Monday, March 31, 2014

Aisha North ~ The manuscript of survival – part 407

You have by now passed over a threshold that will lead you all into brand new halls of energetic information, and for many, this information has already started to seep through in the form of images, sounds or even more tangible effects. In other words, the thinning veil is already letting much of what has been hidden start to come into view, and as it does, you will find yourself stepping further and further away from what the majority of mankind still look upon as the reality. For as the veils continue to diminish, you will also see how your grasp of what constitutes reality and fiction will start to blur. This may sound confusing, and for a period, that will indeed be the case, but as your senses and indeed your “everyday consciousness” to call it that starts to readjust to all of these new layers of information, you will soon settle into a very new way of life where you will find the prospect of juggling these different concepts easy to handle. For as we have reminded you on so many occasions, you are indeed multi dimensional beings, and now, that will become more and more apparent to you all as the bleed-throughs start to multiply and you feel yourself switching back and forth between these different layers more and more seamlessly. But yes, at first, you will find it hard to stay balanced at any given time, and even your physical body will react much like it is apt to do if you are in an unsteady environment like on a boat at high seas. For nothing will feel as if it is solid, nor permanent, and as such, it may cause you all to feel a heightened sense of anxiety or even physical discomfort. Again, there is nothing wrong in any of this, it is merely a signal that you are truly going through a huge shift, and as all of these shifts goes, it is apt to cause some alarm bells going off within you.

Eliza: On Earthquakes, Inner and Outer

Lake Ida
Eliza: On Earthquakes, Inner and Outer
I woke up this morning feeling a tightness in the “gut” or region of the solar plexus, beneath the diaphragm. Yes, I’ve had some extra tension at work as a result of taking on a supervisory position, but I knew that this wasn’t a personal feeling. Something was going on in the world. A short survey of some news sources was all it took; there had been a large earthquake in the Los Angeles area.
Having lived in earthquake prone areas nearly all my life, I’m not frightened by the prospect of experiencing one. I was born and lived most of my childhood within miles of the San Andreas Fault. Yet when I lived there, we had no earthquakes. Likewise, my family lived in Anchorage, Alaska, in the late 1950’s. Again, we experienced a few very mild earthquakes, nothing to be frightened about.

March 24, 2014 Bisons & Elks leaving Yellowstone National Park en masse

VLA comment (Stella): Signs signs everywhere signs. Here is video of bison evacuating Yellowstone Park, an area with great potential for massive seismic activity. Other animals are leaving as well; 1/4 of the Elk herd has already left.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Global Focus / Meditation for Japan~ TODAY March 30, 2014 ~ Mount Fuji ~ Third Eye chakra of Gaia ~ Fukushima ~ North Pacific Ocean near Japan

Hi everyone,

I am organizing a Global meditation to focus on Japan.  We will especially put a deeper focus on Mount Fuji which is the third eye chakra of Gaia, also on Fukushima and the Northern Pacific Ocean near Japan .Join our Focus and meditation for Japan each Sunday for 3 weeks long at March 30, April 6 and April 13 at 9 PM CET Time (or GMT +1 Brussels), 8 PM GMT time, 12 PM PST time and 3 PM EST time. Where? in your own heart space

Facebook event, please join in at:

This video that I have created, will assist you in the vizualization through this guided meditation.  I invite all of you to join in this focus and vibration of Love at the given times and dates.

Marilyn Raffaele ~The Arcturian Group ~ March 30, 2014

Greetings dear ones.  We see many starting to accept and understand change in their lives...some even saying; "Why didn't we think of this before?"  People are losing the fear of change which is a big part of evolution, that is how it works.   Never be afraid to try something new and then if you find that it does not work, that is fine, the sky does not fall down.   Learning to be open to new ideas and change on all levels  allows an individual to likewise receive on all levels--the inner door opens.

