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Méline Lafont on ET- first contact Radio 28/02/2013


New page; Dolphins our Famiy ♥

Hi precious hearts!! Since the last channeling of the Dolphins a lot is coming in for me.  I feel myself working on so many levels right now and things keep speeding up over here.  Missions are coming in, new ones, old ones, all are asking me to serve on a deeper level for them and bring new things out.. It is all so overwhelming!!  So it is made clear to me that I need to something for the lovely dolphins, which brought me to create a third and new page.  It is my pleasure to introduce you all to : "Dolphins our Family"!  My third page in service for our lovely family the Dolphins.  Feel free to check it out at the following link:

All are welcome!! This page is all about dolphins.  You can find channeled messages from the dolphin Collective on it, video's, pictures, reality events, organisations, links, pages, poems and so on.  The Dolphins thank you and so do I!  Much Love, Méline

Andy Bokarski : My Higher Self – Criticism and Judgment

Criticism and JudgmentHello everyone.  Here is a channeling from my higher self on criticism and judgment that I recently received.  I believe that it applies to everyone.  I hope it helps and resonates with everyone.

“When you criticize or judge another soul, you are not progressing on your ascension pathway and become stuck in the mud.  You are also picking up unnecessary negative karma.  Criticizing or judging another soul is criticizing or judging yourself, as we are all One Consciousness.  Every soul on Earth is here to experience, to grow and to learn.  And every soul has decided which path they want to go on to help them with their learning, growth and experience.  We are all heading for the same destination which is to find out who we really are, and to be reunited with our Godself, our Divine Spark, and to ascend.  However, how we get there, what lessons we learn along the way, and when we get there is different for each soul.  So please honor each soul for their individual journey.

Suzanne Lie: Arcturians and Symptoms of Transformation

Symptoms of Transformation
Our Dear Ascending Ones,
We, the Arcturians would like to address the symptoms of transformation that many of our Earthling expressions are experiencing. We call you our “Earthling expressions of self” just as you may call us your “Arcturian Expressions of SELF.” For if we are a higher dimensional expression of YOU, than you are lower dimensional expressions of US.

This situation does not denote that we are superior to you, for we ARE you. There is no sense of hierarchy in our statement. Instead, we are merely stating that your consciousness has its primary focus on the physical reality of the third/fourth dimensions, whereas our consciousness has it primary focus on the formless dimensions of the eight through tenth dimension. In both cases, it is not a matter of deserving or rank. It is, instead, a matter of choice.

Archangel Zadkiel through Linda Robinson : “Living from a Heart-Centered Approach” March 2013

Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel along with Lady Amethyst from the Seventh Ray of Transformation and the Violet Flame. The message we are bringing you is echoed by many of the Beings of Higher Light.

The new energy provides the opportunity for transformation. It allows you to make changes according to your heart’s desire. At the same time it allows you to move forward to higher levels on your ascension path.

The new energy is about joy and happiness, highest good and a pure intention. It is about wanting everyone to have the opportunity to advance and progress. It is about lifting up your brothers and sisters by living your life as an example of love and harmony.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

THE HEART IS A SACRED SYMBOL As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As the vibration of the heart beats throughout the month of February we are asked to look at our heart and see its true value.  There are so many flavors of love, as true love is a many faceted thing. Love is a living energy and once love has touched you, you are forever changed.  Love is movement and seeks to fly on the wind like a seed of hope seeking fertile land.  Love is constantly evolving shifting changing, never staying the same for more than a fortnight, but leaving an eternal impression that will influence a lifetime. The saying ‘that love beckons and begets love’ is true. For only when there is love in your heart can you reach out and embrace other flavors of love. Some flavors of love are only there once never to be tasted again, sup upon them with a deep and thirsty heart.

The dolphin Collective about the recent happenings ~channeled by Méline Lafont

(Note from Méline, I am aware that this message feels slightly different than their previous messages and therefore this have made ​​me worried about how this could be. It was made ​​clear to me that this is a "wake up call" message and usually  these have a slightly harder tone, with the intention to help people awaken. I still feel  the loving energies of them, but it is clear that it has become too much for them too)

Hello, dear Dolphins, Family of the Light! How much I truly love you! My dear friends, I am so grateful for this connection.

D: This is our pleasure, dear Méline, we are honored and it is with much love and delight that we connect with you. We always enjoy this just as you do because we, the Dolphins, love you too.

M. For quite some time I get images of water and oceans without fully knowing what it means as an overt message. Recently a group of dolphins numbering in the thousands, made their way through the water in a rather up and down kind of way and were covering the distance as a really large group. Is this behaviour common and is there a link between my images and the dolphin behaviour? Is there a special message that I need to know or that you want to share with humanity? So many questions have arisen as of late.

