Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Sacred White Flame -By Joanna Fay


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Today’s reading comes from Joanna Fay, an extraordinary writer and being! She has a beautiful blog:
“Each day of the week has a Flame to which it is vibrationally aligned. They can all be utilized whenever needed, yet also when used routinely with their days over time, I have found they establish an internal rhythm that connects and anchors our hearts with Gaia and Source, and centres, clears and strengthens our heart centres
Thursday is the Day of the Gold Flame of Resurrection and Renewal, created with Source by Sananda (who incarnated on Earth as Jesus/Yeshua).

Sit comfortably, take a few deep, slow breaths and focus into your heart centre. Visualize in its centre a Golden Flame, and feel its beautiful, warming, restorative qualities in your heartspace. When the Flame is clear and bright, radiate it out through your whole auric field, so that you are enveloped in the Golden Flame. Feel yourself regenerating into higher frequencies of your true natural Source Self of Infinite Love. Hold this for as long as feels comfortable, then return your focus to your Heart centre.
Friday is the Day of the Sacred White Flame of Mother, the Flame of Ascension. See the White Flame within your heart, expanding out into your aura, and feel yourself Merging as One with the high frequencies of ‘heaven’, healed and whole in your BEing, filled with pure Love.
May All on Earth feel the Love they Are. Namaste”

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