Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lucas – Silence Is Golden – The True Energetics Behind The Gold – 30 March 2014
When observing the stories playing out in the moment I see the going in circles and keeping attached to the old still as the key points as well as the corruption of intent by hidden of self-interest and money. Still people want to be lead astray, or want to belief even if things do not add up. Dishonesty and half-truths are still told. And things are pushed forward even if the road is already blocked.
Building new ways of living is not about building new structures to fit in.  New OLD paradigms of groups and sheep. New rules and norms in communities and groups pushed upon each other with peer pressure making it happen to keep things within the circle.  Even those saying to do without money are calling for donations and say to be able to manifest everything themselves.

Those building communities that still ask people rent and in fact run it as a businesses and not as a group of individual creator beings being  just working together. If it is still not about making new things happening for all humanity. Those  still not seeing that you are not here to do all over and over and keep attaching to the old paradigm and still tell people to be in the new.
Money…. it is just nothing else than an energy.  Still forgotten is that gold is also just representing an energy.  The gold, silver, platinum and other riches of the collateral accounts are representing the energies of the pillaging, the rape of humanity, the suffering and all that was done to us by the slavery system put in place.
What is not seen is that the factual and symbolic release of the gold is necessary to level all back into balance. It is the reset of all it represented so to say energetically. Most do not understand it is not about dispersing money back into old systems or new systems or whatever. It is about resetting energetics.
If this energetic reset is not done it will be done by source. There is no way out of it for those thinking still to get things in some way into extreme polarity and back into their power and influence sphere. The coming weeks will shake up a lot of that what is still not in line and in balance.
Earth and source and those really knowing the inner-truths will be helping towards bringing humanity and the planet back into balance. It is done by keeping the inner-balance, the neutral. Keeping the space for all that is so to say. Whatever choices you make, make them consciously and remember to check what your heart says and feels.
So forget about gold being the value or whatever. So forget gold as an asset. So forget gold backing money systems. See that from us taken abundance and freedom of our inner-selves is represented by the gold energy. It is not in the physical realm the transition will take place. It first will change on the energetic level. The gold is within you for sure when it represents abundance of your being again.
First the reset needs to take place. Let us just observe what others still want to play out, be balanced, and be truthful to you being YOU. All will become clear and as always do not expect.  Just see what is the outcome of that what is already set out to be as it will manifest.  So the silence is golden and the golden sun will emerge when the time is ripe to bring about the new paradigm soon.
Be peace within!
Love and Light,
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