Many of the so called "older generation " continue to hold themselves  back through the belief that there are no better ways of doing things than their life experiences have taught them.  They have become comfortable in routine, refusing to even contemplate other ways of seeing the world and are missing opportunities to spiritually grow.  Allowing oneself to contemplate new ideas does not mean living lives without joy or fun in work and activity, nor does it mean that your current way of doing and seeing either globally or personally is wrong and has to change.  Being open simply means a willingness to let go of resistance and not being so locked into what is  known and familiar that any change is impossible.

Marlene Swetlishoff ~ HILARION ~ March 30-April 6, 2014

Beloved Ones,

The times that are before you are filled with many cosmic occurrences that will bring an even greater increase in the cleansing energies and it is extremely important to stay attuned with the changes and stay grounded in your everyday lives. We call them cleansing energies but what this energy downloading upon your planet really is in actuality is the divine feminine unconditional love energy. When those upon your planet are touched by this divine energy, it creates openings in all those areas of one’s being that are still in need of healing and balancing. All old wounds are being brought to the surface to be finally healed and released. Many of these wounds were felt as trauma during childhood and these were stored in the subconscious realms of the human psyche. As these are reawakened and brought to the surface into the conscious mind, it can create emotional difficulty, which depends to a large extent on each person’s ability to face these traumas with the wisdom that has been gleaned in one’s adult life through adapting to life’s experiences. All depends upon the ability of each person to be willing to look at these unresolved aspects from a time when they did not have much experience in dealing with the complexities of life upon their world.

Linda Robinson – Archangel Zadkiel – “Let Your Light Shine” – 30 March 2014

LindaRobinsonGreetings Beloved Ones,
This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Lady Amethyst, of the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestation, and we greet you in Love and Light. Today we are joined by Lord Sananda, Master of Light and Christ Consciousness. We will discuss using the great influx of higher energy to refine and perfect personal qualities that you wish to radiate forth for your own advancement and for the benefit of all.
As we have previously discussed with you, large amounts of higher vibrational energy are inviting you to a higher level of consciousness. When you harness this energy, it lifts you to a higher vibrational level. It is like riding the crest of a wave, only this is a continuing rise to a higher level.
This is an opportunity to use the Light to refine your own energy field and to radiate out those personal qualities that accompany a higher consciousness.

Lucas – Silence Is Golden – The True Energetics Behind The Gold – 30 March 2014
When observing the stories playing out in the moment I see the going in circles and keeping attached to the old still as the key points as well as the corruption of intent by hidden of self-interest and money. Still people want to be lead astray, or want to belief even if things do not add up. Dishonesty and half-truths are still told. And things are pushed forward even if the road is already blocked.
Building new ways of living is not about building new structures to fit in.  New OLD paradigms of groups and sheep. New rules and norms in communities and groups pushed upon each other with peer pressure making it happen to keep things within the circle.  Even those saying to do without money are calling for donations and say to be able to manifest everything themselves.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Aisha North ~ A short update on the energies

As many of you have already noticed, this brand new grid of energetic filaments that are criss-crossing your globe has certainly lit up more than a few power points all over the place. This can in many ways be likened to what many of you refer to as acupuncture points, set into energetic pathways at junctures that serve not only to anchor these energies, but also to magnify them.

Let us explain. What we are talking about now, is in fact some of the properties of that brand new energetic system of pathways that many of you have been instrumental in setting up, and as such, what we share now, will come as a surprise to some of you, while for others, it will serve to confirm what they have already intuited is the case. For as you all connected during these last few days and weeks of energetic upgradings, you also served to anchor in a vast number of these grid points, manifested through the interaction between your physical bodies and these incoming energies, making this whole net of pathways come into being. And now, it is up and running, albeit not at its fullest potential just yet. For as it always is in these cases, a certain period for adjustments needs to be taken into account, as this is indeed a brand new energetic environment not just for you, but for this whole planet.

