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Eliza: A Time for Reflection

Lake Stuart
Eliza: A Time for Reflection
So we’re a week past the Equinox. How do you feel? Are you perhaps feeling lost and confused? Well, that’s a good thing! It means you have stepped into a new energy frequency that you have not experienced prior in this or other lifetimes. You have nothing to compare it with, or at least your rational (lower self) does not, so you wonder what has happened. So Lord Adama advised us last night.
He told us that it is important to take moments to reflect on how far you’ve come. Many of us who are on a dedicated spiritual path tend to be our most severe critics; we can never do enough good enough to meet some vague idealized goal. We need to release this tendency to self-judgment.

When I was much younger, I was very hard on myself, and yet there was always a part of me that remained untouched, unsullied by whatever I was experiencing, above the fray. I was quite aware of that pure and untouched part of me that remained separate and longed to unite with it. I was tired of suffering, afraid and unsure of myself in a strange world that made little sense to me.
Now when I look back, I see that I have always been guided, even during those times when it seemed I was lost in a very dark place. There was always a moment when the sun broke through the gloom and lit upon my face. I could take a deep breath, store that golden moment away in my heart and go on determined to go wherever my soul dictated.
My path has been varied and broken, starting and stopping. I would arrive at a place, a teaching, absorb what I could but always would arrive at a point where I could go no further. There was something within that prevented me from devoting myself to just one pathway or teacher. For a while I thought that I was a failure, that I could not concentrate or make the commitment. Then I realized that my journey was a rather unique one, wholly my own, and that I needed to trust in the process.
I began to recognize when I could go no further with a particular teaching, whether coming from a book or a program offered online; it made no difference. When I felt that familiar sense of dis-ease in my center, I stopped and considered what to do next. Often I had no idea what to do so I would cast my senses around seeking until some energy signature was discovered by my developing sense of resonance.
This way of approaching spiritual development cannot be taught by anyone outside of you; the momentum and motivation, the drive comes from within. I responded to the call, to the intuitive directives that I was receiving through my body temple and have come to a place where I am expanding into a being far grander, more complex and magnificent than I could ever imagine.
And this is something any one can do for their self if it is their soul’s desire. You have to be willing to change directions at a moment’s notice and follow the call of your heart. For someone looking in and dissecting the whys and wherefores of my journey, it might appear that I was extremely disorganized in my thought patterns and behavior. However, I have proven that theory wrong, to my own satisfaction by undertaking a complicated and demanding form of work in a challenging work environment. And I have succeeded in winning the respect of my co-workers.
Correspondingly, my sense of personal confidence in my abilities has grown. And I continue to challenge myself to grow, to expand beyond my comfort zone. At work, I am undertaking a new leadership role. And yes, it feels uncomfortable and new to me. I am being stretched to become more than I have been before, to be more visible and to stand in my own power alongside other co-workers.
Some two years ago, a friend encouraged me to start writing a blog. At first I was so apprehensive. A part of me couldn’t believe that anyone would want to read what I wrote, yet two years later, hundreds of people are doing just that. And the feedback from some of the ones who have taken the time to write comments speaks volumes for the impact that my sharing has made in the lives of people.
I’m the first to confess that I’m not perfect. I’m a work in progress, a clay bowl still on the potter’s wheel being shaped into a beautiful piece of art. There is still much to do, to be, to balance and ground, but I have come so far, so very far in so short a time that I feel like howling at the moon and rejoicing with my brother the wolf or soaring across the blue skies with brother eagle, dancing across the meadow in the moonlight with sister deer, celebrating the joy of discovery of self.
As Lisa Gawlas said it so beautifully in one of her recent pieces, we are bringing the extraordinary into the ordinary. We are in the process of bringing our highest essence into our physical bodies. This is a challenging journey. It is not an easy one or without its ups and downs, its summits and valleys. One day you might hit a high note during a meditation and the next be suffering the effects of a huge infusion of light as your body struggles to integrate the new energies. And so it goes.