Dolfijn Collectief over de recente gebeurtenissen ~gechanneld door Méline Lafont

 (nota van Méline, ik ben mij ervan bewust dat deze boodschap iets anders aanvoelt dan al hun vorige boodschappen en heb mij er ongerust over gemaakt, hoe dit kwam.  Het is mij duidelijk gemaakt dat dit een "wake up call" boodschap is die meestal een iets hardere toon inhoudt, met de bedoeling om mensen wakker te schudden.  Daarbuiten voel ik de nog even liefdevolle energieën van hen, maar het is duidelijk dat het ook voor hen te veel is geworden) 

Dag mijn lieve dolfijnen, familie van het Licht !  Wat zie ik jullie toch zo ontzettend graag!  Dank je voor deze connectie mijn lieve vrienden.

D: Dat is met plezier gedaan lieve Méline, de eer is de onze en dit is met veel liefde en plezier dat wij deze connectie met u maken..  Wij genieten hier altijd van, net zoals u omdat wij ook allemaal van u houden.

M:  Ik krijg al een hele tijd beelden door van oceaan en water, zonder te weten wat het als een directe boodschap wilt zeggen.  Nu onlangs werd er een grote groep dolfijnen gespot van wel duizenden bij elkaar, die op een nogal op en neergaand manier mee stroomden in het water en hun weg samen als een ontzettend grote groep aflegden.  Kan dit en heeft dit allemaal verband met elkaar? Mijn inkomende beelden en nu dit?  Is er een speciale boodschap dat ik moet weten of dat jullie willen delen met de mensheid?  Er zijn zoveel vragen hierover.

Merlyn: channeled by Lumire


24 Feb 2013 – Channelled by Lumire:

(Thanks to Aquarius Paradigm/Wes Annac)

A warm welcome to you dear wise ones, I am Merlyn.
The Magic of Life is all around you and also within, you are surrounded by a field of Love that permeates everything. Nothing is not Love, all things exist in it, all things grow in it and all things return back into it. It is just sometimes we forget what and who we are, divine beings created from the Source of all that is.

The power of Magic works primarily with two things: Imagination and Intention. Imagination is the ability to see in our minds the manifestation we wish to have as already created; Intention is the force of will that energises the vision been seen. In the old the days the intention was more of a forced mental effort of will, now that our awareness has began shifting it is time to use the power of Love instead.

Monday, February 25, 2013

TheOne-DreamDreamer: So we’ve been invaded by some “Outside” forces…

It was “them” that came here to invade our eden.
And of course God knew nothing about it! The One Universal Consciousness of all that is, got surprised. Got a “oh shit!” moment.

it was “them” responsible for the fall. So evil that God could do nothing but sit there and watch as It was taken down into oblivion of It Self.

And it is “them” humanity is now focusing to fight against, probably there’s a lack of wars on earth to focus on. As of course governments and banksters are all part of “that” specie. They’re not humans, it’s “them”. It’s all because of something “out there” we fight. We… we have nothing to do with it. “That” came and got us.


Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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VIDEO (recommeded)

My Beloveds, I AM your God-Self!
On the deep soul level of everyone, a revolution is going on!
Do not look at the surface of people as what they appear to be. But look deeper!

Wes Annac: Channeling and Strengthening Connections

77background.jpgAs a channel, I’m beginning to be able to see how I personally receive the impressions I’m being given from the higher realms. With any one thing said that’s funneled-through an Earthly scribe, there are a plethora of ways the scribe can receive the message and the mind, while having its influence subdued, does help to interpret and translate the impressions into the scribe’s native language.

When we receive any impression, the natural instrument and translator that is our mind will find as many phrases or words as possible it is familiar with, to communicate what the souls delivering the message wish to bring forth. It is so interesting to notice the dynamic between an influentially-subdued mind and an open and receptive heart when bringing through a channeled communication.
Thinking about the manner in which the higher dimensional sources speaking to humanity come through, I find the entire process very interesting.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hilarion’s Weekly Message – February 24-March 3, 2013


Beloved Ones,
As you move through your daily lives, you are finding more evidence of subtle workings of the higher dimensions all around you, as situations that were very touchy and volatile seem to just melt away into peace and harmony. This is happening both individually and collectively to all upon the Planet and is most especially noticeable for each Lightworker as they are more sensitive to the new energies that are coming in. Continue to allow the effects of these energies to flow through you without resistance and all will be well. Each of you is seeing that this is so and you are finding that speaking your truth with courage and determination brings more that is good into your life rather than the reverse as you and those around you adjust your perceptions.

Lucas – Have, Take And Give – Awakening And Growing Into The New Paradigm – 24 February 2013

heartinsandThis blog for me is also about living the 5D for real.  It is for me about giving my time and dedication to bring the news about the world-changing and you seeing what is happening and maybe chosing to find your answers within.  People should see that some things even when brought freely to you have need for support also. It is for me somewhat embarrassing to see still cohorts of people using others efforts and work,  and sucking others energy for their own personal gain. Those people still have not thought about the reason there is so much lack in this world and people having problems to get their bills paid as they still choose to be in the ME or Ego paradigm. I addressed this already multiple times still the response by those that gain from taking is what the heck I do not care. It is the lack of that deeper insight that shows 5D or the new paradigm is still not understood by so many.

Andy Bojarski: Higher Self – How Clean is Your Water?