Eliza: A Time for Reflection

Lake Stuart
Eliza: A Time for Reflection
So we’re a week past the Equinox. How do you feel? Are you perhaps feeling lost and confused? Well, that’s a good thing! It means you have stepped into a new energy frequency that you have not experienced prior in this or other lifetimes. You have nothing to compare it with, or at least your rational (lower self) does not, so you wonder what has happened. So Lord Adama advised us last night.
He told us that it is important to take moments to reflect on how far you’ve come. Many of us who are on a dedicated spiritual path tend to be our most severe critics; we can never do enough good enough to meet some vague idealized goal. We need to release this tendency to self-judgment.

Karen Doonan ~ Outpouring of emotions in TRUTH


As the Planet Earth now increases, expands and deepens its frequency the outpouring of emotions at a human conscious waking mind level continues.  The energies of today are such that any lower dimensional frequencies in relation to “safety” in particular “emotional safety” will begin to arise and to be illuminated. The relationships that are in place in your life that run from the distorted FEMALE energies will now illuminate clearly for just as the distorted male energy frequencies were taught to the human race so too were the distorted female energy frequencies.  It is not TRUTH to assume that simply adding the male energy frequency in TRUTH to the planet solves the balancing of said planet.  Under the old 3D earth reality the feminine energies were highly distorted, it may APPEAR to be shown that the human female was put in the place of “victim” but in TRUTH she was shown how to control using the distortion of “victim”.  This plays out in many different relationships upon and within planet earth and by this I mean ALL relationships not specifically those that may be termed “romantic”.

Wes Annac ~ Discernment in a Spiritually Abundant Era – Part 3/3

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm
Concluded from Part 2
As Archangel Michael (via Ronna Herman) tells us below, our ongoing evolution is partly responsible for some of the conflicting things we’re feeling.
“Some of you have been receiving disconnected and disturbing thoughts, and are dreaming vividly and in great detail. We tell you that you are beginning to access some of your parallel lives, some of your Higher Self, Sparks of Light who are experiencing other dimensions.
“Many of you who could be termed to be ‘on the fast track of Ascension’ are in the process of integrating more and more fragments of your Higher Self, and as a result, you may be experiencing much confusing or conflicting information.” (1)

Selacia – Use 3/30 New Moon To Prepare For April’s Wild Energy Ride – 29 March 2014

Get ready for an interesting month in April – a full-speed-ahead energy ride with two eclipses and unprecedented planetary lineups certain to stir things up! As I’ve been writing about on Facebook this past week, April’s energies will come with unique challenges.
While you cannot slow down the energy ride or stop the intensity, there are ways you can prepare and stay in your center this next month. One of these is taking advantage of Sunday’s new moon – the most powerful one so far in 2014!
New Moon in Aries
That moon is in the sign of Aries – which is about initiating new projects, creating new starts, and shifting how you do things. Consider some intentions to write and also voice out loud – things related to big decisions you are ready to make, forward action on stalled projects, empowerment in areas where you sense you have given away your power, and brand-new ways to express your light.

Natalie Glasson – Where Is The Love? By Archangel Metatron – 29 March 2014

Thanks to:  

natalie glassonBeloved beacons of light and love on the Earth, I address you from my truth speaking to all aspects of your being. I remain a presence and support for the Earth and humanity in this ascension process overseeing all shifts of ascension while ensuring a deeper sense of unity for all with the Creator. You can call upon me to assist you in all ascension processes within your being and upon the Earth as I hold a larger picture of what is to manifest and can shower you in the light of the Creator in support and to assist you further.

Know that while my purpose has been and continues to be focused upon unity with the Creator and all aspects of the Creator which means recognising a harmony with the Creator, I wish to speak now of the importance of love.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Suzanne Lie ~ Message from the Arcturians - Walking The NOW


Walking the Now

We are the Arcturians.  We are here with you now to tell you that many of you have been through a “Dark Night of the Soul,” which is described below. For now we will just say, “The darkest night is just before dawn!” Therefore, we want to remind you that you must remember to “walk in the NOW.”  In the NOW there is no past.  In the NOW there is no future.  In the NOW there is no money to be made, no bills to be paid, no difficulties to be confronted.

