forced to take this decision.  My service work and website no longer provides me of the needed financial income to be able and pay the bills. In fact has it brought me into a difficult position, which has been building up to the point where I am with my back against the wall.

The only way out is to end that which has cost me so much of money.  6 years ago I chose the spiritual path to be reflecting through every way of my Being  and living. I ended my relationship, my job and just followed the guidance to start channeling and healing for a living.  "Go, trust and use your gifts"... "Abundance will come your way when you do your soul task"...  I experienced beautiful and Magical moments,I got to know wonderful and amazing people and I could witness awakenings and people starting to channel during my self created course...  What a beautiful gift to receive in return.

But unfortunately, this did not pay my bills.  I only do this service work as a living as I was guided to commit myself to this.  Now, the financial situation is a disaster.  It never provided me of what I needed every month, even after giving myself 100% to the spiritual realm.  The flow of give and receive isn't there,nor the abundance.  This work has cost me much.

To be honest,I feel unsupported by my guides and the Universe. I am disappointed.  To give up what I have build.. I have tried everything,gave everything and worked on myself constantly.  I am tired and I am having a hard time now to have to put away my talents and do nothing with them.

It is what it is.

BUT, my sweet friends, untill January first you are still able to purchase and book in Readings,healings and sessions.  So if you want your final channeled reading, energy healing or private session: make use this opportunity as it will be your last chance.  My website and webshop will be taken offline December 31 st.  All free tools, activations, E-books, articles and courses will no longer be available from on January 2019.

Clients who have booked and purchased something from my webshop  will of course still receive the service they have paid for, even the courses that are purchased now will still be given and followed up after January and on.  You only will not be able to book and purchase things from my website any longer after new year.

If you don't have all my tools yet, make sure you have them before they dissapear.  Gift your precious family and friends with it. Download the free tools as well and share.

Courses: you still can start your Road to Mastery course.  You have 2 months to purchase it.  We will complete this together even after january 2019..Last calling and chance to learn and channel!!!

Thank you for the years of support,friendship and kindness.  I am grateful for you all and for the opportunity to have been in service.  I will be looking to work fulltime in the 3D world.  Back to reality and both feet on the ground.  I know much now, I am learning much from this situation.  Insights coming in. 

* It is hard to say goodbye ***  



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