WaterHello everyone.  This is a channeled message from my higher self that applies to everyone.  I hope it resonates with you and that you enjoy it…
“Criticism and judgment are two things that greatly lower’s one’s consciousness levels and prevents a soul from ascending.  You see, we are all One and when you criticize another soul or judge another soul, you are judging or criticizing yourself.  Judgment and criticism causes separation which cannot be taken to the higher dimensions of consciousness when you ascend.

As mentioned, we are all One, and this is a very important concept to understand.  Pretend that you are part of the ocean.  Pretend that the ocean is clean, and not polluted, and the water is crystal clear.  Pretend that the water has no debris, no chemicals, and nothing bad in it.  It is the purest of the pure.  Now, pretend that someone took a liquid pitcher and filled that pitcher with the water of that ocean.  Now pretend that someone poured some of this ocean water from the pitcher into a cup.  And finally, pretend that you are in that cup; you are that cup of water.  You are the purest of the pure, a part of that ocean.  As such, you are One with the ocean.  When that cup of you gets poured back into the ocean, you are again One with the ocean; you are this Oneness with the ocean.

Archangel Indriel. “When Your Heart Takes Flight.” By, Bella Capozzi. February, 23, 2013.

13760_10151394974836667_730286878_nI wanted to share this short-but-pretty message from Indriel, which I received yesterday during a reading.  It seems very applicable to what many of us are experiencing.  I hope you all find it as uplifting as I do!


Karen Doonan~ A Message from The Arcturians~ The New Earth Codes are Now Anchoring

(thanks to the GFP)
Greetings dear ones, we are the Arcturians and we come to guide and support as much changes and shifts for ALL upon and within planet earth. The new earth codings are now anchoring and many of you may now feel these codings moving that which no longer serves to your waking conscious mind. The movement out of the heart space for these teachings works to SERVE you at SOUL level dear ones.
Many of you may now be "thinking"- "oh no not again, I dont like feeling like this" and may be adhering to the brains teachings of ignoring or trying to distract self whilst the teachings of distortion work to try to replant themselves deep within your energy signature. Dear ones this is not TRUTH and this is NOT supported under the new earth energies. Therefore all attempts at trying to ignore the deep emotions that now come up for healing will be thwarted. The new earth asks that you move into the new energies in balance and harmony. The teachings of distortion work to keep you energetically OUT of balance and these we ask you now to look at and begin to dissolve.

Gillian Macbeth-Louthan : The Eclipses of 2013
 As you move forward in Time you are quickened into more time allowing you to access  your past that stands within the frequency of the future.  In the expansion of time, there is a contraction of time.  In the moving forward there is a synchronized moving backward.  Always forward stretches and stances are paralleled by backward movement.  The future can be entered through the spirit of the past.  All time runs hand in hand, moving forward is the same as moving backward. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

About the dolphins and channeling from them

Hi Everyone! Since a lot have been asking me about the event of the Dolphins last week, I just received a channeling from the Lovely Dolphins regarding the latest video of 10.000 dolphins swimming and traveling in a pod.  For me it was a bit of an emotional channeling as I can feel everything of them during it.  I have to work on the message and it has to be translated and so on.. So you may expect the message next week after the weekend.  Now its weekend time with my kids, they need attention too.  Much Love, Méline ♥

Julie Miller: Serapis Bey's weekly message

Express Yourself through the Loving Energies of the Divine Mother
Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ February 22 – March 01, 2013
Received by, Julie Miller
February 22, 2013

The expression of the feminine aspect of each dear soul that moves in and around the bountiful Earth that is called home was the primary spark of your creation. Her energy is primal and filled with awesome power and this force speaks clearly as the feminine form or aspect of God – she is known by many as the ultimate divine being as well as the main foundation for all the knowledge that is available for you to acquire. The Divine Mother has much to offer each dear soul, man or woman – within her is an unspeakable healing force that comforts, nurtures, supports, guides and loves firmly yet so gently.

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Pleiadians and the Dolphin Star Higher Council – Healing for Astral Attacks – February 22, 2013

 By Ariah

Please note: this is healing. Only read if you wish to receive this healing. This is set for all those who read this in all time and space.  The energy of this healing is permanently imprinted. Blessings, Ariah
Now as we anchor in the energies for you of grounding, multidimensional alignment, and have placed the cones of alignment above and below this sacred healing space, we now begin to assist in all those who have been receiving psychic attacks, astral attacks on any level in all time and space and holographic realities.

Many of you have experienced feelings out of nowhere of feeling down, heavy, and even confused when trying to focus on things that will free you or bring you light over the past week.  Know this is not from some deficit or deep-seated problem. There are energies at work that are trying to keep the frequencies of awakened ones down, to tire you, and distract you with thoughts that are not serving you.  These beings literally have devices that can transmit certain frequencies that attach to you. Now there can be nothing like this without some unconscious agreement, so we ask that you now visualize you have a written contract with all government and lower astral frequency beings to allow them to enter your energy field so that you may learn to be stronger as a being.  Cancel this contract now by seeing that your name was signed on the bottom of it, and the astral group as well. Then imagine you have a red rubber red stamp that just cancels it out. Next see this contract going into a big rainbow flame bonfire. All the colors and frequencies are needed now to dissolve this and burn the contract.