Have patience with yourself; the process is not instantaneous. If you are down, find a quiet place to spend with yourself just being, relaxing and sinking into the grass or leaning on a large tree. Allow the earth to heal you. Feel the essence of the beauty of flowers lift your spirit. Listen to your favorite piece of music. Feel the wind touch your face, lifting your hair and teasing it gently. Laugh at your fears. Resolve to listen more closely to the inner guidance that comes without words, but with great persistence.
Are you in resistance? Then you have allowed your lower self to raise its objections about why you shouldn’t do something that you were contemplating… like changing your job, moving to another state or country, taking up a new activity… writing a blog, LOL. You’ll find that whatever your mind throws up as a reason to stop is the very reason you should go forward. I moved through my fear of exposing my inner being to the world and discovered that by revealing some of my inner process I was freer to be me, completely. I feel more whole and powerful than I have ever done, even since my lifetimes in Lemuria.
Consider, too, the fact that you and I are in the process of releasing the accumulated debris and timelines from thousands of years of lives, as well as our genetic inheritance. We are reuniting with those timelines that can best serve our purpose in being here now, and releasing the rest. What goes will be gone forever.
Yes, there is a grief process involved while you are releasing and clearing. It is the same that happens when someone dies or passes out of their physical body. What is known is no longer and so there is a moment of remembering… and then you move on. I have learned that I am not a sentimentalist; I do not enjoy hanging onto what does not serve me, whether it be objects beloved by my mother, family photos, whatever material objects that weigh me down. Yes, the closets still need cleaning out, but I’ve let go of so much already.
I have felt the echoes of lifetimes move through me, feeling the call of a particular place or event in history, the sensation of remembering a particular manner of dress, a scent in the air, and the apparitions of what I was and did, vaguely and quickly moving through my awareness like a whisper in the night. These memories are not meant to be examined or held onto. I have long released my need to know who I was or what I did for it serves no purpose other than there might be a certain skill or gift developed during that particular lifetime that can serve me now. We are reuniting all the pieces of our great multidimensional selves into one Being, more magnificent when whole and wholly unique.
We cannot know where we are going or what we are going to do, for if we did, we would not be following the path of Spirit. Allowing yourself not to know and yet understanding things is learning to trust that you will be guided to the perfect place, people, events, whatever is needed to assist you to move forward on your journey, if you are willing to let go of domination of the ego and rational mind.
Does the rose plan out what color it is going to be when it blooms? No, it unfolds its petals in response to the warmth and light of the sun. Allow the petals of your heart center to unfold in the presence of your Christed Consciousness as your Presence takes up residence within your physical body.
Courage, dear ones, courage comes from the heart. Listen to its call, the soft whispers in the night, the hunch you feel when you see something, a book to read, a movie to watch, a person to talk with. Messages and directions come from many places; be alert and watch for signs that you are being guided. Trust, faith, grace, determination, strength and a willingness to experiment with the unknown, all of these will take you far.
Above all, do not expect someone to do the work for you. Ascension is a personal as well as collective experience. For those who wish to advance more swiftly than the general population, you will have to discover on your own what suits you, for I will not guide you there. I found my own way, one that has worked for me. I am willing to change direction when I am guided, but I cannot be your guide, for I am not your Higher Self.
Our Higher Selves are in charge of our process and mine has guided me to where I am now, on the threshold of a totally new experience. It is breathtaking, exciting and scary at the same time for I am truly stepping out of my comfort zone. Yet that is what is required on the path to mastery, constant challenge, expansion, rest and reflection, moving across a threshold, integrating the new energies and moving onward, always forward.
My blessings go forth to all of you who are striving to understand your new world. May you discover the joy that I am just beginning to touch as my heart expands and my mind soars into the realms of possibilities and magic.
Namasté. I AM your sister in Light and Love.
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