Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saint Germain ~~My blessings and certainty towards you, which you are now taking over ~~ Channeled by Méline Lafont 06/10/2012

I greet you all from my I AM Presence, I AM Master Saint Germain. I greet you all most cordially.

Once again, congratulations are in order to all of you. I congratulate you all on behalf of myself and on behalf of our ancestors of the Light, my fellow Ascended Masters of the Light and our Higher World in the Office of the Christ, the Highest Light of the Christ. It is important to know, my beloved ones, that there is a feeling of wellbeing and pride amongst all of us towards all of you. You are walking this most difficult path using a fantastic power as a source deep within yourselves and this source does not yet give any signs of giving up. Keep on going, keep on empowering yourselves : that is our advice to you all.

The immense changes to your physical body are now taking on enormous proportions, something that my beloved Méline, can approve of in these present times. She experiences lots of pressure as a direct result of these changes, nevertheless keeping in mind that it all serves a higher purpose, is it not? So keep this also in mind, my beloved ones, as it entails the greatest, most noble purpose, which seems to be approaching now on your Earth. Without these intense changes within your physical body and within your DNA, there can be no Ascension process with the physical body. The latter has to be tweaked and must be adjusted, must be in resonance with the much higher, much finer energies of the light and must be filled to the brim with Love.

What these changes in your physical body bring about is a greater adaptation to your own world which was created by you so long ago and in which you have spent many lives. Now you are in a way retreating from this world using this self created body of duality. How wonderful, how extraordinary is that?

You are the souls who are standing in the biggest spotlight ever, you are the souls who had the guts and the perseverance to not only establish this project, one which has never been done before, but to realize it to the fullest! This requires power, guts, perseverance and lots of trust to make it come to pass effectively, and your source for this all is LOVE. Love is the power and the source behind yourSelf, behind everything in the whole universe and far beyond. Love is the first sparkle at the moment of birth, at the moment of creation ; love empowers everything. To love one another and to love yourself is the way to continue on and this is something that you, my dearest friends, have fully understood and fully integrated NOW in your lives and in your creations. Again, I have to congratulate you all! 

I am beginning to fully see the fruits of my labour and of my guidance here on Earth, right on time. I was able to guide many chelas, many students, a task I have always done wholeheartedly and have continued to love doing. I am grateful for the many lessons that I have personally experienced and learned. I am also grateful for the many incarnations I have spent on this Earth. It has led me to where I AM now in my evolution; it is all so extraordinarily beautiful. You are next in line to have the same experiences and that gladdens my heart. It gives me a sense of pride and of Love towards all of you. We have toiled hard to reach this phase : I had to incarnate many times to assist in all of this and now I am at your service to help you evolve.

As a closing remark, I want to share with you what this current month of October will entail as it will be a month of highest potentials. All in all, the climax reaches ever higher and this month of October is an intrinsic part of this ever increasing climax. Be prepared whenever necessary to herald the most intensive changes and be able to cope with them. This month will assist you in this and procure the energies which will be at your disposal. It is now even more important than ever to get lots of rest, because the afore-mentioned changes will be very intense so take them at your convenience and lovingly allow yourself to indulge in lots of naps.

Furthermore, it is my pleasure that I now share something of a personal nature as I have already briefly done in this message, because I consider you all my friends. The contract which stipulates you as my “chelas, my students” has now come full circle as it were. I don’t mind to let others looking in my cards a bit, so to speak, as to me personally, I certainly feel a strong connection to all of you and to this planet. You have always been close to my heart, you were always very important to me, and that remains so even to this day. It is my privilege to welcome you as the new Masters on Earth because my function as the guiding Ascended Master for you all, now comes to a close, since you are taking over. I will continue to evolve to higher and higher realms together with my beloved Portia, whose reunion with me will come to pass very shortly now.

I AM That I AM
Saint Germain
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  1. Thank you both my beloveds, my sis and St.Germain. You are both close to my heart too.

  2. This message feels realy good today :) thank you both!

  3. Lets do it!! We are ready! Thank you, well done. Love YOU!!!


  4. Love you all my 3 precious friends!! Each and one of you ♥♥ Thank you :-)

  5. Hedwig White FeatherOctober 6, 2012 at 7:17 PM

    The energy feels great in this message, we the whole family as One FORWARD WE GO! With much Love xxxxxxxxx

  6. Love and flowers with blessings and grattitude S:t Germain.

  7. I thought St. Germain was in charge of and would be ushering in NESERA. We have not seen/heard anything of that, yet now he is leaving??

    1. Hi, of course Saint Germain is still in charge of NESARA and always will be.. What he means is that once Ascension is completely done and NESARA and Disclosure has occured, the time to leave the further tasks to the new Masters of Earth, whom are taking over, will be so. Than it will end for him as his task of that point of view will be over. No worries Saint Germain is on your sides ♥ Love Méline

  8. Beloved Meline and Saint Germain,

    Words fail to thank you both enough for the help you are giving human kind. This message opened another door. It is clear that still very much is failing for me to reach ascension, but the good thing is that one can always start again at another 3D planet.

    Thank you both with all the love there is within,