Gillian Macbeth-Louthan

Multidimensional Success

Written by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Success comes in the form of 6 billion flavors. It is not just vanilla or chocolate with a few sweet sprinkles. It is not something that can be defined by a dictionary, a teacher, or a parent. For the very essence of success is so multidimensional it reaches far beyond earthly understanding. 2013 redefines the word success some days counting the seeds other days counting the bounty.

The Pleiadian emissaries of Light ~ We are you in a slightly higher form ~ By Méline Lafont


As channeled by Méline Lafont

Beloved Brethren of Earth, our brothers and sisters of the Light, emissaries of our civilizations. We all welcome you cordially and we thank you for your focus and your energy to read this message.  We are the Pleiadians of the Light, hailing from the 7 sisters : Merope, Maia, Alcyone our great central sun, Atlas, Electra, Taygeta and Pleione.

As is generally known, we are tightly connected to your planet Earth and to your civilization. We often recognize ourselves in you and regularly see ourselves reflected in you. We are your future selves, your aspects and your true essence. We are your Divine Self in a somewhat more refined and higher form of Light. That is why the recognition and connection are so striking for both parties.

De Pleïadische afgezanten van het Licht ~ Wij zijn U in een hogere vorm ~ door Méline Lafont

Geliefde Aarde gebroeders, onze gezusters, gebroeders van het Licht, afgezanten van onze civilisaties.  Wij heten u allemaal van harte welkom en wij danken u voor uw aandacht en energie om dit bericht nu te lezen.  Wij zijn de pleiadiërs van het Licht afkomstig van de 7 gezusters Merope, Maia, Alcyone onze grote centrale zon, Atlas, Electra, Taygeta en Pleione....

Zoals geweten zijn wij erg nauw verbonden met jullie planeet de Aarde en met jullie civilisatie.  Wij herkennen ons erg vaak in jullie en zien onszelf vaak terug in u allen.  Wij zijn uw toekomstige zelf, uw aspecten en ware energie.  Wij zijn uw Goddelijke Zelf op een iets meer verfijnde en hogere vorm van Licht.  Net daarom is de herkenning en connectie ook zodanig hoog voor beide partijen.

Connecting with your Higher Self, the source of your truth and light: Council of Angels, Pleiadian Council, and Archangel Michael

Daniel B. Holeman

Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when reposting this message.
originally channeled 12-1-12, reposted 2-21-13

Greetings from the Council of Angels, Pleiadian Council, and Archangel Michael

We wish to speak to you today of finding your own inner truth and connecting to your higher self and Source of all love and light. There is much disinformation that you will come upon in your internet travels and we want to share with you a very simple way of the discerning your truth.

 It is of great importance at this time that each person spend time practicing energy techniques of meditation, connecting with the Higher Self, and meditation, so that you may stay tuned into your own inner source of wisdom and guidance. There are many “channeled” messages on the internet, many websites relating to galactic information and so forth, and many discreditors and disclaimers of who is speaking which truth. It can all become extremely confusing, especially to those of you who are just beginning to delve into this field of information.

Wes Annac: The Ascended Masters: Forgiveness and Love for Every Soul Will be Essential

059small-Channeled through Wes Annac-
Various stages of enlightenment follow when a soul begins to awaken and find the growth that is planned out for them to experience during their incarnation and experiences in the lower realms. You all experience various forms of enlightenment that come in various stages and for many of you, the lessons you learn are preludes to lessons that are quite similar, but are lessons which you learn in much more intense manners later on in your growth.

What we mean by this is that many of you are learning the same few lessons over and over again, in more intense ways each time and in ways that will garner you a deeper understanding of the situation and every situation that plays out in your Lives that revolve around it or has to do with it in any way.
Everything you experience in your Lives paves the way for a deeper and greater understanding, and the realizations that can be brought forth by experiencing specific things along your planned growth will garner in you, an understanding of the lessons you have set out for yourselves to undergo and transmute the energies behind.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

An introduction!

Hi sweet ones, my friends, Light family and dear readers.  I want to introduce you to a bran new site that is called, which is from a very dear friend of mine: Andy Bojarski.
I share this and recommend his site as he was one of the many dear readers that requested a reading once and has since grow into a healer and channeler himself, and a very good one.  Since I know his energies due to the reading, he is absolutly a very Love filled person with strong healing powers so I wanted to introduce his page and Andy to you all as he became a very clos friend of mine.  He gives FREE healings and has already done some healings that have brought life changing changes for these persons.  So I want to welcome Andy with all the Love from my heart and wish him a succesful evolution in his current path in this Light workers world.  Feel free to pay a visit at his page and sense the energy of his Presence, I can assure you he is a wonderful man and hope to see more of his work..  Here below is his introduction and first message.  Thanks for your attention and time to read this!  Much Love, Méline

Hello Everyone!

Love EarthHello Everyone.  My name is Andy Bojarski.  This is my first posting and I am excited to be with you.  I am a very spiritual being and I recently discovered that I can successfully heal people with universal energy.  This includes distant healings.  As of this writing, I have helped heal 11 people and some of their testimonials are posted HERE.  I am starting this website with the hope that I can help heal more people.  My healings are free.  I wanted to give you my spirituality background so that you can better understand who I am, how I got here, and why I started this website.