In the now there is only NOW. There is only YOU. All the components of your Multidimensional SELF are attempting to come into alignment to create your “Bridge to Freedom.”  This alignment begins with the YOU that appears to be your physical body in that which appears to be your present incarnation. This YOU is ready to join in alignment with all the higher expressions of your SELF.

Sandra Walter ~ The Cosmic Christ Return : Fulfilling the Promise

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
The Equinox Gateway opened a powerful flow of Solar Cosmic Christ energetics. Deep gratitude to everyone who is participating in welcoming this new wave of Cosmic Christ light. It is GLORIOUS and continues to amplify and pour into the grid systems. It will be fully anchored by the Eclipse on April 14, steadily increasing the demand for Peace within and without. It is a divine service to all of HUmanity; please remember that as the timeline split sensation grows more intense.
I hold everyone in my heart who is going through this activation. There is much to reveal here, and I will do my best to be clear. My communication is changing, primarily because of a recent commitment and partially because of steps to first contact. There is so much going on, I would love to have a complete telepathic exchange with you. Words don’t capture the intensity of some of these experiences. However there are still 3 months of work left to this Gateway which require clarity in my current role of service. I will attempt a play-by-play style to get the details grounded here.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sending A Full Frontal Wave Of Love Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

John Smallman ~ Saul ~ The Light that each one of you is bearing on high is growing ever brighter.

We are cheering you on enthusiastically from here in the spiritual realms (which is, of course, right next to you, beside you, closer than you can possibly imagine!) as the moment for your awakening approaches. Getting closer to your moment of awakening is similar to constantly halving the distance between two items. By choosing that specific action you ensure that you can never actually close the gap and bring the items into contact with each other, the gap between them just gets smaller and smaller, but they will never actually touch. With your imminent awakening it is as though there was some kind of opposing force or energy field that is preventing it, and it appears to be intensifying as you get closer to awakening, and so more and more effort is required on your part the closer you get.
And that opposing force is anything within you that is not in alignment with Love. It is your inability to totally surrender to Love – your lack of trust, built up over the eons of human experience in the illusion, due to many lifetimes in which betrayal and disappointment have dogged you, seemingly constantly – that is impeding your progress. In this lifetime you have determined and intended to open to the divine field of Love in which you have your eternal existence, however, your karmic residue, buried deep within your bodies, is very fearful of trusting anyone utterly and completely, and it is that resistance that you are overcoming as you move ever closer to awakening.

Wes Annac ~ Discernment in a Spiritually Abundant Era – Part 2/3

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm
Continued from Part 1
Hilarion through Marlene Swetlishoff tells us that our growing spiritual awareness is leading us to root all of the negativity out of our lives.
“The process of the re-evaluation of your lives and what is important for your greater health, well being and happiness and the letting go of all that does not serve you has been uppermost in your hearts.
“Some decisions are difficult to make as it means a resetting and reformulating of your former priorities and goals. Asking yourselves some hard questions has been helping you to see with more clarity those areas and ways of being that hold you back from moving forward with enthusiasm and joy.” (1)

Eliza Ayres ~ Council of Nine: On the Path

Tatoosh Ridge by Andrei Pernutter
Greetings, we are the Council of Nine.
We come today to address the rapid advancement of those who are undergoing the more advanced stages of ascension. This is occurring due to the magnificent effort by those involved in receiving the light codes and frequency upgrades being absorbed by your planetary body and your individual physical forms as the Cosmic waves come crashing upon the shore of your blue-green planet.
Additionally, more and more humans are waking up. This is evident to those who have been on the path of awakening for decades. Suddenly people who would have never considered doing research on disputed topics, are now delving into all kinds of avenues, searching for answers, questioning everything about their lives and what is going on in the world.

