Thursday, October 17, 2019

Awaken Spirit frm within by Méline Lafont is copied

This (website) is NOT me, nor my website! Someone is using my name, posting my channelings and writing under my name, copying my texts as services from my old website. As many of you know, I have deleted and deactivated my website in January 2019. My old domain is clearly in use again by someone else - which is legal - but they are using my theme "awaken spirit from within" and have copied all there is to know "about me" as if it is my website and me offering these services. I am devastated to see how my bio, my services and words are copied pasted as well as my former business name and personal name. READINGS and SERVICES on my old domain and this website are NOT done and channeled by ME (Méline Lafont) so do not book your readings there!!!!!!!! Please spread the word!! My new blog is and that is the ONLY one I post on to this day.
Love, Méline Lafont ❤️