It is a wonderful thing and great gift you are being given. – channeled by Ron Head

central sun1

It is our purpose this morning to discuss with you your opening to communications of these kinds.  In your rising states of consciousness it is becoming more and more common for you who think of yourselves as lightworkers to discover that, in one form or another, you can become the recipient of our thoughts.  This is a wonderful occasion which we enjoy quite as much as you do yourselves.

There is, however, a tendency to be so enthusiastic in the discovery that the simple basics of personal protection are forgotten or left unlearned.  There will come a time in the near future when that is not a problem, as negative energies and beings are just no longer a possibility where you are living.  Regrettably, however, this is not yet the case.

THE IN-BETWEEN OF ALL As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We herald forth from the star deep within the constellation of Taurus. We are the eye of the Bull. We are a re-connection tributary. We bridge between here and there. We bridge the past and the future. We bridge between thoughts, action and non-action. We bridge between desires and manifestations, wants and needs. We are the unused portions of your celestial nature.  We come forth to announce that your abilities to move between dimensions, between thoughts, between the past, present, and future, are in the process of being abridged and reconstructed. There are spaces in-between your letters, your numbers, your sentences, your words, your paragraphs. We as the re-connections live in-between all of these experiences.

Wes Annac: Feeling the Results of Motivated Faith

416 smallI’m being led to give a quick update as while I do find myself a tad tired at the moment, the energies of the night are swirling around me and inviting a lightened and opened perspective that make me want to share how I am feeling . Personally, I’m feeling in this moment that the higher dimensional energies are unlocking truly unlimited and positive perspectives in us and that the unwavering faith of many of us is already beginning to pay off.

Please, take some time for yourself to detach from the third dimensional drama and maelstrom to feel these wonderful energies if you haven’t yet.
You’re strongly advised to allow these energies to come through and help you feel positive and happy, even when situations in your Life do not call for it. While we have been and will continue to be experiencing difficulty along our paths that will attempt to take us away from our natural center, these very energies so many of us are finding within help us to see that everything we’re working toward is real and worth the difficulty.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

John Smallman - Saul : Life in the illusion has been practically lifeless

Humanity has collectively chosen to awaken.  Of course it could not have chosen to remain slumbering indefinitely, because slumbering is an illusory concept that is only possible in the illusion, but it could have further delayed its decision to wake up.  However, once that decision was made there was no possibility of reversing it, because that decision started the awakening process.

It is a little like raising the blinds on a sunny morning, allowing the daylight to stream in and rapidly clear away the fog of sleep.  Full wakefulness demands your attention and gets it, filling you with energy and enthusiasm for the wonder of Life and all that that makes possible.  It is the greatest of all the divine gifts that your Father has bestowed upon you, because it makes the others meaningful; without Life they would have remained unknown and unappreciated.  Life in the illusion has been practically lifeless, and consequently most of your Father’s gifts to you have remained barely noticed or mostly ignored.  When you awaken they will be instantly there to greet you, and your appreciation of them will burst into bloom.

COMING UnDone at the SEEMS by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

COMING UnDone at the SEEMS
by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
When the universe creates from a point of perfection it honors itself first. The Universe creates from a place of fullness, not emptiness. The sun in order to do its job must shine fully for self, then and only then can it shine for others. In this time of shifting energies and time come undone, ask yourself Is taking care of others an excuse for  not taking care of ones self? Is it an excuse for not doing the things one is destined to do. These are the questions we all must ask ourselves as the exterior world tries to suck us away from what we see as our path of purpose.  Do we kick and scream to hold onto self? Do we get angry when others try to take our time our peace our quiet?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Council of Nine – Change as a Pathway to Growth – 17 Feb 2013, by Tazjima

The Council of Nine — Change as a Pathway to Growth – 17 Feb 2013, by Tazjima
We are the Council of Nine.

Greetings dear ones! Spring is coming early to some of the northern hemisphere. Robins and swelling poplar buds, as well as gentle rain storms have arrived in parts of the Pacific Northwest, even as areas of the Northeast United States are shivering under a blanket of snow and ice. Weather patterns seem to be shifting all over the place and it is getting hard to predict what “normal” weather is any more.

Indeed, little seems normal in your world any more. Many of you are being met up with daily challenges, from the faltering economy, from personal and familial issues, from job losses and/or changes, or perhaps you are considering moving to a different locale. Change is becoming the norm. Expecting the unexpected is to be prepared for all possibilities and to leave one’s mind open to change.

Saint Germain through Méline Lafont ~You are being led to a point where the return to your inner self is the only possible solution

 19th of February 2013

Greetings my beloved brothers, be welcome. As you can see, a great transposition of the Light is now in the process of manifesting itself. It brings everything to light what has to be lighted up, what has to be touched and coped with. Everything that requires change implies some kind of adjustment for your physical vessels. At this present moment in time there is a great possibility and a window of opportunity has opened that will lead you to your own truth, to your own Being and to your own potential.