Méline Lafont - L’Équinoxe de Printemps donne naissance à une Conscience Quantique

Un Message de Méline Lafont

L’Équinoxe de Printemps donne naissance à une Conscience Quantique ~ Message du Soi

La renaissance de l'unification est ici alors que l'équinoxe de printemps amplifie l'unité en tant que conscience collective. Donc maintenant, alors que nous permettons tous que se fasse l'intégration de notre voyage personnel – en embrassant notre Présence JE SUIS et notre Soi Christique – nous allons désormais continuer ce voyage avec l'actualisation de notre présence des temps anciens, connue en tant qu'incarnation Lémurienne.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Méline Lafont ~ Spring Equinox birthing quantum consciousness ~ Message from Self

Website Méline :

The rebirth of unification is here as the spring equinox is amplifying the oneness as a collective consciousness. So now as we all allow the integrations of our personal journeys to take place, by embracing our I AM Presence and Christed Selves, we shall now continue this journey ahead with the actualization of our former presences known as our Lemurian embodiments. 

In those times our Lemurian consciousness and embodiments were of a very high and refined rate. In those days we stood beyond the need for a physical expression as we were lifted up in a higher state of awareness. Those were light bodies we were embodying at that time and so there was a shift in consciousness simultaneously as we were bypassing the borders of “death” and taking ona the form of a light body.

In this Now moment all is about to change swiftly and it will be noticed with your own awareness as the collective consciousness is being infused with a tremendous amount of energy fields that align with the Great Central Sun. The Cosmic order and level of understanding upon this plane is reaching its first amends of quantum consciousness, whereby the first HUEman beings are exploring in this state of being and are gifted with the opportunities to not only explore but to become a quantum consciousness into embodiment as well.

Suzanne Lie ~ Doing The Work 4 -- Earth's Matrix and Messages from the Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance


Doing the Work Part 4

Earth's Matrix

I know that Jason and I were excited to see Mytrian and begin another adventure. However, as soon as we enthusiastically said we were ready, I began to feel the great fatigue of no sleep for too long. I looked over at Jason and saw that his eyes were drooping too. Fortunately, Mytrian responded to my thoughts by saying,

“Do not worry, my dear human selves, this journey will be a bi-location. Therefore, your earth vessels will be safely resting in your bed while your consciousness journeys into our seventh-dimensional Oversoul. As Mytria and Mytre have learned, you need to place your physical form in a safe, protected place before you bi-locate.

John Smallman ~ Jesus ~ Whenever you experience an event, interaction, or interchange that is loving, acknowledge it and the person who caused it.

The days of directing and controlling the populace are over. People will be heard, they will no longer allow themselves to be fobbed off by calls to wait patiently until the present almost insurmountable problems that their governments are facing have been satisfactorily dealt with because they see that these excuses – economic crises, terrorist threats, extreme weather, unruly unions, etc. – are the same old excuses that are reissued every time that the people demand to have the real issues that concern them discussed and resolved.

Wes Annac ~ Spiritual Guidance: Disseminating the ‘Sacred Texts’

Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm
As our scribe has been wondering, it’s indeed true that the channeled material of your day will be instrumental in helping humanity understand spirit. The messages we bring through aren’t always given the most positive attention, but in time, your entire planet will be able to understand the help we seek to offer through the willing scribes we speak through.
Channels for our energy are growing every day, and we encourage all of you to open up to the guidance your higher self is providing you daily.
In every moment, your higher self and guides graciously await you to pick up on their energies and impressions, and we very much enjoy being able to connect with willing hosts and bring through the teachings we intend for humanity to fully understand.

