Thursday, March 13, 2014

Karen Doonan ~ creativity and flow in the New Earth

The New Earth is now birthing fully and is discussed on the Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Showwhere I use a further analogy of where the UNIVERSE wishes you to place your energies at this time. As the old 3d earth begins to dissolve and to collapse it is VITAL that you pour your energies into the New Earth for that is what you are here to BIRTH into your outer waking reality.  As the old 3d earth reality begins to dissolve it will shout very loudly, it will create dramas in order to pull you back in and it will try its best to persuade you that you have “unfinished” business there.  This is now fully negated with the birth of the New Earth, there is nothing that serves in the old 3d earth created reality and you are asked to pour ALL of your energies into the creation of the New Earth and what YOU personally and collectively are here to birth into said reality.
For many of you this may work to highlight any residue that you may be holding onto with respect of GRIEF, ABANDONMENT and BETRAYAL, these lower dimensional CREATED DISTORTED frequencies have been anchored deeply within your human vehicle  over the various lifetimes that you have incarnated into in a human form upon and within this planet.  The old 3d earth created reality trying to persuade you that concentrating on the creation of your dreams is somehow “abandoning” those in the old 3d earth created reality, after all if ALL ARE ONE should not everyone try to take every one else with them? well no, for many reasons and these reasons are multiple but basically because in order to create a new reality and a new way of Being first of all those of you who have come here to help birth this must start actively LIVING this TRUTH in order to SHOW TRUTH.  ALL is a frequency and those who are within the old 3d earth created paradigms CANNOT HEAR YOU, they are deafened by the karmic dimensional distorted frequencies, some of them have chosen to continue with this current lifetime until they have finished this incarnation. It is not possible to simply look at another human vehicle and determine their SOUL choice and the SOUL choice does not always echo at human conscious waking mind level. Those who have chosen to the leave the planet earth at a human physical level do not announce this prior to their departure, at a human conscious waking mind level they will state they want to live but at SOUL level if the choice of physical transition out of the human form has been chosen then this is what will occur.

dove inside sphere
As the New Earth energies now begin to solidify the New Earth reality then more and more of you will FEEL the push to begin the creation of your dreams, there will be a natural disconnection from the old 3d earth created reality but the residue will seek to pull at you.  It is to be stated clearly that you are abandoning NO ONE, for ALL ARE ONE and those who have chosen to stay in a karmic lifetime have chosen this at SOUL level in order to help YOU in the ascension process.  In order to expand energy wise you must be able to compare “something” with “something”, if everyone on the planet earth “woke up” at once there would be no comparison and therefore there could be no expansion.  By LIVING TRUTH and by creating your DREAM in your outer waking reality you are showing “impossible” (as defined by the old 3d earth created reality) to be POSSIBLE and because this is manifest at a “solid” waking outer reality there is no debate, no discussion, you are LIVING TRUTH and therefore PROOF if you like that the dream is possible. This helps those who are within the old 3d earth created reality slowly let go, remember they are also ascending albeit in relation to those who are what is termed “awake” at a much slower frequency expansion. It is NOT TRUTH to assume that those who are “asleep” are not part of the ascension process, ALL ARE ONE, ALL JUST IS.
As those of you who are here to birth the New Earth reality begin to pour your energies into the CREATION of your DREAMS in TRUTH then you will naturally expand and deepen your energy signature, I place before you 1 + 1 =3  and ask that you reference this with the FIBONACCI sequence and understand that a COSMIC SPIRAL of energy is the creation of the New Earth, as you personally expand then ALL EXPAND and it expands geometrically, this alters the outer waking reality of the human race and allows for more to appear upon and within planet earth. The planet earth needs to be a high energetic signature to SUPPORT other life forms at a “solid” level and also to hold the space for further advancement on all levels of the human life experience.
This sits at SOUL level and this will now flow through you into your HEART and be anchored at a human conscious waking mind level, this allows you to create and to have SUPPORT at a waking conscious mind level, allow the connections to appear in your outer waking reality and those who are here to support you on all levels. WE ARE WORKING AS A TEAM FOR ALL ARE ONE and ALL JUST IS.  The New Earth does not support living “alone” and “separate” these are CREATED DISTORTED paradigms created to further trigger GRIEF, ABANDONMENT and BETRAYAL.  So the movement into the New Earth will see you develop at a human conscious waking mind level DEEP and EXPANSIVE connections to those who you would term FAMILY, that is SOUL family, SOUL connection, for ALL ARE ONE and ALL JUST IS.
This will see creations that have at this moment no reference point as 1 + 1 = 3, that is for every two energy signatures that interact there is a THIRD ADDITIONAL one that is created that supports the expansion of the two energetic signatures. Again those of you who work with sacred geometry can do the math in this, ALL IS EXPANSION AT ALL MOMENTS OF ALL MOMENTS. This is in direct contrast to the old 3d earth created reality which was contained and suppressed at all moments of all moments.
It is now time to REACH OUT to those around you, to SEND OUT YOUR ENERGETIC NOTE and to accept that ALL ARE ONE and that ALL JUST IS, at a human conscious waking mind level the transition period for many of you is now complete. You are asked to allow the connections, to accept them and to work WITH THEM at all moments of all moments.
Those of you who listened to the BEYOND THE LOOKING GLASS RADIO SHOW tonight (12th March 14) will have heard Bob state that he has received a lot of emails asking for my “hour” to be extended to two hours. You will also have heard me state  that I will talk wherever and whenever people wish me to talk.  Please email Bob directly via with your requests of when you wish to hear me as there are various timeslots available.  If you wish to hear me on other platforms then please email these platforms directly and state your wish. CREATION is NOW and I am honoured to share my work with all who listen.

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