Gradually it will become more and more obvious just how far those potentials reach and how much the Love you feel for one another has grown. More than ever before there is an interconnection and a cooperation and your hearts merge with each other. A great revolt is on the verge of breaking out in some countries and continents through natural phenomena or through human impacts. The obsolete and negative patterns are powerless; they are no longer fed by countless souls on Earth. They loose their credibility and are justly viewed as an illusion.

Saint Germain door Méline Lafont ~U wordt nu op een punt gebracht waar inkeer naar het innerlijke de enige mogelijkheid en oplossing is

19 Februari 2013

Gegroet mijn geliefde gebroeders, wees van harte welkom.  Zoals jullie zien is er een enorme grote verplaatsing van het Licht zich aan het manifesteren op dit heden.  Het brengt alles in het licht wat belicht moet worden, wat aangeraakt en verwerkt dient te worden.  Alles wat een verandering vraagt, brengt een aanpassing met zich mee voor jullie fysieke tempels.  Op dit moment is er een grote mogelijkheid en tijdsraam geopend die u allen zullen brengen naar jullie eigen waarheid, jullie eigen Zijn en jullie Zelf potentie.

Het wordt stilaan meer en meer duidelijk hoe ver jullie potenties reiken en hoe groot jullie Liefde voor elkaar geworden is.  Er is meer samenhang en samenwerking dan ooit tevoren en de harten versmelten zich met elkaar.  Er is een grote opstand tot stand aan het komen in sommige landen en continenten van zowel natuur uit als van de mensheid.  De oude en negatieve patronen hebben geen kracht meer en worden niet meer gevoed door talloze zielen op Aarde.  Het verliest geloofwaardigheid en wordt doorzien als een illusie.

Anrita Melchizedek: Sacred Cosmic Fire of Perfection

The Sacred Cosmic Fires of Helios and Vesta ~ The Sacred Cosmic Fire of Perfection

On December 21st, 2012, we entered into a new Golden Age of Light as One Awakened Unified Cosmic Heart through the energy of Divine Love pouring forth from the Cosmic Heart of all Creation. In this Galactic Alignment of Light, all Life moved up an octave, and in this Cosmic In-Breath of Divine Grace, as all planets, stars, solar systems and galaxies drew closer into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, a deeper level of Cosmic Christ Consciousness was activated within the hearts and minds of all Humanity. This unparalleled activity of Light took us into Solar Christ Consciousness through the Overlighting of Helios and Vesta, our Divine Parents and Twin Flames to this Solar System.

Anrita Melchizedek : Message from the elders ~ The Solar Fire of perfection

The Solar Fire of Perfection ~ Message from the Elders

Welcome, sweet ones. It gives us great pleasure to be with you in this sacred year of 2013, as you experience this new Golden Age of Light, and increased Cosmic Consciousness awareness. Sweet ones, this sacred year is Overlighted through Helios and Vesta, your Solar Logii and the God Parents to this Solar System; for this shift in consciousness experienced through the 12-12-12 and 12-21-12 Gateways of Light has taken you into Solar Christ Consciousness, into a deeper level of connection with the Cosmic Heart of All Creation, and Helios and Vesta now embrace you in their Divine Causal Body of Light.

So let us start, sweet ones, by surrounding you now in this beautiful copper-gold flame of Solar Service, this thirteenth ray of Solar Christ Consciousness Overlighting this year, emanating from the Solar Core, and the Light ray frequencies held within the Spiritual Sun of Helios and Vesta. You experience too, the beautiful pink-gold flames of the combined twinned energy of Helios and Vesta. Experience these flames of Light, sweet ones, for these are the Cosmic Fires of Helios and Vesta, and in this sacred year of 2013 you are invited to experience all the sacred fires of Helios and Vesta, as you yourselves become these Solar Christ Conscious Beings of Light, shifting from a planetary focus into a solar focus, finding this crystalline matrix of the fifth dimensional templates, and new earth energies being activated at a deeper level within your body and energy field, and taking you into an expanded sense of Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness. Experience now too, sweet ones, this connection to all Life, as you find yourselves connected to the Unity Grid of Divine Love, and now the Solar Grid of One Unity Consciousness, wrapped in these beautiful copper-gold and pink-gold flames of Light.

Lady Master Nada: You Are Love Incarnate ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ February 18, 2013

Lady Nada:

Hello dear ones, I am Nada, greeting you from a deep place of Love and Compassion for all you who venture on this path of Ascension.

You are the bearers of Love and the forerunners in laying the foundation of Love, Compassion and Service for all mankind. Your very breath holds the element of Service as you draw in the substance of Divine Essence. Just by letting go and acknowledging your existence in the realm of Source brings your essence to a place of Truth within yourself. From there you are able to tap all the Love and deep knowing that is available to you. Just by knowing this, you can swell in Love and offer it up to others.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan: The Illusion Of Stillness, 18 February 2013

art 9 
As we finally enter our next destination of time, we all seem to be stuck at the stoplight of self, waiting for the light to turn green.    Crossing our fingers holding our breath, we wait on the sidelines for the universe to wave us forward.  Stopping only to hone our desires, our wants and our needs we constantly look for the sign, the sky writing, that says, ‘thumbs up, the water is safe come on in, you can now cross the street of your life to the next phase of your journey.’  Did we just go thru that with the asteroid and the meteor?