Lucas – If … Truth, Honesty And Transparancy Was Real – 25 March 2014

Logo Lucas_square_wordsIf you are telling people to have done the best for humanity ever and you alone or your group did it…. If you are telling day by day to be so great and transparent in attacking others meanwhile or defamate them. I you forget telling people what is your own agenda in this.
If you’re so truthful in all and telling only the story from your perspective without telling it to be only that view. If your only saying this is THE truth without being truthful about where that truth is coming from. If you’re not keeping room for discernment from others but just tell IT IS.
If you are still marketing truths that have served purpose in the old paradigm and bring them into the belief systems for some fools believing. If your still talking about others being wrong and making yourself and your group being the only ones telling the truth.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Foto: ( LOOK WHAT'S ON SATURDAY!!! <3 :) <3 :) )


One and a half hour tele/webinar conference session 

$33(Approximately €25.00/£21.50/R330)

~ 7pm GMT, 12pm PDT, 1pm MDT, 2pm CDT, 3pm EDT  ~

London/Lisbon 7pm, Johannesburg 9pm, LA 12pm, New York 3pm, Sydney 6am (March 30th)

Join Anrita and the Elders in this telewebinar transmission, taking us ever deeper into our heart's dreaming and the remembrance of our Soul purpose. It is a time of greatness, as we follow our Divine Blueprint, the blueprints of a starseed.

Whether we are coming into a deeper remembrance ourselves at this Now moment, or whether we are already in Service, a beautiful manual, co-created with the Beings of Light from On High, the Christ Consciousness Soul purpose activation will be the focus of this teleseminar, taking us deeper into our heart's dreaming, into our heart's passion and Soul purpose here on earth.

Anrita will start with a transmission by the Elders, and an understanding of our Soul's purpose. Following this, you will be guided through the Christ Consciousness Soul purpose activation. In this process, we connect to our Higher Light and activate the chakras to a deeper level of Divine Love, as we experience the pathway of Christ Consciousness, of One Unity Consciousness. Additionally, we come into a deeper sense of ourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, and our ability to co-create with the Company of Heaven in fulfilling our Soul purpose.

In the Christ Consciousness Soul purpose activation, we focus on the sacred geometry of the star tetrahedron, a three dimensional six-pointed star, as this shape connects us into the original Divine eight-cell blueprint, and our Soul purpose. The original Divine eight-cell blueprint does not change as our cells replicate and die off every five to seven years. Our original Divine eight-cell blueprint contains not only our Soul and karmic contracts and genetic lineage, but further the original blueprint of our Highest Potential and service work.

We start by activating the soul star chakra found approximately 15 cm above the crown chakra along the central channel (also called the antakarana). This takes us deeper into our Soul purpose. From here, we activate the geometry of the star tetrahedron within the soul star chakra, and link it to the heart chakra. This connects us to our heart's dreaming, allowing us to truly see and sense our heart's passion.

We then activate the earth star chakra, found 15 cm below the feet. This process assists us as we start to ground our Soul purpose, knowing that we have the ability to magnetize and manifest and bring into our reality all that we need in any given Now moment.  From here, we activate the geometry of the star tetrahedron within the earth star chakra, and link it into the solar plexus chakra. This assists us to bring into our reality, with discernment, those that can support us in our Soul's purpose.

Following this, we connect the chakras in Divine Love and Unity Consciousness through the Golden Flame of One Unity Consciousness, so we may truly know ourselves as sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, in service to Mother Earth and all her Life. We further experience an activation opening the heart through the pathway of Christ Consciousness, ending with an activation to align to the Heart of the Creator, and the Earth Heart.

All participants to this telewebinar will receive the Christ Consciousness Soul purpose activation manual upon registering.  You will be able to use this manual for the activation on yourselves, friends, family and clients. The manual is written simply, with illustrations and invocations, in order that those awakening can understand clearly, and for advanced initiates, an excellent tool to share with others.

It is the time Now to share our gifts with others. To assist in the awakening of others, and to ignite a deep sense of passion, of joy and of purpose within our own lives. And, the Christ Consciousness Soul purpose activation manual is a perfect tool to assist us in the expansion of our heart's dreaming and individual puzzle piece, and the collective heart's dreaming of all Life, that of Unity Consciousness.


All participants will receive a high quality Mp3 recording within two days of the telewebinar. Additionally, the telewebinar recording will be active so you may download or listen to the online recording any time should you not be able to listen live. You may also like to consider registering to receive the recording if you are not able to listen live at this time.   

