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Quick Energy Update from Higher Self by Multidi mensionalocean – 16 March 2014

Quick Energy Update from Higher Self by Multidiocean – 16 March 201

yoga-armswideWell the energies are running high and low I believe. While the world manifests an outwardly layer of fear, injustice, war, all enhanced and exaggerated by the media corporately owned hype. The media purpose is truly to keep us worried, scared and interested in their updates, while they are keeping us stuck in the reptilian part of our brain, or else also called the fight or flight mode.

Truly this is designed with intent and purpose, as we will then carry those vibrations into our heart, head and homes, spreading those vibrations reflecting violence and fear all around us, like a virus that is airborne.
At this point, I would not be surprised if the media was actually making up some of their news to keep the wheel spinning.

Make sure to remove yourself from those vibrations, especially at the moment, deprived of all humanity and sensibility. 

Which brings me to the automatic customers activated by several buttons society that was created for us to serve and suffer by those in power. At world where only hard facts matter and where the only emotion allowed for us to have and to spread is fear.

Our duty is resistance in any form: pursuit of happiness, of peace, of joy, of love, of art, of music, of poetry, of imagination, and of romance. Those elevate the spirit, the soul, and feed our emotional needs.
As human beings, we are created with feelings, we are not machines, and this distinction must be continuously maintained and nourished.

Our heart, our imagination, our spirit need constant feeding, the food is not only for the body. For there are several kinds of food. That is food for the heart, food for the soul, food for the spirit, food for our creativity and imagination. These have to be cherished and encouraged not only in children, but also in our inner child, in order to keep it alive and happy.

Take the time today to feed all your needs: physical, spiritual, emotional, sensual, intellectual.
Go for a walk outside, join with the elements, with the air, with the sun, with the breath that allows all those in, feel it bringing energy to you, feel it nourish you and help you grow.
The sky is not the limit, the truth is there is no limit, except the limitations that you have accepted to impose upon yourself.

Listen to the musical feast that exists in every moment, in every atom of creation, feel its love for you, and give your love to these in return.

The material world is nothing but illusion, this great force that binds us together, to feeds us, that loves us, that appears as the solid 3D world is still part of that one all loving force. It has taken this shape to allow you this 3D experience, but it exists also at many other levels, and you can all interact with it on the higher levels also, which in turn can be manifested in the 3D world.
Much love to all of you out there.
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