Eagerly we await what we feel in the pit of our stomach is really big!  Searching our world, our reflections, and our intuitions for the cosmic directional.  Feeling as if our legs are leaden, immovable keeping us in the land of the void, the unformed and uninformed.  A place of no words, no actions, no foresight.  Licking our wounds, feeling like a trapped animal in a place of no escape.  Looking around us at the economy, the government, the world, and seeing that everyone is parked at the stoplight in a long line waiting for a sign.  Many get tired of waiting and endeavor out on their own into the void. Coming back torn and tattered and even more confused.

Reach inside and find that light within. – channeled by Ron Head

Photo by Gretchen Wild Iris Hermey
Photo by Gretchen Wild Iris Hermey

We understand the reluctance of some to resume their acceptance of these types of communication.  We also are deeply appreciative of those whose steps have never faltered.  To the first, we wish to extend the same loving hand that we extend to the second.  As always, we ask only that you weigh in your own hearts the value of the words as received.  This is called discernment and is the only measure which you should apply.

Our aim is not to convince or cajole, but to offer the very best help we can to those who have taken on the most difficult of tasks.  What you term ascension has never been easy.  It has never been something one could expect to accomplish in one lifetime.  And nowhere and never has it ever been done while wearing a physical body and continuing to do so afterward.

The Dolphin Temple Of Maia: A Journey And A Message. By Bella Capozzi. February 17, 2013.

DolphinFamilylarge☯ Is it just me, or is anybody else noticing that, lately, the Dolphins are going to great lengths to make their presence known.  They seem to be everywhere; showing up in the news, on Youtube, all over the social-media networks, and in our meditations and dreams.  If you haven’t seen the footage of the magnificent stampede of over a thousand dolphins off the California coast, please click on the links below to check out their latest antics.

☯ For those of you who followed my old blog, The Angel Diaries, you know that I have been blessed to be able to connect, at a telepathic level, with a pod of Atlantic Bottlenosed Dolphins, whom I’ve affectionately nicknamed “The Crystal Dolphin Pod.”  They’ve been silent for the last few months, and for awhile I hadn’t felt the familiar pull to connect with them like I had before 12/21.  But suddenly they’re back!  And what they bring to the table is nothing short of astonishing and exceptionally insightful.  It’s important for us, as Human Beings, to understand that the Cetacean Race (which includes the dolphins and whales) are right on par with us – or are actually far more advanced – intellectually, spiritually and physically.  Their nature is playful, upbeat, jolly, and they are bonded for life with their families, or pods. It’s not a fluke that several years ago a group of scientist awarded the dolphins the designation of “Non-Human Persons.”  They are entirely without artifice, ego or self-serving motivations.  Their sole reason for being here on Earth is to help us, the Human Race, to rediscover our natural connection to Gaia and to God.  They want to help us to remember that we are Sovereign beings, and that this planet is our home and we must honor and respect it.

John Smallman - Saul: As you come into alignment your energy fields undergo a dramatic shift

These are exciting times for humanity as the intensifying energies of the New Age swirl around you, sweeping you up into an increasing awareness of your spiritual heritage: your oneness with one another and with God.  Focus on the sensations that they inspire — an awakening realization that Love is the answer to every question, to every problem, to every conflict, to every confusion, to every fear . . . because there is only Love.  That realization, stirring within the hearts of even the most staunch believers in the reality of the illusion, is leading you irrevocably homewards.

Love . . . Love . . . Love is where you need to focus your attention, because It is the divine energy field in which all of creation is conceived. It is abundant, kind, generous, inclusive, utterly accepting; and It contains all sensations – sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, and an infinite selection beyond those – which provide the constant experience of beauty and inspiration, gift-wrapped in Love, that your Father has created for your infinite fulfillment.

Hilarion – February 17-24, 2013


Beloved Ones,

There has been a great influx of energy in the past week and most of you are finding yourselves trying to assimilate and integrate these within your system. Many issues and emotions are coming up for review and these must be purified by spending time in silence and contemplation. At the root of all issues is the emotion of the fear of lack of love and what is needed to be summoned from within you is forgiveness, of others and most of all, yourselves. Remember that every experience that has happened in your lives was drawn to you for a reason. Every experience successfully dealt with returns to you another fragment of your personal divine power.