To make payment under the teleseminar link, via paypal or credit card please click here~ please remit payment under the Tele/webinar with Anrita link.

   How does the Teleconference work?

If you would like to join this teleconference, click on the related link to make payment via credit card or PayPal. Once we have received your payment, we will send you a link to the pre-events page where we will be hosting the conference and a password will be sent to you at the time of registeration, along with the eBook. On the appointed day and time, go back to this page so you can listen in via the web. If you are local to the States, UK, Australia or Canada, and would prefer to use a landline or mobile phone to listen into the conference, these numbers are also on the link page. These calls are free in these countries only.   

There will be a general Q&A session, usually the last fifteen minutes of each session at which time you will get an opportunity to ask your questions. A box is provided on the link page for those listening in via the web. Please feel free to email us at with any questions you may have around the teleconference.   




Brought to you by Beloved Anrita Melchizedek The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network

One and a half hour tele/webinar conference session

$33(Approximately €25.00/£21.50/R330)

~ 7pm GMT, 12pm PDT, 1pm MDT, 2pm CDT, 3pm EDT ~

London/Lisbon 7pm, Johannesburg 9pm, LA 12pm, New York 3pm, Sydney 6am (March 30th)

Join Anrita and the Elders in this telewebinar transmission, taking us ever deeper into our heart's dreaming and the remembrance of our Soul purpose. It is a time of greatness, as we follow our Divine Blueprint, the blueprints of a starseed.

Whether we are coming into a deeper remembrance ourselves at this Now moment, or whether we are already in Service, a beautiful manual, co-created with the Beings of Light from On High, the Christ Consciousness Soul purpose activation will be the focus of this teleseminar, taking us deeper into our heart's dreaming, into our heart's passion and Soul purpose here on earth.

Anrita will start with a transmission by the Elders, and an understanding of our Soul's purpose. Following this, you will be guided through the Christ Consciousness Soul purpose activation. In this process, we connect to our Higher Light and activate the chakras to a deeper level of Divine Love, as we experience the pathway of Christ Consciousness, of One Unity Consciousness. Additionally, we come into a deeper sense of ourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, and our ability to co-create with the Company of Heaven in fulfilling our Soul purpose.

Méline Lafont ~ Die Frühjahrs-Tagundnachtgleiche und die Geburt des Quantenbewusstseins ~ Botschaft vom Selbst

Die Wiedergeburt der Vereinigung hat nun eingesetzt, während die Frühjahrs-Tagundnachtgleiche die Einheit als kollektives Bewusstsein verstärkt. Während wir nun die Integration unserer persönlichen Reise zulassen und dabei unsere ICH BIN Gegenwart und unser Christus Selbst annehmen, werden wir diese Reise fortsetzen und unsere frühere Anwesenheit als Lemurische Verkörperungen aktualisieren.
Zu dieser Lemurischen Zeit befand sich unser Bewusstsein und unsere Verkörperung auf einer sehr hohen und feinen Ebene. Es bestand kein Bedarf, einen physischen Ausdruck zu haben, da wir uns auf einem höheren Bewusstseinszustand befanden. Zu dieser Zeit waren wir Lichtkörper und es gab gleichzeitig einen Bewusstseinswandel da wir die Grenzen des "Todes" umgingen und die Form eines Lichtkörpers annahmen.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Suzanne Lie ~ Tending Our Garden Of Life and Invitation to "The Brilliance Within" Radio Show 3-23-14

Tending our Garden of Life

For most of our earthly incarnations we were not aware of our powers of creation. However, now that the higher light is deeply embedding in our consciousness, we are becoming aware that WE are the creators of our reality.

As we ponder creating our own reality, we must look at situations in which we believe that we have no control and even feel victimized. Did we create these situations? Did karma create them or was our Multidimensional SELF the creator?

The answer is yes to all three questions. We create our reality via our own unconscious, conscious or superconscious self. In order to be conscious creators, we must be willing to own that we are the creators of every situation, even if we find it challenging.