Saturday, March 29, 2014

Aisha North ~ A short update on the energies

As many of you have already noticed, this brand new grid of energetic filaments that are criss-crossing your globe has certainly lit up more than a few power points all over the place. This can in many ways be likened to what many of you refer to as acupuncture points, set into energetic pathways at junctures that serve not only to anchor these energies, but also to magnify them.

Let us explain. What we are talking about now, is in fact some of the properties of that brand new energetic system of pathways that many of you have been instrumental in setting up, and as such, what we share now, will come as a surprise to some of you, while for others, it will serve to confirm what they have already intuited is the case. For as you all connected during these last few days and weeks of energetic upgradings, you also served to anchor in a vast number of these grid points, manifested through the interaction between your physical bodies and these incoming energies, making this whole net of pathways come into being. And now, it is up and running, albeit not at its fullest potential just yet. For as it always is in these cases, a certain period for adjustments needs to be taken into account, as this is indeed a brand new energetic environment not just for you, but for this whole planet.

Again, remember what we have shared about this earlier, for this vast net is not only covering your globe, it is also deeply embedded within the entire structure of this planet, all the way down to the very core. And so, it can be likened to a continuous field of energy that is not only surrounding you, but is in fact embedded within every single particle of your being, making you all fully connected in a very new way. For this is an all-encompassing field that will interact with everything you see around you, and everything that is still unseen, and as such, it cannot be likened to anything that has ever been put into place around this part of Creation defined as Planet Earth. For this is simply the New inn all aspects and in all dimensions, and it will enfold you all as if in a brand new womb of energetic fabric that will serve to heighten the frequency of everything it interacts with. And, as we just said, that literally means everything that is currently somewhere in or on this planet. And so, what this will entail is indeed a huge shift that will lift the entire planet to a new octave, and as this comes into action, you will all be lifted along with it and start to vibrate at an ever increasing frequential tune. So in other words, the ground work that you have done has literally enabled us to retune not only you, but your whole planet, and already, many of you can feel the first stirrings of this brand new tune that is starting to vibrate through your being. It is a song you all know so well from before, for it is the song of love, and it will start to ring out ever louder and ever clearer as the time goes by.

So again we say thank you for your wholehearted efforts in carrying out this magnificent scaffolding work, and for putting all that you are into this huge project of realizing this whole energetic rewiring. As we said, your role has been and will continue to be a vast one, for you all act as these acupuncture points we referred to earlier in this missive. And so, with every step you take on the surface of this planet, you will serve to heighten the conductivity between the different coordinates of this huge grid, and so, you will literally be the walking healers of this world. So again we thank you all on behalf of All of creation, and know that your journey will no longer be measured in years but in the amount of light quotient you will continue to bring in to this planet as you continue to walk forward into your wonderful future.

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