There is always something that is happening in the events around you that can distract you from your path of enlightenment, empowerment and ascension. It behooves each aspirant on the path to discern that which is taking place and make choice as to whether to give attention to it or not. The allowance of each outward occurrence as a part of the flow of events during these times is important. Try to do this without making judgment and it will flow through you and move on without disturbance to your energetic system.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Marlene Swetlishoff ~ ARCHANGEL GABRIEL 2013



February 14, 2013

Beloved Ones,

I would like to have discourse on the quality of love known as worthiness. This quality is a must have quality in each human soul. Too many times, a sensitive, loving person has allowed the opinions of others to cut to shreds the sense of their own worthiness. Realize, dear children of the Light, that each of you are a part, a spark of Light and intelligence of the Creator and that you are valued beyond measure for your very existence. There can be only good that emanates from those who remember that spark within their hearts, even in the most trying of circumstances.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

2013 Is The Real 2012 Cosmic Period of Changes by CmdrAleon

2013 Is The Real 2012 Cosmic Period of Changes by CmdrAleon and Ashtar Command

(Thanks to Galactic Freepress)

note from Méline: I posted this message because it has a certain degree of resonance with me personally.  I am getting many personal messages and new assignments right now that are huge and are all involved with Galactics.. More in the furture when it is all finished..  It says a lot of what I have been feeling and getting too, so were are upon great times preciosu hearts!! Always use discernment and follow your heart! ♥
Greetings from the Ashtar Command.

This is not a channeled message but a telepathic transmission to those of the Ground wondering what is going on with the skies above the Earth.

You are now going through directly the Photon Belt.This activity is being monitored by your NASA Space Agency and has been for some time.

For many years the Planet Earth and all the Planets in your Solar System have rotated and now the final path forward has begun.

Friday, February 15, 2013

The light is love. Love is the Creator. – channeled by Ron Head

light shower

Let us have a word about your current situation, dearest friends.  Yes there are a great many things happening around you these days.  Yes, some damage and injury is bound to occur.  And yes, your press and television are sure to play up these things for all they are able to get out of them.

We will not say that anyone should disregard or feel happy about anyone being hurt or having their property and livelihood damaged, far from it.  Of course you feel compassion for any who may be harmed in any way.  But maintain your inner calm and determination, dear ones, and realize that what you are seeing is orders of magnitude less than what you were told to fear, and even much less than it is being hyped up to be.

Ariah : The Pleiadians and the Dolphin Star Higher Council – Healing for Exhaustian and Energy Integration

Please note: this is healing. Only read if you wish to receive this healing. This is set for all those who read this in all time and space.  The energy of this healing is permanently imprinted. Blessings, Ariah
We now bring down the energizing light frequencies and codes to assist in balancing out all energies that have been needing a boost.  We see in the group collective shock and fear from things changing on the planet so quickly, which includes releasing of the old paradigms, and we now cleanse and clear these energies. We  send healing emerald green light to soothe,  and replace the energy that was  of fear and shock.

And now we are drawn to the heart chakra where there is some healing to refine the integration of all that has changed on Planet Earth. These changes include adjustments of dimensional frequencies, ascension energies, shifts in consciousness and perception, the releasing of old attachments, and an increasing of light. So now we send the recalibration lasers in the heart chakras of all those who will ever receive this healing, and we surround you now in a Recalibration Chamber of Light. To fully receive this, some of you may need to clear the old belief that it is too scary to move into your next phase as a carrier of the light. Clear this by breathing this belief out of the heart, and then affirm out loud: I accept my highest frequency as a carrier of the light. And so it is. So be it.

Archangel Indriel. Overcoming The Obstacles. By, Bella Capozzi. February 15, 2013.

27309_521415044565748_117286682_n❤ While doing a reading this morning, I received this message from Archangel Indriel.  Since it seems so pertinent to what’s going on in the lives of so many of us, I thought I’d share what she had to say.  Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


“As you strive to move forward, it may appear that you are encountering obstacle after seemingly immovable obstacle.  Fear not, Child.  It is but an illusion, a temporary rut in the road, and it it necessary for you only to be mindful of not stumbling into it.  These ruts are shallow and may trip you up for a short time, but you will find it to be relatively easy to quickly pick yourself up and soldier on.  Keep your course.  Stay focused.  Do not be deterred from your goals, as your goals are fully attainable from here on in.  You will know these goals by the burning passion which you feel within your heart.  ‘But there is no passion’, you might say.  Is this so, Dear One?  Than this thing you chase after is not really your life’s work at all.  It is not your soul’s charted path.  And what should you do in this case?  Why…change direction, of course, and do so promptly.  Tarry not.  Your are glorious and unique, and nobody else can fill the special spot designed exclusively for you and by you and your Creator.

Suzanne Lie: Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance The Mission Begins


Saying Goodbye
We left our "Holoschool" feeling reborn. We did not know what our adventure would bring us, but we knew that we would be changed forever. Again, we walked back to our quarters to ground that which the Arcturian had shared with us while we stood in Its aura. Yes, the Arcturian did take us on another "ride" of swirling energies of light. Within this formless state of being we were able to understand all the information that we had downloaded from the Arcturian's aura. 

We stored all these important instructions regarding our Mission in our Multidimensional Minds. In this manner the information would be stored according to the state of consciousness that could read it. These instructions would come into our conscious awareness when the frequency of our consciousness was calibrated to the frequency of each message. Hence, while on the Mothership, we could remember and understand everything because we had the support of the Mothership's multidimensional consciousness and cosmic mind.

Fortunately, included in our instructions was how to link with the Mothership so that we could amplify our own consciousness and use the Mothership's energy field to assist us with our teleportation. One of the first lessons the Mothership shared was for us to remember to store any physical form we are wearing in a safe place before teleporting.